Mini Christmas Trees Packed With Joy And Cheerfulness

The reasons to avoid having a large Christmas tree can be really diverse. Most often, we avoid large trees because of the lack of space. Other times we just like smaller trees because they’re cute. In any case, mini Christmas trees are a real and very suitable option not just for tiny apartments but also for any space that could use a dose of cheerfulness in its décor.

Mini Christmas Tree Stand

You’ve probably familiar with those small faux Christmas trees. They’re very practical and really cute and the same thing can be said about small living trees. But a problem remains: they don’t usually come with a matching stand so how should we display them? Well, we can improvise and turn a galvanized bucket into a mini tree stand. Check out Madincrafts to find out how.

Tree Branch Christmas

If you don’t want a big Christmas tree or if you simply don’t have room for one in your home, you could just be happy with a fir tree branch. You could put it in a vase and decorate it with a few lovely red ribbon bows. This design on Hungryheart actually looks pretty festive despite the simplicity.

Painted grain sack burlap vase

A bouquet of fir tree branches can make a lovely little Christmas tree replacement. You can highlight its beauty with a burlap cover for the stand. You could make it out of a grain sack If you think the sack looks too simple, paint some stripes on it. You’ll need some tape, paint and a foam brush. It’s an idea that we found on Thecasualcraftlete.

Mini Christmas Tree Burlap

You could also just take a piece of burlap and just wrap it around the base of a tiny fir tree or some branches. You could fill the sack with rice to make it heavy so it stands up straight. This idea works well for really small trees or branches which you can display on the mantel or on a shelf. {found on pinterest}.

Hanging Mini Christmas Tree

The most fun part about the Christmas tree is getting to put up all those ornaments and cute decorations that you save each year. Using that logic, you could skip the tree altogether and just use the ornaments. Arrange them all in the shape of a tree and this can become the focal point of your living room wall. {found on sayyes}.

Small pot Christmas Tree

If you’re taking the mini tree idea seriously, then you’re also expecting some really small tree designs and ideas. We’re not going to disappoint you so let’s have a look at some really cute and really small trees that fit inside small pots. Actually, the pots are the focus of the project featured on Themerrythought. If you like the design, you can make something similar using white acrylic paint, brown or black paint, tape and a paint brush. The trees are dwarf alberta spruce.

Advent Calendar Mini Trees

Since these trees are most popular during Christmas, you might as well use some faux ones. Bottlebrush trees are really trendy at the moment so perhaps you’d like to use some in your own home décor. It would be fun to also make an advent calendar using bottlebrush trees and tags. You could paint them each a different color. {found on we-are-scout}.

Mini pinecones Christmas Trees

Pine cones look a little bit like Christmas trees so it might be interesting to use this resemblance in a practical manner and to turn a bunch of pine cones into cute little mini trees. You can do that with some acrylic paint and if you want you can even decorate them with beads and tiny ornaments. It’s an idea that we found on Alldaychic.

styrofoam mini christmas Trees

If you cover a styrofoam cone in green moss it will look like a miniature Christmas tree. It would be a fairly simple project. To complete it, insert a branch into the bottom of the cone to form the trunk of the tree and pot it in a tiny jar or flower pot which you can also cover with moss or paint.

Felt Christmas Tree with Concrete Base

If you want, you could make some really cute felt trees which you can reuse year after year. Use green felt, a stick for the trunk of the tree, a tree template and glue. The stand which holds the tree can be crafted out of concrete. You can find all the necessary instructions for the project on Wonderwood.

Christmas trees mugs

There’s really no point in getting an entire Christmas tree when you don’t even have space for it or if all you want is a little bit of that magical smell in your home and to feel the texture of the leaves/ needles. It would be much more practical not to mention cheaper to just grab a few cuttings and to display them in a pot. Use a jar, an old cup or pretty much anything else you can find.

Mini Coastal Christmas Tree

Tired of the same old and common Christmas tree ornaments? Perhaps you could try something themed this year. We found a lovely idea on Findingsilverpennies and it’s just wonderful for a miniature tree. To get this coastal-inspired look, use shells, star fish and sea horses as decorations.

Paint a mini christmas Tree

There are plenty of other ways to customize a mini Christmas tree. For example, you could paint it to give it a snowy look. Here are the required supplies: a small artificial tree, white spray paint, metallic acrylic paint and a small brush. Apply a coat of spray paint and then paint the tips metallic gold. You can actually choose any other colors or simply let the tree be all white. {found on designimprovised}

Scandinavian Mini Tree

Of course, a simple approach can also work. Instead of worrying about the little details and trying to come up with something unique for the Christmas tree décor, you could just get a mini tree and out in a wooden box. Decorate it with a few vintage ornaments and let this be your centerpiece or use it as an accent piece for the home.

Brown Paper Christmas Tree

Similarly, you could cover the pot or the container which holds your mini Christmas tree with a brown paper bag or a burlap sack. It would look like the one featured on 100decors. This tree, however, also has some charming ornaments. Those were made out of clay. You can make some too and for that you’ll need cookie cutters.

Mini Tabletop Christmas Tree

Usually it’s not just about the ornaments, the size of the tree, the colors or the textures. The beauty comes from a harmonious combination of all these things. Even when working with tiny trees or with branches and trimmings, you can still follow the same guidelines. Check out Rosyscription for a little bit of inspiration with this.

Fresh mini trees

Aren’t these tiny Christmas trees just wonderful? They look so charming too. The really great part is that they’re really easy to make. You just need some tree trimmings, a few wooden slices or discs, a drill and a hot glue gun. Drill a hole at the center of each disc and glue the trimmings in. You can then decorate the trees if you want. {found on sayyes}.

Cabinet pull christmas trees

Remember those weeble wobble toys that used to be popular some time ago? They were pretty fun. Well, these mini Christmas trees featured on Ialwayspickthethumble are a bit like that. To make them you need cabinet pills that have center screw holes. If you use really flat ones, the trees won’t wobble.

Drift Wood Mini Christmas Tree

Not all Christmas trees are actual trees. In fact, if you want to save space and to be original at the same time, you can pick one of the many interesting alternatives. For example, build a tree out of twigs and branches. Start with four twigs arranged in the form of a square. Continue with another layer positioned as shown on Spalvotasdryzuotas.

Lighted Canvas Christmas Tree

And speaking of string lights, we have another stylish DIY project that you can try this Christmas. The materials needed include a canvas, some battery-powered string lights, chalkboard or black spray paint and gold thumbtacks. Find the step by step instructions on Asweetafternoon. Of course, you can personalize the design in any way you want so feel free to make adjustments.