Fresh Decor Ideas to Inspire a More Updated Look

Decor is what makes a room special and gives it personality. It also makes the difference between an okay space and a spectacular one. The pieces you choose and the way you put them together is key to creating memorable rooms. Even if you can’t undertake a major overhaul, adding some new elements of decor can change things up enough to make any room look better. Big wall elements, small accent pieces or new lighting fixtures — any of these has the potential to be a defining decor element. If you’re looking for ideas, here are some examples to spark the imagination.

Spotlight a Collection

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Lots of people have beloved collections and turning an edited selection of pieces into a decor element is a great way to show it off. This living room is a good example of how to do that. The large sofa, upholstered in a bold black and white print, is highlighted by a collection of colorful artsy vessels displayed on shelving that is inset into the wall. Here, the colors play an important role and are brought out by the red area rug and just two brightly colored pillows. Take a look at your own collection and think about how that can be turned into a dazzling decor element.

Play with Prints

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This bedroom as a lot of things going for it but the dominant element is the unexpected prints on the sofa and duvet. The same Missoni-style print is repeated on both, but the sofa also mixes in a black and white textile on the front of the sofa and a third print on the pillow. An area rug somewhat mimics the main print in a different but complementary color combination. Altogether, this is a good example of one way to mix prints, and how a black and white print can be successfully paired with other color palettes by taking the scale and style into consideration.

Add a Rugged Element

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Live edge and natural wood pieces have been trending in decor for some time, especially as small-maker and hand-crafted works have grown in popularity. These stump style wood occasional tables are set alongside a more refined chair, but they still work together well. This is partly because interiors are more eclectic today than they have ever been, which allows for more personality in a room’s decor. Along with the natural wood tables, the mauve upholstered chairs are set atop a hair-in hide rug, which adds another textural element.

Go for the OversizedView in gallery

Turning the wall behind the bed into a statement wall isn’t necessarily a new concept, but the way it’s being done certainly is. Instead of just adding panels to the wall at the height of a tall headboard, this bedroom takes the drama all the way to the ceiling. These drama walls can be covered in just about any material, from tiles or leather panels to wood or murals. Whatever strikes your fancy and makes the bed stand out in a super dramatic way is a good choice. Moreover, this is something that can be added to existing bedroom decor for a while new look.

Style Multiple Mirrors

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While a big mirror might be a go-to element for a dining room or living room, a grouping of smaller ones can be an equally interesting and easier-to-implement option. This dining room wall features a collection of seven different mirror shapes that complement one another. The arrangement — again in the prescribed odd number — is easier and often less costly than installing a single mammoth mirror. It’s also possible to do this in a more modest-sized space by adjusting the size and number of the individual mirrors.

Focus on a Bold Bed

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Typically a headboard is upholstered in a neutral-colored textile, which allows you to change out the color of the bedding, but how about doing in the opposite way? A boldly hued headboard is set in a bedroom that has an overall neutral color palette, and it draws all the attention. To tie it in with other elements while not reducing the drama, the bright blue is repeated in just two other places: the stool in front of the vanity and the buttons on the tufted bench at the foot of the bed. This creates a subtly coordinated decor scheme that does not feel forced or overly matched.

Add Statement Lighting Fixtures

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Statement lighting is one of the easiest routes to more dramatic interior decor. Eye-catching fixtures are available in all home decor styles so finding one to fit a specific room is easy, although choosing among all the great options can be the most difficult part. Two pendant-style fixtures hung together double the drama and can also sub in for one larger chandelier or suspension style fixtures. This particular pendant has a number of dramatic features, from its organic, sweeping shape to the bright gold shine and exposed metal-capped lightbulb.

 Swap out a Pendant

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If you’ve lived in your home for some time, there’s a good chance that whatever is hanging over your dining table is not the most current style of lighting. Swapping out this critical piece is pretty straightforward once you’ve chosen a style. Of course, that choice should be driven by the look of your table as well as the overall space. Here, a large, minimalist pendant done in an earthy but metallic brown color pairs well with the natural wood of the hand-crafted butcher block type of table. This style of pendant is appropriate for many styles of kitchen, from minimalist to contemporary to industrial.

Light Up the Living Room

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Chandeliers and large pendant groupings are common over dining tables and in entryways, and maybe even bedrooms, but they’re also trending in the living room. Typically, living room lighting has been generally limited to table and floor lamps with little in the way of overhead fixtures, especially in seating areas. Now, however, dramatic ceiling fixtures are taking center stage in the living room, right over the sofa and coffee table area. The type of lighting installed here should be artsy and dramatic because it will definitely be a focal point, like this assemblage of almost two dozen single fixtures.

Install a Full-Wall Print

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One of the great things to emerge from digital printing technology is the wall covering designs that allow you to have a full wall be a single, dramatic image. Much less costly than a custom mural, these wallcoverings come in a wide range of styles from color or black and white images to large scale patterns of all kinds. This huge black and white peacock is ideal for creating an accent wall behind the modern sofa. A black and white image is great for a space that already has another dominant pattern or color palette, like these animal prints in this space.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways you can spice up your rooms. Every interior design style has options like these for just about all products and decor elements. If you want to make a change, start by assessing your space, identify your budget and then see where you can make the change or changes that give you the most bang for your buck.