Dripps Lighting from Yellow Goat design

Making your house dazzle in the night and in the day is extremely easy with the help of the latest Lighting from yellow goat design. It is discreet and extraordinary and looks as if small bubbles in black and silver are suspending from the roof. The mirror ceiling plate creates its own unique effect and reflects back the light to make your room even brighter. The lighting design is fitted with bi-pin globes or LED to illuminate the area completely.

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Dripps pendant lighting is a piece of lighting that is made of a huge round mirror fixed on the ceiling that reflects the light from the bulbs and also the 360 pieces of silver and black that are part of this amazing Dripps lighting device. The metallic reflections are then amplified by the mirror, creating an amazing visual effect.

The pieces that are glued together to look like a hanging curtain of lights are round and the fact that they come in black and white only enhance the striking visual impact. But these are not the only colours available, as there are many models. And one more thing: because of the big dimensions (about 2 m in size) it is strongly recommended for large rooms with high ceilings.