Ingenious Sofa by Ebola

If you want to surprize your friends every day with a new interior design spending money once, you must take a look at this covertible sofa from Ebola.Thanks for the design that allow to modelate as we want.If you thin more on the idea you might include in your living room design helping to make good use of space if is that a problem.

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This ingenious modular sofa can easy be transofrmed into double chair with integrated central table (nice for the duo head to head) in double or triple sofa, in bed or just soft bench to spend your time watching at tv and why not stumble new things on the internet.

For the moment this sofa it’s no longer available because the Ebola site is down.There are many other option if you are interesting in a sofa like this.One is to look for some simple modular chairs and then to mix for a comfortable seating option.