How To Make Original Table Numbers For A Unique Wedding

When planning a wedding, people always tempt you to leave to them important tasks like decorating the tables or finding ideas for interesting wedding favors. But if you really want the wedding to be special and if you want the guests to see how important this day is for you, then there’s another option: to make these things yourself. There are plenty of DIY crafts you can try. Today we’re focusing on table numbers.

Concrete numbers.

Concrete table number

Concrete crafts are popular these days so here we are with a project you’ll most enjoy. Here’s how you can make concrete table numbers: get paper numbers and cut off the top and remove the cardboard inside. Then fill the mold with concrete. Wait for it to dry, remove the mold and spray paint the numbers.{found on loveandlavender}.


Tissue paper transfer candle table number

Decorative candles are very versatile so they could easily serve as both centerpieces and table numbers for a wedding. For example, make something like this: a white candle which you can customize with either numbers or images. You need an embossing gun, wax paper, white tissue paper, a sharpie and number print outs.{found on somethingturquoise}.

Chalkboard crafts.

Chalk bottle number

Making something interesting which involves chalkboard paint is quite easy. For example, you can use wine or champagne bottles. Simply spray paint the bottles with chalkboard paint, let it dry and then customize the bottles as you wish. This one is a two-in-one piece, serving as both a centerpiece and a table number.

Chalkboard table numbers tutorial

You can also make decorations like these ones. You need chalkboard paint, a paintbrush, chalk, glue, wooden shapes and dowels. Decide what kinds of shapes you want to use and glue them onto the dowels. Then apply two thin coats of chalkboard paint and allow it to dry. Then simply write the numbers with chalk.{found on polkadotbride}.

Framed chalckboard wedding tale number

Here’s another idea, also for chalkboard table numbers. This time it’s something a little more elegant, suitable for a rustic wedding but not necessarily. You’ll have to get a few photo frames, remove the glass and apply primer on it. While you wait for that to dry, spray paint the frames. Then apply chalkboard paint on the glass and put it back in the frame.{found on lovepaperpaint}.


Framed table number

Since we opened this subject, let’s continue with a few more framed centerpiece designs. For example, make something romantic. Purchase a few vintage frames like these ones and cut paper to size. Add a number. You can use paper numbers which you glue to the piece of paper you’ve chosen. Then place it in the frame.{found on projectwedding}.

Mirrored framed wedding table number

Another idea is to completely remove the backing on the photo frame and only use the glass. First spray paint the frames to make them match the rest of the décor. Then remove the glass and either paint or glue the numbers on. Put the glass back on and that’s all.{found on amynichols}.

Buttons cork wedding table number

Depending on the theme or style you’ve chosen for the wedding, you can try all sorts of ideas. This table number design can look nice if you’re planning a vintage or rustic wedding or if the theme suits it. First paint the frames and give them a distressed look. Then use cork as baking and make numbers using buttons which you glue or sew on.

Wedding snapshots table numbers1

Wedding snapshots table numbers

Give your guests something nice to look at such as a framed photo of the bride and groom. They can be holding a number which will also be the table number or you can apply the numbers onto the photo, in a corner where they don’t overlap with anything important.{found on ourlovenestblog}.

Tin can table numbers.

Tin can wedding table numbers how to

Making table numbers out of tin cans is actually pretty easy. First of all, collect the cans. Then print out your table numbers. Tape the numbers onto the cans and use a drill to make holes. Outline the number as best as you can. Make sure the can retains its form. In order to do that, you can fill it with water, freeze it and then drill the holes.{found on onefabday}.

Burlap crafts.

Burlap table runer number

Instead of having separate table numbers which occupy space, you could write the numbers on the table runner. A rustic wedding could feature burlap table runners with spray-painted numbers on them and succulent centerpieces like these ones.

SomethingTurquoise DIY burlap table numbers

If you’re curious how the numbers are spray painted on the burlap, then let’s analyze this project. To make these table numbers, you need burlap canvases, wooden numbers and spray paint. Place each number onto the burlap and then spritz with the color spray. Remove the number stencil and allow the burlap to dry.{found on somethingturquoise}.

