How to Make a Bed – Combining Form + Functionality

Most of us probably know how to make a bed, as far as the basics are concerned. Mattress pad, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and duvet with a pillow or two up top. But we may wonder how to achieve the look of bed that appeals to us most in photos or in other people’s homes – how many pillows is just right, what kinds of pillows do we really enjoy, and what combinations of pillows looks and functions the best? In this article, we’ll take a look at a variety of real life beds to give you some ideas for your own bed.

How to Make a Bed tutorial
How to Make a Bed - Grey Bedding

How to Make a Bed During Cold Months

Don’t let the pale airiness of this master bed fool you; this thing is primed for surviving the cold winter months.

How to Make a Bed Basic Tips

The foundation is the same as any basic bed, what with the fitted and flat sheets first. A comforter (the white) is pulled up under the pillows, while the duvet (grey) is pulled up and then folded down, for added depth and contrast.

How to Make a Bed- comfortable and cozy warmth

But to maintain a comfortable and cozy warmth to the bed without taking away from its soft color palette, a few extra quilts are thrown on top of the flat sheet before the comforter and duvet. Like a quilt sandwich. This is an excellent trick for building the coziest bed.

How to Make a Bed - Guest Bedroom

How to Make a Minimal Bed

For starters, a minimal bed will have few overt patterns and prints, although it should be noted that a minimal bed won’t be devoid of all color and subtle pattern. The navy color blocking on white here works perfectly to this end.

How to Make a Bed - navy throw folded

A navy throw folded simply in a wide chunk at the foot of the bed provides excellent visual contrast while also being a convenient place for an added layer. The color is also incorporated in two subtly patterned down throw pillows arranged neatly at the head of the bed, which provides lovely balance.

How to Make a Bed - key of minimalist design

The key for a minimalist-appearing bed is structure and simplicity. Two pillows in white (albeit slightly patterned, which is sweet) are stacked neatly and squarely at the head of the bed. The throw pillows are arranged symmetrically in front of these.

How to Make a Bed - Tips

A white duvet is pulled flat and almost all the way up to the headboard area. (A peek underneath reveals an extra layer under this duvet as well although the photo doesn’t show it.) Simple, structured, straight, square. All of these alliterative words combine to create a most beautifully minimalist bed.

Making a guest bedroom

How to Make a Guest Bed

Guest beds are probably among the easiest beds to make. They require the basics in pieces, although you should always incorporate as high of quality as you can afford for those basics. An oversized check duvet cover matches the primary pillowcases.

How to Make a Bed Design

For this guest bed, so as to alleviate the need for guests to find additional space in the room for extra pillows each night, two pillows per side are perched against the headboard for both visibility and functionality. A few throw pillows in front help to add a comfortable, “homey” feel without adding too much extra.

Make a Bed with Mixed Patterns

How to Make a Bed with Mixed Patterns

Mixed patterns are among the most fun ways to incorporate pillows into any space, and the bed is no exception. Once your color palette is established, make up the bed with a variety of mixed patterns on the pillows. Be sure to incorporate some solid pieces, as well as various scales and sizes of patterns so you don’t have major visual competition.

How to Make a Bed - mixing patterns

The top of the duvet is folded down to expose a coordinating comforter underneath, which adds to the visual feast of mixed pattern appeal. For this bed, a deep and multi-pillow leaning stack provides the room’s primary décor. From back to front on each side, we have a standard sized pillow, an oversized down pillow covered in a sham, another standard sized pillow, and a variety of mixed pattern throw pillows rounding out the middle to bring it all together. This takes a little more work to make the bed each morning, but the layout is inherent, and the sleeper enjoys an added bonus of being able to select the perfect pillow or combination from the pile.

How to Make a Cozy Bed for One

How to Make a Cozy Bed for One

Making a bed cozy is mostly possible through the choice of tasteful, and cozy, textiles used. This bed is quite simple, with a sleeping pillow, an oversized pillow (used more for decoration and to hide the sleeping pillow), and a soft throw pillow or two in the center. Note how the flat sheet is pulled up a few inches higher than the comforter; this allows for easy and intuitive blanket pull-down when the sleeper is ready to climb into bed. I love the simple, almost Scandinavian neutrality of this bed.

How to Make a Bed - for begginers

How to Make a Contemporary and/or Platform Bed

One of the things about platform beds is that you often want to be able to see the platform frame itself. This means that your bedding will likely need to be folded and tucked so as to expose the platform bed frame.

How to Make a Bed - platform bed

Here is one way to fold and tuck the bedding – almost like a present. Tuck all sheets and whatever blankets you have into the sides of your bed between the mattress and the platform. Make sure the bedding is pulled flat and taut. Then “wrap” the bottom of the bedding by folding and tucking the sides of the end, then tucking the remaining center bedding down under the mattress. The bundled up look works particularly well in a contemporary bedroom.

Two standard king-sized pillows

Two standard king-sized pillows lean, one on top of the other, at the head of the bed, then a wide and shorter pillow in a contrasting color is set in front of the pair. The inherent “canyon” between the two sides of pillow arrangements is camouflaged by a single throw pillow in the center. Gorgeous.