Flexible office furniture concept

Christian Wilke & Ida Mared are two Swedish architects that have a different vision about furniture. This collection is entitle “OFC SPS”, spelling out office surprise. These furniture pieces were design to be less stationary and more versatile. The idea bounces around picnic where furniture pieces can  perform temporary tasks in different configuration. This collection is designed for spontaneous meetings, of freelance companies where the furnishings have to be transportable.

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Of course, if we want these items can do a great job in a more standard working place setting. The table features two big wheels  and handles to be easily transported from place to place. It can be used as a singularly object or in clusters, also electricity plugs for the lamp and computers were mounted in the hatch. The “logo light”   is actually a common emergency lighting device, fitted with a gray lego board where logos and text can be displayed.

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Another interesting piece is called “cage” and it’s nothing but a transport container filled with padding, lighting fixtures and a laptop power source. Due to its shape this particularly item can be used as a space divider or if multiple units are combined for a micro meeting room. The last piece from this collection this case comes in three heights 75, 46 and 42 cm, from where it draws its name.  You can used it as a work seat, lounge bench, podium or table. It looks impressive and focuses on thinking out of the box.{found on designboom}.