Fully Loaded Chair by Rehhab

Here is a chair you will never want to sit on, even if you are really tired: the Fully loaded chair. This is not actually a chair you can use regularly like you do with a piece of furniture in your living room because it is only a concept, something like an art work that was made by the designer called Rehhab (his actual name is Alexander Leh and he was born in Houston, Texas). As he has a Master’s Degree in Industrial design, he thought of doing something to combine art and furniture, so he made the Fully loaded chair.

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The chair has a steel frame and instead of the comfy cushion for the seat and back rest you will see an area filled with once fired gunshells. He needed 38 12 caliber gunshells that he used for his project , so now they are not at all dangerous, being empty. The design of the chair is pretty interesting and you can see it as being golden from a front view and red from behind, thanks to the different colour of the two parts of the shells. I did mention this is only a prototype or an art work or something similar, so do not expect to find it for sale in shops.