Grafbarn wedding burlab table number

An interesting idea you can also use can be to make small burlap sacks to place on each table. Sew them and then paint the table numbers onto each one. Inside you can put anything you like. It can be sweets, seeds or anything else.

Diy burlap wedding table numbers

These burlap-wrapped planters look lovely and they can be easily used as table centerpieces. For the project you need ceramic pots, burlap, glue, tags and a button. Soak the tags in tea. Then cut a rectangle piece of burlap and glue it to the ceramic pot. Burn the edges of the tag, write the table number on and attach it to the burlap with a button.{found on ruffledblog}.

Embroidery hoop numbers.

DIY cross stitch table numbers

For this project you’ll need graph paper, cross-stitch cloth, embroidery floss, embroidery hoops and colored pencils. Place the cloth over the inner ring and then put the outer ring on top. Press them together. After that, you get to draw your own numbers on graph paper. Once you’ve found the right design, sew the numbers on.{found on somethingturquoise}.

Glittered table numbers.

ST glittered canvas table numbers 81

Sometimes a little bit of glitter can’t hurt. Here’s how you can make these glittered table numbers for your wedding. You need canvases, glue, glitter, wax paper, paint and a paint brush. Paint the canvases and then trace each number with a pencil. After that, use crafting glue and glitter to make the number sparkle.{found on somethingturquoise}.

Pumpkin centerpiece.

Diy pumpkin thumbtack table numbers

Pumpkins can be used at wedding, especially during fall. You can select a few good-looking pumpkins and use them as centerpieces. At the same time, they can also be your table numbers. For such a project you need spray paint, thumbtacks and moss. Spray-paint the thumbtacks and draw the numbers onto the pumpkins with a pencil. Then insert thumbtacks into the pumpkins, following the pencil line. {found on site}.


Ballons number

Want something different and more playful? How about balloon table numbers? The idea is very simple. You need balloons shaped like numbers and you simply place them above each table. Anchor them to the centerpiece to keep them in place.

Sliced Wood.

Wood table numbers

These wood table numbers would be lovely for a rustic wedding. They’re also easy to make. You need slices of wood, spray paint and stencils. You basically just spray-paint the numbers onto the wood using the stencils, let them dry and then use them on the tables.{found on greenweddingshoes}.

More simple wedding table numbers.

Menu and bascket with fruits for table number

Another very simple idea can be to make tags like these ones. You need paper, a marker and skewers. Cut out pieces of paper and glue them two by two. Don’t forget the skewers in the center. Write the numbers on them and just add them to your centerpiece.

Diy table number napkins

Although simple-looking, these table number napkins take a lot of time to make. You need cloth napkins, a circle punch, iron-on transfers and a printer. Print the numbers onto the transfer paper. Determine where you’d like them to appear onto the napkin and iron them on. Fold the napkins and place them on each table.{found on mintlovesocialclub}.

Wedding DIY strawberry

Offer your guests something sweet like strawberries or anything else you like. You need mini brown bags and tissue paper. Print the table numbers onto the bags or on labels which you then attach to the bags, fill them with goodies or put tissue paper on the bottom and only put one layer of strawberries.{found on stylemepretty}.

Table number holders

To make these elegant table numbers you need printable templates, card stock, binder clips, double sided tape and patience. Print the numbers on card stock. Cut the number templates as well as the clip wrappers. Tape the wrappers to the clips. After you’ve assembled the numbers, remove the handles.{found on thebudgetsavvybride}.


This is a very interesting project. It’s a table numbers made from a piece of wood and a bunch of nails. First, cut the wood pieces to size. Then sand them and stain then. After that, trace the numbers on or use a paper template. Hammer the nails into the wood to outline the numbers. If you want, you can paint the nails.

Botanical table numbers

These modern table numbers are easy to make and they’re also very elegant. To make them, you need some leaves or petals/ pressed flowers, card stock, glue and double sided tape. Cut the paper and fold it in half. Tape the stencil to the card stock. Cut out the numbers. Tape the first layer of mesh to the inside of the paper. Tape or glue the pressed flowers on. Add the second layer of mesh. That’s all.{found on 100layercake}.