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Take A Seat After a Tough Day And Sink Into A Relaxing Full Body Massage Chair

Do you constantly have aches and pains in your body but don’t have time to engage a masseuse? If so, then acquiring a massage chair is your next best alternative. While massage chairs may be a relatively big investment, they provide you with a relaxing experience that’s your next best alternative to massage.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a full body massage chair, you could be overwhelmed with the number of options there are on the market. To get you started, we’ll give you a brief overview of what you need to look for in a massage chair, before breaking down 8 of the best massage chairs that are currently in the market.

What to Look for in a Massage Chair? 

There are a couple of things you’d need to look for when purchasing a massage chair. First, you’ll have to take a look at the recline angle. Ideally, you’d want a massage chair that has a greater recline angle to get the most out of your massage. In terms of massaging options, there are quite a few available. While a roller mechanism will provide greater intensity, air massage systems are also just as effective.

ProductDimensions & Weights Weight Capacity
Shiatsu Luxurious Electric Reclining Adjustable Width Heated Full Body Massage Chair44.88'' H x 31'' W x 47.3'' D
119 lb.
287 Pounds
Zero Gravity Reclining Full Body Massage Chair Recliner44.88'' H x 31.3'' W x 43.3'' D
118.6 lb.
242.5 Pounds
810L Reclining Adjustable Width Heated Full Body Massage Chair51.18'' H x 32.28'' W x 48.81'' D
168 lb.
300 Pounds
Nova N802 Reclining Adjustable Width Heated Full Body Massage Chair46'' H x 32'' W x 50'' D
136 lb.
300 Pounds
RL900 3D SL-Track Power Reclining Adjustable Width Heated Full Body Massage Chair50.5'' H x 32'' W x 63.39'' D
179 lb.
300 Pounds
Reclining Heated Full Body Massage Chair with Ottoman46'' H x 31.5'' W x 57'' D
198.5 lb.
250 Pounds

Your massage chair should also have customized options to suit various needs – especially if you’ve got multiple members of the family that will also be using this massage chair. Finally, you’ll need to take into consideration the cost. If you’re looking to purchase a massage chair, it’s ideal to spend a little more and get one that’s of superior quality, effective, and crafted with durable material.

1. Shiatsu Luxurious Electric Reclining Adjustable Width Heated Full Body Massage Chair

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This luxurious massage chair comes with a total of three zero-gravity positions to choose from with a total of eight massage points. You’ll feel completely relaxed with the air massage system that’ll provide you with the massage that you need. This massage chair even comes with a built-in heater to help soothe those overworked muscles. The air massage in the shoulders, arms, and lower half of your body will be great for stressed muscles.

There’s also a customization feature within the massage chair so everyone that uses the chair can adjust the features to fit their needs. If you’re not sure where to get started, the massage chair already comes with four preset auto massage programs to help with relieving stress. The vibration feature is also great for those that tend to sit long hours in the office, while the foot rollers will target specific acupuncture points on your feet.

Just by purchasing this massage chair, you’ll feel relaxed from head to toe in no time at all. You’re also able to insert a Bluetooth speaker to listen to music, and the intelligent massage hands replicate that of a real therapist and come with various strengths from gentle to strong.

2. Zero Gravity Reclining Full Body Massage Chair Recliner

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After a long day working, there’s nothing like coming home to your leather massage chair that’ll provide you with a relaxing massage experience. There are various massage styles that you can select to suit your needs, and you’re also able to adjust the speed and strength. The airbag massage feature will give those tired muscles a nice massage, and it comes with three different strength levels.

There are also three different massage speed controls, and you’re able to select the one that best fits your needs. The chair also comes with a unique zero gravity feature for ultimate comfort. All you need to do is press the button to adjust it to your optimal position. It’s best to have your feet higher than your head to alleviate pressure on the vertebrae and relieve any discomfort in your back.

Finally, enjoy the warming heat emitted from the massage chair to loosen muscles, along with the full-body compression. The chair also comes with comfortable leather material along with foot rollers that will give the bottom of your feet a gentle massage and get that blood circulation going.

3. Power Reclining Heated Full Body Massage Chair

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This ergonomically designed zero gravity massage chair is constructed with eco-friendly material and will provide you with a fantastic massage experience. Easily operate your massage chair with your very own remote control. The chair also comes with three massage stages with various speeds of strength and speed control. The fixed roller is intentionally integrated at the trigger points of the massage chair to reduce stress and pain.

The Bluetooth function means that you can listen to music during your massage, and there is a total of eight massage rollers to target different parts of your body. There’s even a total of 56 airbags that are placed all over the chair to hone in on your shoulders, arms, legs, and more. Want to feel weightless and have the ultimate experience? Press the zero-gravity button to release stress and tension.

