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Marble Top Coffee Table Ideas That Will Make Your Living Room Look Special

The elegance of marble top coffee tables can’t be contested, but there is something more at stake here. It’s about combining the aesthetic appeal of marble with the other elements inside the room and knowing how to take advantage of such a product to create an impeccable interior design.

Marble Top Coffee Table Ideas

Aside from the visual appeal, what exactly makes marble top coffee tables such an interesting home purchase?

Benefits of Buying a Marble Top Coffee Table

Having a coffee table is life-changing because you never really understand the value this product has until you start using it on a daily basis. Naturally, there is a wide selection of materials to choose from when it comes to coffee tables and marble is surely the one that stands out the crowd because of reasons such as the following:

  • Marble coffee tables are among the most resistant ones in the game. The surface of the table isn’t that easy to scratch or break and if the legs of the coffee table are strong enough, a marble coffee table can support a considerable amount of weight placed on top of it.
  • There is also a lot of versatility when it comes to the base material of such a table. For instance, if you’re picturing a marble top coffee table with pinewood or even wrought iron legs, chances are there’s at least one model on the market that matches that criteria. That being said, it’s easy to find something you like because there are so many materials that can easily be combined to create stunning marble coffee tables.
  • Purchasing a white marble top coffee table can really light up the room. If you feel like your living room is too dark either because there’s not enough natural light coming in or because you have chosen dark furniture and decor elements, a marble top table can create a nice contrast and leave you with a greater light balance to enjoy.
  • If you ever decide to sell your marble coffee table, there are great chances of you getting a really good price for it because the surface is very easy to maintain looking as new. Thanks to its high level of resilience, marble is often kept in pristine conditions because of its rugged surface.

What to Look For

Marble is a material that’s very different from the other you’re used to seeing in furniture construction, so when you’re out looking for a marble coffee table, you might not be sure what to pay attention to. Thankfully, this list of tips might just come in handy:

  • First and foremost, you’re interested in size. There are so many different coffee tables in regular or irregular shapes that you might end up buying one just because it looks nice whilst it actually turns out to be too big or too small for the place where you want to put it. That being said, measure the spot where you want to put the table and then look at the measurements of the table before you buy it.
  • Second, remember that choosing a new piece of furniture is a matter of taste and helping it blend in with the current decor. For instance, you can find coffee tables with a combination of white and black marble tops, while others are made from predominantly black marble with white accents. Which one of these do you fancy the most? In terms of decor, most of you surely want a table that can match the rest of the room setting or else it will stand out in a very negative way. When choosing a marble top coffee table, consider the materials that are used to make the base or if the color of the table matches the color scheme found throughout the rest of the room. For instance, if you have a brown leather sofa and throw a coffee table with metal legs and black marble top in front of it, it might not be as visually appealing as you think.
  • One thing that we’d like to point out is that marble tables are less expensive than you think. In fact, there is this common misconception that marble is a very expensive material and while it may not be the cheapest one around, it surely isn’t the most expensive one either. You can find marble coffee tables for as low as $150, while others cost more than $1,000. That means that you can surely find something that fits your budget.
  • Another important thing to consider is the quality of the marble used in the construction of the table. Naturally, high-quality marble will last longer, but it will also be more expensive. There are a lot of different factors that come into play when it comes to deciding on the quality of the marble: from the available budget to potentially threatening kids that are likely to end up crawling on top of the coffee table.

Top 12 Best Marble Top Coffee Tables

Hilma Marble Coffee Table

Steve Coffee Table

We start off in style, showing you the beauty and simplicity of the Hilma coffee table. Designed with solid wood as the base material, the dark legs are contrasted by the white marble top, leading to a product that stands out from the minute you step foot into the room. With a rectangular shape and measures 15” H x 43.5” L x 18” W, this is a mid-century coffee table that showcases the beauty of elmwood in combination with the swirling pattern of the marble top.

Griselda 31″ Round Italian Carrara White Marble Coffee Table

Steve Coffee Table

If you thought that metal and marble cant’ be combined in a coffee table, think again! The Plamond is here to prove it works, as the shine of the marble top is only surpassed by the one of the metal legs. It is considered a luxury coffee table because of the light and playful color schematic. It can easily be matched with a multitude of room styles, although it might not work in rooms with predominant dark wooden furniture (mostly because of the shiny metal legs). The table measures 18.19” H x 49” L x 25.13” W and the top’s thickness is 1.5”.

Crewkerne Coffee Table with Storage

Steve Coffee Table

Carrara Italian marble is widely recognized in all corners of the globe, and it is exactly the type of marble found in the construction of the Griselda table as well. With a design that’s a little bit different compared to what you may have seen in other coffee tables, as the edges of the table are slightly elevated, almost making this seem like a large marble plate sitting on top of a wooden base. Measuring 14” H x 31.5” L x 31.5” W, this round coffee table is ideal for medium to large living room or whenever there is enough space for it to fit between two armchairs or in front of a couch.

