How to create a budget friendly faux pillow using felt

We all buy pillows to decorate our homes, because they look sophisticate, and also because  they are very cozy when we sit on them. But what we do when we don’t find the perfect model of pillow we want? It’s simple. We create one. In a few lines, I will try to describe you how Samantha Baldwin from The New York Examiner created a pillow inspired by a Suzani décor. For this project you will need the following materials: a 24”square pillow form, a 24”square solid color pillow cover and white, fuchsia, pink, yellow felt ( or other colors ), fabric glue and a piece of paper.

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After cutting three different models of pink flowers, and another special white one, you will have to follow the next steps: center the medium flower in the center of the large one and adhere with fabric glue, then center it on the pillow, also with fabric glue. Then place the suzani circle around the flower, being very attentive to have the right angles. Fold over half of the circle and apply glue, then lay it back down and stick to pillow cover.

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Do the same operation with the other half of the circle. Now you have to decorate each corner of the pillow by placing a small pink flower and two yellow flourishes, perfect to make a contrast. Don’t forget to glue down each piece of material, and wait a few  minutes, because the glue has to dry. Make sure that all the edges are well adhered, and you are finished. Now you have a new, custom-made pillow to decorate your elegant sofa.{found on designsponge}.