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Style Your Office with These Leather Desk Chairs 

If you’re looking to spruce up the overall aesthetic of your office, leather desk chairs are the way to go. Not only do leather desk chairs provide a great deal of comfort, but they’re also a statement piece that conveys a message of authority. When it comes to purchasing the ideal leather desk chair for your office however, where do you start? 

Since leather desk chairs can be relatively pricey, you’d want to make sure that you’re purchasing a chair that suits your needs. Below, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about leather desk chairs. We’ll talk about the difference between leather and faux leather, run through the benefits of leather, answer some frequently asked questions, and provide some leather chair product suggestions to get you started. 

Leather vs Faux Leather 

With faux leather, it typically comes in two types – polyurethane and vinyl. These synthetic versions look like leather and are generally durable and easy to clean. Perhaps the main issue with faux leather, however, is that they can crack after prolonged use, especially if they’re exposed to the sun. If you’d like to go for a faux leather chair, it’s best to go for one that’s made with polyurethane material as it has a closer resemblance to actual leather and has less of a likelihood to peel and crack. 

Five Different Types of Leather


This is the highest-quality leather and is an animal hide that’s found just below the hair. Full-grain leather can be extremely pricey and is prized by leather connoisseurs.

Top grain

This is considered the second best in quality. While it’s not as durable as full-grain leather, it’s still top of the line and relatively pricey. You often see it used in high-end gamer chairs.

Genuine leather

This is the most popular type of leather, and it’s what you’ll commonly find in stores as it’s a more affordable option. Genuine leather is an incredibly durable material, and it also has a great deal of toughness.

Suede leather

With suede leather, you’re essentially purchasing the raw form of genuine leather before it goes through the resurfacing process. While it’s relatively durable, it’s not as long-lasting as some of the other higher grades of leather.

Bonded leather

Finally, you’ve got bonded leather. This is the cheapest form of leather and are leather shavings that have been pressed together. They’re not as long-lasting as the other leathers detailed above, and since it’s bonded together with certain chemicals, it’s not an ideal option for most. 

Benefits of Leather 

Leather comes with multiple benefits that make it a fantastic material to use for a desk chair.


As a material, leather’s incredibly durable in comparison to other plastic or vinyl materials. Even after you’ve purchased a leather desk chair for a considerable number of years, it’s highly likely that it’ll still look brand new. You can even extend the overall lifespan of your leather by treating it with oils.

Resistant to Stains

In comparison to other materials, leather’s incredibly easy to clean. If you accidentally drop some sauce or spill a drink on leather, all you’ve got to do is wipe it up and you’re good to go.


Leather’s a long-lasting material that can last for several years. While it can be pricier than some of the other materials out there, it’s worth paying more than having to constantly replace your chair.

How to Care for Leather Chairs

When it comes to caring for leather chairs, there’s a couple of things that you’d need to do to keep it in tip top condition. 

Don’t place your leather chair under direct sunlight

When you’re figuring out where to place your leather desk chair, avoid placing it in an area with direct sunlight as it can cause your leather to crack and harden. If you have to place it by the window, place a protective cover over your chair instead.

Wipe your chair down with a dry cloth

To get rid of any dust that might accumulate on your leather chair, you’d want to give it a good wipe with a dry cloth once in a while.

Avoid ammonia products

If you’ve got spills on your leather chair, just use a cloth with a little bit of water and you should get rid of it with no issues at all. Avoid using any products with ammonia as it could cause irreversible damage to your leather.

Condition your chair regularly

Since leather’s a natural product, you’d want to condition your leather chair every six to 12 months to keep it in great condition.

Take care when vacuuming

If you like to vacuum your leather chair to get rid of any crumbs, you’d want to make sure that you’re using one with a brush attachment. After all, the last thing you’d want is to accidentally scratch your leather chair and damage it.

Clean spills as soon as possible

While it’s easy to clean up a spill – all you’ve got to do is get a damp towel and wipe it down, leaving a spill on the leather desk chair for too long can cause discoloration. Wipe it down as soon as you can, and ensure that the area is dry afterwards. 

