How To Build a Floating Nightstand That Matches Your Bedroom

Floating or wall-mounted nightstands differ from other types through the fact that they don’t occupy any floor space. This allows them to appear lightweight and to maintain an airy and spacious appearance which is shared by the entire room. As always, you can choose to build the nightstand yourself. This way you can pick its design, shape and size and everything else in accordance with the rest of the room’s interior and while taking into consideration personal needs and preferences.

Floating geometric nighstand
Floating geometric nighstand

A very simple type of floating night stand is featured on brettbara. Its design is simple, offering storage and enough space for a small lamp and personal belongings. To build such a nightstand you will need some wood, L brackets, wood glue, small finishing nails, a screwdriver, a hammer and hardware for mounting the piece on the wall in case something special is needed. Cut the wood to make two rectangles and two squares. Attach the brackets to one of the larger pieces. Then glue the side pieces and, finally, add the last rectangular piece as well. After the glue dries, add a few nails to secure the shelf. You can then choose to sand the wood and paint it. You can also decorate it with upholstery nails or in some other way.

Floating night stand with brackets

An even simpler floating nightstand can take the form of a shelf similar to the one featured on urbanacreage. You can do this using a salvaged cabinet door in case you have it, although any piece of wood would do. You’ll also need some sandpaper, wood stain, L brackets, screws and a drill. Remove any existing stain and apply new stain. Add the L brackets to the underside of the wood and use screws and anchors if needed to secure it to the wall.

DIY floating night stand

The nightstand featured on themerrythought is not only very simple but also very practical. As you can see, it looks very chic, hiding the hardware used to attach it to the wall and featuring a slit which can be used as a dock for the phone. The charger cable also fits nicely through a small hole. To build a similar nightstand for your own bedroom you’re going to need two small pine boards, a saw, a drill, wood glue, clamps, a hammer and some nails, sandpaper and screws.

Floating books bedside

Some designs are so simple they don’t even require any wood. Such an example can be found on burkatron. The nightstand featured here was made using angle brackets, wall plugs, screws, a power drill and a book. Pick the location for the nightstand and drill the holes for the brackets. Secure these in place with screws. Open a book and rest it onto the brackets. The brackets will be hidden between the back page and the rest of the book. You’ll need some glue for that.

floating geometric nighstand

After you’ve decided what type of nightstand you’d like to have in your bedroom, you can also pick the design and all the other small details. If you decide to paint the nightstand, you can try a geometric design such as the one featured on paris-lareunion. For that you’ll need tape and paint in various colors. It’s a stylish and graphical design which you can customize in a lot of ways.