Minimalist and slim media console

Media consoles are very practical and functional. They are perfect especially in the living room. You can use such a console to store all sorts of items and electronics and to free your room. This one features a minimalist design, with a sleek and slim look. In fact, it’s even called Slim.

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Its minimalist design and reduced dimensions make this unit perfect for small spaces. The console is strong and yet delicate and it also has a very versatile design that makes it easy to integrate in any kind of interior décor. The console is made of natural steel. It’s strong and durable and the material allows it have a very slim and light look. The unit is handcrafted and each piece is unique.

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The Slim console table has a lacquered finish and a delicate and very simple design. It’s overall dimensions are 54’’w x 18’’d x 24’’h. It can be purchased for the price of $399. It has a very simple structure, with this steel legs and slim shelves. The top can be used for the TV for example while the shelves can accommodate electronics and other similar items. It has two large fixed shelves that have a line in between that allows you to visually split them in half. The Slim media console is elegant, durable and versatile and it would look wonderful in both modern and traditional homes.