Best Leather Chairs 

Batchelor High-Back Genuine Leather Executive Chair

Ciel Genuine Leather Executive Chair

This leather executive chair will provide you with both comfort and support. It comes with soft double cushions with segmented padding to keep you comfortable as you work and is encased in smooth leather to add to the overall upscale look and feel of the chair. It also comes with numerous features such as adjustable padded arms, a 360-degree swivel and a tilt mechanism. If required, you can also adjust the height of your seat to provide your back with the right amount of lumbar support. This is a great all-round leather chair that’ll offer you plenty of ergonomic comfort throughout the day. 

DuBois Genuine Leather Task Chair

Ciel Genuine Leather Executive Chair

If you’re looking for a leather chair with a gorgeous rustic design, this will do the trick. It’s made from top-grain leather along with fireproof foam that offers up plenty of comfort. It’s also an incredibly sturdy chair – thanks to its wood and iron framing. It comes with wheel casters so you can roll it around with ease and is supremely comfortable – even if you’ve got to sit on it for eight hours straight. It can hold up to 400lbs in weight, is compatible with all sorts of flooring, and is a luxurious leather desk chair that you wouldn’t want to miss adding to your home. 

Otwell High-Back Genuine Leather Executive Chair

Ciel Genuine Leather Executive Chair

You’ll be all ready to tackle your meetings with this genuine leather executive chair. It comes with padded armrests so you can comfortably rest our hands, along with an integrated headrest to provide you with a good amount of support. The chair also has a waterfall seat design to help alleviate any pressure points at the back of the knee. Need to access a document on the other side of the room? The casters will allow you to wheel around your home with ease. Other great features that this chair comes with include a tilt mechanism along with the ability to adjust the height of your seat easily. 

Lying Swivel Computer Executive High Back PC and Racing Game Chair

Ciel Genuine Leather Executive Chair

This leather desk chair is perfect if you intend on getting your gaming on. It comes in various colors that you can choose from to suit the aesthetic of your home and has numerous features that’ll keep you comfortable as you game. It comes with an ergonomic design – thanks to its padded armrest, seat cushion and upholstered black bonded leather. It even comes with a unique mechanical bearing design that’ll prevent you from falling off your chair when the chair’s placed in a 180-degree angle. Additionally, your lumbar will be provided with plenty of support, and you can also adjust the height of the chair to suit your needs. 

Yoakum Everyday Drafting Chair

Ciel Genuine Leather Executive Chair

This everyday chair won’t break the bank but will still provide your back with the support it needs. It’s upholstered with genuine leather and comes with a padded seat that’ll contour to your back for supreme comfort. It also has a waterfall seat design to relieve any pressure on both your legs and knees. While there’s no swivel or tilt mechanism with this chair, you can adjust the height of your padded armrest, and it even comes with a footrest for you to rest your feet on. Adjust the seat to your preferred angle as you lay back and take a short breather in between your busy day. 

Leonardo Genuine Leather Task Chair

Ciel Genuine Leather Executive Chair

This aesthetically pleasing chair comes in two different colors of cocoa leather and coffee leather. While the frame is made with sturdy manufactured wood, the desk chair itself is upholstered in high-quality top-grain leather. It’s a leather desk chair that’s sure to turn heads while offering your back with the support and comfort it needs. The caster wheels are perfect for carpet floors and come with swivel features. Additionally, you can also adjust the height of the office chair to suit your needs. It’s the perfect leather desk chair to purchase if you’re looking to add a mid-century inspired look to your home. 

Strada Series Executive Chair

Ciel Genuine Leather Executive Chair

Sink into this leather desk chair for plenty of comfort as you go about your day. Upholstered in top-grain leather, the desk chair also has a waterfall seat design to reduce pressure at the back of your knees – improving circulation. The armrests also come padded with foam for additional support, while the base has wheel casters for easy mobility. Other fantastic features of this leather desk chair include a swivel and tilt mechanism, lumbar support, and the ability to adjust the height of your seat. It’s a great leather desk chair that you can sit for hours on end as you go about your day. While full assembly is required, you’ll receive detailed instructions and tools with your purchase. 

