Glass and driftwood coffee table for nature lovers

Striking and intriguing, this coffee table is the creation of Adrian Wicki and it’s called Rhyholzertischli Table. Its name is actually a combination of several words: : ‘Rhine’,the river, ‘Holz’ (that means ‘wood’ in German) and ‘Tisch’ – that is table in German. As you might have guessed, the inspiration from the Rhine, one of Europe’s longest rivers.

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Even more interesting is the fact that the base was made from driftwood found on the banks of the Rhine. This makes it particularly interesting and unique. The design is very striking. Of course, the base is the focal point of attention. The pieces of driftwood have been arranged in a way that makes them stable and compact enough to represent the base of a coffee table. In order to increase the impact, the top is made of clear transparent glass that allows you to see all the details of the wooden base.

Modern coffee table of glass and driftwood 1

This is a unique design, a way of getting in touch with nature without having to travel. The concept for the Rhyholzertischli Table is very simple and yet very impressive and striking. The coffee table would make a particularly interesting addition to any modern or minimalist home where it would instantly become the center of attention, the star of the room. It’s a piece of furniture designed for passionate nature lovers that would like to bring a piece of nature inside their homes, without damaging the environment.