Flokati Shag Pillows

When my kids go to bed they always ask for something fluffy to hold until they fall asleep: either a plush animal or a soft and nice pillow. Fluffy and soft pillows are a delight, especially if you are or have a child. But we all love these kinds of pillows, no wonder you can see them spread on the sofa, on the living room couch, but also on the bed in your room and everywhere. These Flokati Shag Pillows are just some of the most interesting to hold and to look at. They are available in different colours and have the perfect size for hugging (18″x18″ or 28″x28″).

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These pillows are covered with long  shag on both sides and are extremely decorative, bringing a colour touch on a boring sofa. They are heavy duty and are pretty resistant to everything including stains and are very easy to clean. You can just throw them in the washing machine and that’s it. The cover closes with a zipper, which is extremely convenient . Well, if you want to match these pillows with the already existing rug you can now order the number of pillows you need or want, the colour and size and then you can have them after paying a price of $59 or $79 on each, depending on size.