Soft Sense High Back Genuine Leather Executive Chair

Ciel Genuine Leather Executive Chair

Add a modern touch to your home with this plush leather executive desk chair. It has a sophisticated look that’ll fit perfectly into any professional setting. The chair is upholstered in black bonded leather and supported by a cherry wood-based for great stability. What’s great about this particular chair, is that it also comes with an adjustable tilt function that allows you to increase or decrease the tension when you’re leaning back. It also has a plethora of other features from seat height adjustment, a high back design, ergonomic armrests, and a waterfall style design to take pressure off the back of your legs. 

Strada Series Genuine Leather Executive Chair

Ciel Genuine Leather Executive Chair

This genuine black leather desk chair has the ideal combination of quality, style and comfort. Upholstered in top-grain leather, this is one chair you’d absolutely want to get for your office. It comes with a waterfall design to alleviate pressure at the back of your knees and comes with padded armrests for added comfort. The dual-wheel casters at the bottom of the chair allows for easy mobility, and it also has a swivel feature for adjustability. If you tend to have back pains after sitting in a chair for an extended period of time, you’d be happy to know that this chair will offer up a great deal of lumbar support to relieve any back pain that you may have. 

Ciel Genuine Leather Executive Chair

Ciel Genuine Leather Executive Chair

Last on the list is this stunning genuine leather executive chair. It comes in two different colours of Sahara and Brushed Black and is an eye-catching statement piece for any office. It comes with a thick cushioned seat along with five caster wheels that offers adequate support. If breathability tends to be an issue for you – especially after long periods of sitting, you’d be pleased with the chair’s brushed black top grain leather that provides breathability. Other features include a padded back and seat, the ability to adjust the height of the chair, and a seat that you can swivel 360-degrees. 

Bottom Line 

If you’re willing to splurge a little on your chair, there’s nothing like purchasing a long-lasting leather desk chair. Not only will these chairs provide you with a great deal of comfort, there’s also long-lasting, durable, easy to maintain, and they look great. It’s important that you’re providing your back with an adequate amount of support when you work, and we hope that you were able to choose a leather desk chair from the list above that suits your needs. 


Are leather office chairs good?

Leather office chairs are some of the best out there. Not only are they elegant and comfortable, they’re also durable and can provide a good amount of support. Most leather office chairs also come with great padding that’s ideal for your lumbar. They’re also durable and are a fantastic investment since they’re long-lasting and you won’t have to switch out your chairs for several years. 

Are mesh or leather office chairs better?

It honestly depends on what you’re looking for as both chairs come with their own pros and cons. With mesh chairs, they’ve got great air ventilation and will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. Leather office chairs on the other hand can accumulate heat – especially if you’re using them for a long period of time. 

Mesh chairs are also lightweight and easy to maintain. They’ve generally got a minimalist look and are easy to move around. It’s also not difficult to clean any stains and spills if they were to occur. In terms of comfort, mesh office chairs are also supportive, flexible and can conform to your natural body shape. They are, however, aren’t as comfortable as an upholstered leather chair as those chairs come with additional padding. 

With leather chairs as mentioned above, they’re incredibly durable, comfortable, and not difficult to maintain. While they are pricier than most chairs however, they are long-lasting and are great investments for the long-run. Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of a leather chair, however, is that they’re prone to scratches. If you’ve got sharp objects or animals around the home, it might not be a good idea to invest in a leather chair. 

Can you use a gaming chair as an office chair?

While you can use a gaming chair as an office chair, it may not offer you with the same amount of comfort. Gaming chairs are generally decked out in bright colors and have a visually pleasing aesthetic. When it comes to support and features however, they may not offer as much as a good quality office chair. If you’re not keen on purchasing an office chair however, they’ll still offer a good amount of comfort for you throughout the day. 

What is the best material for an office chair?

If you’re willing to spend a little more money, leather’s one of the best materials for an office chair. Not only do they offer elegance and a luxurious feel, they’re also long-lasting, durable, and comfortable. Perhaps the only downside of a leather office chair is how much it costs. If you’d prefer to go for something that’s a little cheaper, mesh office chairs are the way to go. Not only is mesh material breathable, but they also offer a good amount of support.