Living room desk made from North American Black Walnut

The ‘Two Eleven’ desk is an antique one that was created inNew Englandby hand. The desk is being designed into different materials like North American Red Oak, Black Walnut or Maple.The table is perfect for your home, it will preserve your classic style or if you don’t have a classic design yet you should try the ‘Two Eleven” desk. The desk can fit in your living room, or why not in your bedroom.

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The desk has three drawers where you can put your business papers till your CD collection. The face of the drawers are very interested designed, they look like you scratched a paper with your pencil. The desk has in its designed incorporated two cupboards where you can store larger stuff like your vinyl collection or books. The ‘Two eleven’ has a large surface where you can write, read and use your computer. The large surface will give you a relaxed feeling, it will be a surface that you will fill hard with decorations and stuff, because you will need a lot.

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The ‘Two Eleven” table, besides the great antique look, has many uses. For instance,  it is a perfect table to set your computer, perfect for studying or reading, and of course I think it is best for reading. The product dimensions are 64w x 24.25d x 30h. You should know the dimensions so that you could measure what you will throw out so that the ‘Two eleven’ desk will fit.The price it’s available on request.