How To Make One-of-a-kind Candle Holders At Home

The popularity of candles as decorations for our homes is a reminiscence of the time when they were used as sources of light, from a time when electricity was a commodity not everyone got to benefit from. Even though that’s no longer the case, we still use candles, their role being now a decorative one. And since candles are available in so many different forms, candle holders and votives can take a variety of forms as well. Today we’ll have a look at a few ways in which you can craft these yourself at home using simple methods.

Moroccan candle holders DIY

The Moroccan candle holders featured on cremedelacraft can be made using any glass containers and colored paint. You can also add a decorative motif using puffy paint. First you pour some paint into the jar/ container, enough to cover the bottom. Then you slowly turn the jar to let the paint spread on the sides. Hold it on its side and add the second color, repeating the process. Turn the jar upside down and let the paint drip, covering the sides completely. Let the excess drip down and then let it dry. After that, bake it for 30 minutes.

Paint dipped log candle

Tea light candles don’t necessarily need candle holders, although they can greatly enhance their beauty. For a natural and organic look, try the log candle holders featured on designdininganddiapers. These were made using three logs, some gold and silver metallic spray paint, white spray paint, tape, candles and a ½” flat drill bit. After painting each log, a circle big enough for the candles to fit in was drilled into each one.

Marbled tealight candle hoders

The marbled candle holders featured on makeandtell are also pretty easy to make. The supplies needed include polymer clay in white and pink, a square cookie cutter and tea light candles. After softening the white clay, add bits of pink in it. Twist to create a marbled effect. Then shape the clay around the candle, flip it over and flatten the bottom and sides. Define the square shape with a cookie cutter. Smooth the edge with a knife and some water. Put the clay in the oven if required.

star wars concrete death star candles

For a themed look, the design suggested on arfotographie would be quite interesting. These Death Star candle holders look amazing and to make them you’ll need Death Star ice molds. You’ll also need cement, quartz sand, a funnel, a small terracotta pot, a bucket, a trowel, duct tape, tea light candles and some newspaper. The tiny pot is so you can also make a themed planter but you can skip this part if candle holders are all you’re interested in.

Patterned candle holder

Let’s also have a look at some projects featuring classical candles, the kind that are tall and thin. A chic and versatile design for such a candle holder is offered on sugarandcloth. To replicate that look you’ll need a block of balsa wood, white spray paint, black acrylic paint, a paint brush, a drill with a bit that fits the candles and, of course, some candles. Mark on the wood the points where you want the candles to be placed and drill the holes. Spray paint the wood white and then start painting a black grid on it. Let the paint dry and insert the candles.

DIy gloria candle

It should take around 15 minutes to craft the stylish candle holder featured on atilio.metromode. You’ll need a metal circle which you can take from an old lampshade for example. The base can be made of clay or cement and you can shape it however you want. You can use a mold made of cardboard. Place the ring perpendicularly and pour some of the mixture in, just enough to hold the ring in place. Then add a candle case at the center and pour the rest of the mixture. Let it harden and remove the mold. You can then paint it and add the candle.

Geometric pattern candle holder

The geometric pattern featured by the candle holders described on kraftmint was created using washi tape and acrylic paint. We’ll just focus on the pattern since the candle holders are store-bought. They were taped from bottom to top in a diagonal pattern and this is how the triangle shapes were created. Then three colors of acrylic paint were used, alternating them and stripping off the tape immediately after.

Wire candle holder

If you’re looking for something very simple which doesn’t require a long list of materials, the wire candle holder we found on atilio.metromode seems to be just right. All you need for the project is a piece of wire which should be about 40 cm long. Bend it at the center to make a V shape. Then measure around 10 cm from the middle and bend again both sides, this time at a 45 degree angle. Bend the tips and twist them around the candle.

Wood candelabra project

However, if you want something a bit more complex, maybe more traditional also, skonahem can offer you an interesting idea. To make this candle holder you’ll need dowel rods, a piece of wood, a drill, a saw, some wood glue, sandpaper, candle cases and candles. Drill holes in a tick dowel and then cut it into individual pieces. Sand them down and attach them to a frame also made of rods, with a wooden base. Attach the candle cases with glue.