Other features of the chair include an intelligent massage hands system that mimics massage therapists. Strengths range from gentle to strong, and you’re able to pick the one that best suits your needs. The calf and foot massager will also give your feet a nice massage, and you’re able to adjust it per the length of your leg.

4. Reclining Adjustable Width Heated Full Body Massage Chair

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This comfortable massage chair has a unique zero gravity and yoga stretching feature. The zero-gravity button will adjust you to the optimal position and elevate your feet higher than your head. From there, the pressure will be alleviated from your vertebrae and you can relieve any discomfort in your back. With the yoga stretching feature, your upper body and leg area can be given a nice stretch.

The L-track rollers will glide from your neck to lower back and provide you with a fantastic massage. A smart body scan is integrated within the massage chair to automatically customize your massage while the scrape and roll function will stimulate the bottom part of your feet to reduce fatigue and improve your body’s immunity.

Underneath your foot, there are dual foot rollers for soothing acupressure and reflexology therapy for a deeper massage. That’s not all, the chair also has airbags strategically placed in various parts of the massage chair for a relaxing massage. When you’re using the airbags along with the roller system, you’ll feel like there are three massage therapists concurrently working on you. With its various features, this is a great massage chair to invest in to help soothe and unwind your muscles.

5. Nova N802 Reclining Adjustable Width Heated Full Body Massage Chair

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This inexpensive massage chair comes with a range of features to satisfy your needs. It has a zero-gravity feature, emits heat on your lower back to soothe muscles, and even has a calf’s function. The leg rest is extendable, and other features that this chair comes with include a vibration function, full-body airbag, and foot roller massage to soothe those tired feet.

There are eight different massage rollers inside the backrest, 34 airbags placed all over the chair, along with mechanical foot rollers. With all of these different massage mechanisms, you’re sure to get an incredible massage. On top of that, the chair also has three strength and massage speed controls, and you’re also able to adjust the foot massager to your leg length.

If you’re looking for a massage chair that’ll decrease weight off your spine, lower your blood pressure and increase blood circulation, this is the perfect massage chair for you. Since the massage chair also comes with manual settings, you can easily turn on or off any of the airbags to focus on certain areas over others.

6. Reclining Adjustable Width Heated Full Body Massage Chair

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Had a long day? Come home to the perfect massage chair that’s got everything you need to soothe those tired muscles. The controls are easy to use and are effective in relieving aches and pains. It’s got a four-way roller massage and will help in giving you that full body massage as it travels along your back.

The built-in heat will help in getting rid of those tight knots in your back while the air massage capabilities on your shoulders will soothe muscles. This particular model also comes with a brand-new acupressure arm massage for the ultimate relaxation. If there’s more than one person in your family using this chair, you’ll also be happy to know that it comes with customizable programs.

For your convenience, the massage chair also comes with a remote control and a built-in control panel. The footrest and headrest can be adjusted in accordance with your needs, and it’s a great chair that’ll hit all the right areas.

7. RL900 3D SL-Track Power Reclining Adjustable Width Heated Full Body Massage Chair

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What’s great about this massage chair is that it comes with L-tracks and a 50-roller track length. These rollers will hit specific muscles and even help with some sciatica issues. The features extend from the back down to the hamstrings for a comprehensive massage. The seat also comes with a 30-degree tilt to provide you with the perfect angle.

The electric massage rollers on the chair are adjustable and suited for different shoulder widths and the calves massage area can be extended to suit different heights. With six different automatic massage programs, you’ll be spoiled for choice as it targets different parts of your body from your thighs to your arms. You can also manually choose three targeted massage areas, speeds, and levels of airbag massage intensity.

If you need to stimulate blood circulation after a tiring day on your feet, the mechanical foot rollers will rotate forward and back to stimulate reflexology zones. With Bluetooth speakers, you can also listen to some relaxing music during your massage. This is one of the most advanced massage chairs available today and will provide you with an all-round incredible experience.

8. Inner Balance Wellness Reclining Heated Full Body Massage Chair with Ottoman

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The last massage chair on the list is this inner balance wellness reclining heated full body massage chair that’s perfect for a great experience. Start off with the foot rollers that will give the bottoms of your feet a soothing massage as you recline the seat back to zero gravity. Then, the 22 airbags will help in targeting specific areas of your body and provide you with ultimate relaxation.

The warming heat feature within the chair will work perfectly with the full-body compression to soothe the senses. What’s also fantastic about this chair is that it comes fully assembled so you won’t have to worry about installing it on your own. Once it arrives, you’re all set to sit in your massage chair and enjoy the experience.

Individuals that have used this massage chair have given it rave reviews and mentioned that it’s not too bulky and has just the right amount of power. This chair also comes with a feature where it’ll scan your entire first before selecting an option – great for those that aren’t too sure what massage features they’d like to use.