Orton Coffee Table with Lift Top

Steve Coffee Table

What appears to be a table stolen from a Greek temple is actually the Crewkerne, one of the most elegant marble coffee tables that you’ll ever see. It’s not just the top pattern that makes it feel like we’re walking in the Acropolis Museum, but it’s also the choice of solid and manufactured wooden legs that beautifully contrast the tabletop. There is a storage shelf underneath that’s high enough to fit a lot of different things. Overall, the table measures 18.5” H x 48” L x 26” W.

Caroline Coffee Table
Steve Coffee Table

Coming in strong with a very cute-looking design, we have the Orton marble coffee table. It features a brown and black marble top, which is pretty different compared to the white models we’ve checked out earlier. It blends with the solid and manufactured wood base and even features a storage shelf underneath. It measures 19” H x 48” L x 24” W and can support a total weight of 100 pounds. But what’s most interesting about is the fact that the tabletop can be lifted, granting you access to a hidden compartment with some storage space.

Akbar Coffee Table

Steve Coffee Table

If you’re looking to wow your guests with one of the fanciest marble coffee tables around, Caroline is worthy of your attention. The cone-like metal base with a beautiful golden finish compliments the genuine marble top, resulting in a round coffee table that’s almost a statement rather than a plain furniture piece. It measures 17.5” H x 30” L x 30” W, which is s surprise for most people because the imposing design makes it look like a massive furniture piece when, in fact, it is nothing of the sort.

Ardelia Traditional Rectangular Marble and Wooden Coffee Table

Steve Coffee Table

Who knew that you can create a marble coffee table with an oriental vibe? It’s possible when you know what you’re doing and when you make a metal base with details reminiscent of Eastern culture. With its delicate round size and overall measurements of 18” H x 36” L x 36” W, this coffee table is perfect for homeowners with a love for intricate details and a profound passion for coffee tables.

The Ardelia coffee table is yet another sight for sore eyes because of it’s intricate details, marvelous wooden carvings, and stunning brown and black marble pattern. The accents on this baby are absolutely gorgeous, very similar to what you would expect to find in a luxury hotel lobby.  The molded and carved accents are part of what makes this piece a statement, while the cabriole legs support works with the tabletop to resist to weights of up to 100 pounds. Overall, the table measures 20” H x 58” L x 35” W.

Williamson Coffee Table

Steve Coffee Table

The Williamson coffee table is yet another perfect example of how metal and marble can work together to bring you one amazing-looking table that you would proudly place in your living room. It is made with Banswara marble and features a hexagonal tabletop that’s very stylish. So, what we’re dealing with here is a coffee table with a sturdy construction but that maintains a certain finesse to it, as most marble pieces often fo. The table measures 17.25” H x 32.5” L x 32.5” W and requires a simple two-step assembly process.

Steve Coffee Table

The Najera coffee table is a product with a more… unconventional design and probably not at all what you imagine if you’re asked to visualize a metal table with a marble top. The legs of this table are designed to resemble cage bars, which make it a bit more difficult to match this table with any given room setup. It does, however, come with a clean silhouette that can merge with several types of modern setups. The black tabletop with white swirls is an absolute masterpiece in terms of elegance. That being said, this 18” H x 31” L x 31” W table is definitely something we’d visualize in both a living room and an office waiting room.

Kylee Lift Top Coffee Table

Steve Coffee Table

We’ve added one more lift top coffee table to the list because there are so many things that we love about this specific table style. However, the most popular reason for people loving a lift top table so much is because of the adjustable height that makes it more comfortable to put things down and pick them up from the top surface. With 18” H x 48” L x 22” W in dimensions and a beautiful combination of marble and solid wood, this black-surface gem is perfect for modern-style homes that love having fine furniture.

Steve Coffee Table

Steve Coffee Table

The Steve coffee table is a product that gives us multiple color choices so that we can easily pick whatever scheme works best for our living rooms. You can choose between a black or beige tabletop, but you can also choose between a silver and a brass base color. The curved legs of the table are absolutely sexy, to say the least. The table measures 18” H x 47” L x 24” W and brings forth the very best in marble and steel materials at a convenient price.

Bottom Line

Considered to be one of the classiest materials used in construction, marble is surely an elegant choice for a coffee tabletop. Marble top coffee tables are resistant, beautiful, classy, and quite versatile in terms of price. The more money you’re willing to spend, the greater the odds of landing a high-quality marble table that will be with you for years to come.