Lighted Dreamy Bed Headboard Design

Everybody dreams of a huge bed where he or she can enjoy of relaxing sleepy moments. Nothing can stop of dreaming of such a piece of furniture but it all depends on the space you can provide it.

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The Italian company Adele-C wants to make you travel to the world of dreams more quickly and offers to your bed a lighted headboard called Mariposa.This headboard is made of a thin sheet of methacrylate and has the shape of some beautiful wings which are illuminated. You can notice the delicate spots of LED lighting which create a fairy tale atmosphere.

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These fragile wings will make you remind of those magic characters from Peter Pan story who have the same type of wings or will make you think of some beautiful angels that guard your peaceful sleep.

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The word “Mariposa” which means “butterfly” offers you another image, that of these beautiful insects which enchant your sights with their wonderful colors or their dance in the air.