Mini Indoor Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

It’s great to have a little bit of greenery in your home and to add freshness to the spaces with large planters and green walls. But when the space is limited, so are the options. No worries through because mini indoor gardens are actually even cuter and they offer plenty of possibilities in terms of design.

Coconut Planter 645x432View in gallery

A really clever idea is to make hanging planters from coconuts. It’s a simple DIY project and the hard part is actually splitting the coconut in two. Then you drill three holes and run some thread through the holes so you can hang it.{found on Poppy Talk}.

Egg shell planterView in gallery

Or, if you want something even smaller, perhaps for your tiny kitchen, try making egg shell planters. You can just save the egg shells when you’re cooking and put them in an empty carton. Then add a bit of soil in each one and you can plant your favorite herbs.

Vertical garden planterView in gallery

If there’s no space on your counters, tables or floor for planters, make a vertical garden and hang it on the wall. It’s actually pretty easy. You just need the right frame/ container. Pick succulents and moss that require little maintenance.

Mason jars herbView in gallery

Some herbs need a bit more space than a tiny egg shell provides so you can plant them in Mason jars. A great way to recycle the jars and to always have fresh herbs in the kitchen. You can display the jars in front of your window, on the counter or on the wall.

Clothes pins wrapView in gallery

Want to add a bit of rustic flair to your home. How about these clothespin planters which you can actually make yourself? It would also be a great way to upcycle your old wooden clothespins and maybe get some new ones.

Mini Indoor Gardening glassView in gallery

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern and sophisticated, then find an interesting glass container and turn it into a beautiful terrarium or mini garden. You can use moss, succulents and tiny stones to create a beautiful landscape.

Mini garden globe hangingView in gallery

Equally interesting can be to hang globe glass planters from the ceiling or the underside of high shelves and maybe even repurpose a ladder and let climbing plants cover it and turn it into a green centerpiece.

Vintage lantern gardenView in gallery

Or maybe you have one of these vintage lanterns in your home and you’d like to transform it into something else. So why not turn it into a lovely mini garden for your home?

Small plants create beautiful effectView in gallery

Plant succulents, cacti and other small plants in containers and then display them vertically on the walls in your home. Or, if you prefer the traditional way, put them on window sills.

Upside down herbsView in gallery

Want something even more interesting? Try upside down herbs for your kitchen. You can suspend them from the ceiling and they take zero space on the counter. Plus, you can position them above your workstation.

Glass bottle gardenView in gallery

If you manage to cut a glass bottle and use the top portion, you can turn it into a unique planter which you can place directly in water. It’s definitely an interesting concept worth exploring.