Exquisite outdoor spaces featuring wood as a primary material

Wood is an extremely versatile and popular material, one of the most wonderful gifts from our planet. We use it to make furniture, tools, kitchen utensils, even accessories, decorations and writing utensils. There’s no domain where wood hasn’t become an important element. But when it’s used outdoors, wood becomes an even more natural and exquisite part of the décor. It allows you to create a very strong connection with the landscape and the surrounding world.

Wood pool deckView in gallery
Contemporary wooden deck with wooden lounge chairs and geometrical pool

Wooden verandas, terraces and decks are very beautiful, regardless of the location. They have a particularly beautiful appearance and feel inviting and welcoming. That’s also because of the wood’s natural characteristics. It’s a material that adds texture and warmth to any space and gives it great character. Another wonderful detail about this material is the fact that it ages beautifully and it gains even more unique qualities with time.We’ve selected a series of modern and contemporary décor featuring wood as a main material. Here are the examples:

Wood patioView in gallery
Beautiful backyard patio with wooden flooring and traditional furniture
Contemporary wood pool deckView in gallery
Modern pool with elevated wooden deck and comfortable lounge furniture
Outdoor montain deckView in gallery
Traditional house with contemporary outdoor deck featuring an elevated wooden floor
Wood patio deck beautiful poolView in gallery
Tropical outdoor pool with a simple wooden deck featuring palm trees
Brown wood deckView in gallery
Expansive outdoor deck with wooden flooring and trees piercing through
Modern patio deckView in gallery
Modern patio featuring wooden flooring and pergola near the pool
Wood patio we loveView in gallery
Contemporary open patio with expansive wooden flooring furniture with exposed frame
Beautiful wood deckView in gallery
Modern covered patio and an adjacent open deck with wooden flooring
Roof deckView in gallery
Modern rooftop garden with wooden floor and artificial grass

It’s why it’s such a versatile material. A distressed piece of wood can have a lovely vintage and rustic feel while clean, simple wood is wonderful for modern and contemporary decors. Today we’re only going to focus on a series of outdoor spaces such as decks, terraces, verandas and patios.

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