French Door Curtains That Are Functional and Gorgeous

French door curtains frame these elegant doors, dress them up, and provide privacy when you need them. French doors provide the best of both worlds; they overlook lovely views and allow you to enter these beautiful outdoor spaces.

french door curtains
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However, because french doors open and close, the curtains may be a more complicated undertaking than for stationary windows. Regardless of this challenge, there are many options for curtains and a variety of styles to consider.

French Door Curtains: Types and Styles

Curtains on french doors provide greater privacy as well as make them more energy efficient. There are several different varieties of french door or patio door curtains. They can range from long panels that hang on the wall above the french doors to panels that hang on the door itself.

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Further, you can use shutters and blinds for french doors if you are looking for a minimalist approach to covering your doors. These door curtains and blinds are a way to change the look of your rooms and get immediate results.

Choosing the look for french door curtains

Choosing the look for french door curtainsView in gallery
Patrick Ahearn Architect

Choosing the style you want for french door curtains can be challenging. Begin by looking at inspiration pictures of different rooms to see if you like bold or neutral, patterned or plain, or solid or sheer curtains. When you consider color, think about whether you want the curtains to blend with the walls to minimize their appearance or if you want them to contrast with the walls and stand out. While neutrals are always a classic choice, you may want a more dramatic look.

Consider if you would like to have a patterned curtain like a floral or geometric option. Patterns can be bold or subtle. In general, bold patterns are larger in scale and subtle patterns are small. Both can look elegant and classic, but subtle patterns may have more longevity.

The texture you choose will depend in part on how much privacy you need. For example, if you need privacy in the space, choose a fabric with a solid backing. If privacy in a particular room is not as important, you can be free to choose a sheer fabric curtain.

Ways to hang french door curtains

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Just like there are different types of french door curtains, there are different ways to hang these curtains. You can hang a rod above the french doors and allow the curtain panels to hang over the doors. The pros of this are that the curtains can be opened and closed with ease. Because these curtains fit standard windows, there is a wider variety of products than for fitted curtains. However, if you choose these curtains, you should make sure that the curtains hang out of the way of the opening of the door.

Also, you can attach curtains on the french door itself. Do this by drilling holes and fixing a bracket to the doors. However, if you don’t have the available tools or skills, you can use a product like brackets that hang over the door or magnetic rods. For a paneled curtain on the door, you will attach a bracket at the top and bottom of the door in order to keep it from swinging when you open it.

Measuring your french doors for curtains

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You measure the doors for curtains in different ways depending on what kind of curtains you want. If you want to hang curtains above the french doors, measure the door just like you would a window.

First, measure the width of the door and the area beside the door that you want to cover and buy curtains that are at least one and a half times this full width. Next, measure the height from where you want the curtains to begin on the wall above the doors down to the floor. This number will be your curtain length.

If you want to hang curtains or shades on the french doors, you can measure the glass opening in the middle and buy a curtain to fit.

French Doors

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While patio doors used to refer to sliding glass doors, they have come to encompass all doors that lead from the inside into an outdoor area. French doors are a type of hinged patio doors that have an outer frame with a single or multiple glass panel in the middle of the door. Manufacturers make these doors from wood, aluminum, composite materials, vinyl, and fiberglass.

There are interior french doors and exterior french doors. Most often you use curtains for exterior french doors, but they can be used for both. Also, you can fit exterior french doors with screens so that you can leave them open and maintain airflow.

French doors are a worthwhile investment because they add beauty, improve your house value, open another access point, and bring in more natural light. However, on the negative side, they can be expensive to install, they are not as energy efficient as other door options, and the installation is more difficult for amateurs.

French Door Curtain Inspiration

There are so many amazing design ideas with fabulous french door curtains. We picked just a few of the favorites that we hope you find as gorgeous as we do!

Framing with florals

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Atlanta Homes Magazine

We love this curtain idea from Atlanta Homes Magazine. These designers hang the curtains high over the door to draw the eye upward and create interest by using a floral fabric that is a light neutral with soft accents. The curtain pattern gives some texture without overwhelming the space with color. This neutral floral fabric allows the dark wood and black accents to provide the contrast in the room.

Metal tie backs for curtains

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Rock My Style

Some want the flexibility of full light during the day and utter privacy once it is dark. Curtain panels that can be pulled back work well for this purpose. The metal brackets that the designer has used are minimal in style but effective.

