Hybrid workspace and console table by Margaux Keller

Simple, functional and space saving, Le Scriban is a very ingenious piece of furniture designed for all sorts of spaces. Given its size and design, it particularly useful in small areas. A tiny apartment could definitely benefit from such a clever piece of furniture.Le Scriban was designed by Marseille based young designer Margaux Keller. It’s a very interesting piece of furniture with a simple and versatile design. It features small dimensions but this doesn’t stop it from being functional and from offering plenty of storage space.

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Le Scriban is a hybrid piece of furniture that can serve as a workspace, desk, console table or display unit. It’s simple and versatile design makes it easily integrate in almost any type of décor. You can use it in the bedroom, in the living room, home office and basically anywhere else you have some free space.

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This ingenious piece of furniture has a practical desk/top resting on only two feet, placed in the front. The back side of the unit uses the wall as support. You can place it against the wall or any other surface that can serve as support. Le Scriban is made of solid oak wood and features a natural oiled finish. The top also features a practical storage space with several compartments. These can be used to store documents, office supplies, to display photos and other items. Everything is fully visible and easy to reach.