Meguro Office in Tokyo by Nendo

A very interesting and Unusual design can be seen at the Meguro Office. It’s located near the Meguro River in Tokyo and it was designed by Nendo. What’s particularly interesting about this office building is its interior design. It’s contemporary and simple but in the same time it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen, especially in a office building.

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The most interesting detail are the walls that separate the offices. In fact, there are no walls and we know it. They have been replaced with a sort of decoupage that resembles a piece of cloth held up between two hands. The texture and the look is not the same of course but the inspiration is very visible. The idea was to create an interactive space where the barrier between open and closed spaced is thin and can be easily removed. In order to enter or leave an office you just need to walk over the walls.

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It’s not a design that offers a lot of privacy but it’s modern and even fun. It’s a different perspective and I’m sure it’s a lot more pleasant and fun to work in such a place. And for those who want more privacy, there are some offices that are enclosed with some sort of plastic curtains. This reduces the noise and creates a more private space and, in the same time, it doesn’t completely separate the office from the rest.