One sided curtains

One sided curtainsView in gallery
Timber Windows

French door curtains don’t always need to be symmetrical. Rather, you can pull them to one side for a more casual look. Notice the radiator and the narrow wall section on the right side of the french door. A one sided window curtain is perfect if the placement of the door doesn’t work for curtains on both sides.


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Sunburst Shutters and Window Fashions

If your room is minimal and less romantic in style, shutters may be a good option for your french doors. The plantation shutters maintain maximum privacy and ease of use. You can move the louvers up and down with a central vertical slat. However, they cannot be lifted. You can get a similar look with wooden blinds attached to the top of the door.

Roman Shades

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Decor Pad

We love the look of these linen Roman shades attached to the top of the doors. The linen material gives the shades a look that is casual yet elegant. These Roman shades allow the sun to filter through keeping the room light even when they are closed. Roman shades look less formal than curtains.

Natural textured shades and curtains

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ZDesigns At Home

If you can’t decide between various options, you can mix them together to create a pleasing aesthetic and a functional design. This designer paired natural grass shades with curtain panels. The shade is the perfect way to bring quick privacy, but they still allow light to filter through. The curtains are backed in a solid fabric, so when they are closed, they provide complete privacy.

Sheer Curtains

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Home Bunch

If you have an area where privacy is not as important, sheer curtains add some separation but still allow most light through. This sheer white curtain keeps the style of the hallway minimal by blending with the white walls.

Warm neutral curtains

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These curtains are also sheer but they don’t blend with the wall, rather they blend with the warm tones of the wood and leather upholstery. The curtains cover the side windows and the large transoms. They are simple but elegant in style.

Curtains to the ceiling

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Architectural Alliance, Inc

For this Tuscan style room, the designers, Architectural Alliance Inc, placed the curtain rods behind the rustic ceiling beam beside the wall. They used large panels on either side of the room for full coverage of the windows and the french doors in the middle of the wall. This is a minimal and unfussy style that allows the view outside the window to remain unobstructed. The color of the curtains blends into the neutral colors of the room.

Bright colors

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Maria Adams Designs

These curtains do the opposite of blend into the background. Rather these curtains brighten the room and complement the red touches in the pillows. These curtains are also hung to the ceiling and the designer has placed panels between each set of doors. This draws more emphasis on the curtain than if they were pulled all the way to either side of the room.

Sheer pattern

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This is an elegant way to dress your French doors. Because the curtains are hung high above the french doors, it draws the eye upward. The black rod echoes the color of the french doors. These curtains are sheer with a simple tone on tone pattern and a solid edging that adds a touch of whimsy.

French door curtains that blend

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Lisa Tharpe Design

These window draperies are stunning in their simplicity. The curtains complement the neutral tones of the room, but the ample folds make them more luxurious. The gold rod runs along the back wall and blends the french door curtains with the window curtains in a seamless way.

Shutters & sheer curtains

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A combination of both french door curtains and shutters give this space a contemporary flair and the light sheer curtains add a free and relaxed style. This choice of double window treatments brings greater flexibility in the light allowance in the room as well as the privacy offered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Where can I buy french door curtains?

Depending on the brand, you can shop for these curtains at many big box stores, including a location like Target or Home Depot as well as a specialized business like Smith & Noble. The curtain prices at a specialized store will be higher but will have more custom colors and designs. However, keep your eyes open as these stores offer special deals if you are interested in this option.

What are french doors?

In short, french doors are a pair of doors that have an outer frame with a glass area in the middle. Each door is mounted on the opposite frame and open in the middle.

How wide are french doors?

French doors range in size; however, most french doors are between 30-72 inches per door.

Do french doors add to the value of your home?

French doors are attractive and useful, so they do add to the value of your home by making it more beautiful overall.

How much do french doors cost?

French doors range in price depending on the material used in the construction of the doors. They can cost as low as $500 for vinyl options or up to $4,000 for an item in a custom finish like fiberglass or aluminum clad wood doors.

Should french doors open in or out?

The direction the doors open depends on how you are going to use them, and so, it is a matter of preference. However, if you want to maximize your space, have the french doors open outward.


French door curtains are not just practical and necessary, they can be attractive too. While it can be difficult to make the choice about which curtain and what style to choose, there are so many beautiful options available that it is hard to go wrong. Make the most of these elegant doors by framing them in a way that they deserve.