Add A Green Touch To Your Property With Driveway Pavers

Paved driveways present multiple advantages compared to simple concrete or even to gravel driveways. A major characteristic of driveway pavers is that they’re meant to be permeable. In other words, they allow water to drain through the gaps in between them. That makes them a green and eco-friendly option. In addition, they also good good and are very vesatile.

Modern driveway pavers

In order to a paver driveway to actually be an eco-friendly option it has to be installed over a base of crushed stone. The water drains through the gaps in between the pavers into the stone layer and from there into the soil beneath. This prevents water from gathering into puddles

Driveway pavers made from different materials

Driveway pavers can be made from a variety of materials such as brick, stone or concrete. Each type has its own unique particularities that comes with the material. Bricks tend to look more rustic while concrete and stone are more versatile and can be used in multiple settings.

Pavers are usualy versatility

Often used in parks and on walkways, pavers are appreciated for their versatility. Moreover, they’re quite easy to install. A properly-installed base is the first step and from there you just have to follow a pattern.

made of rustic antique pavers

There are numerous different techniques and ways in which you install driveway pavers. There are lots of patterns to choose from and you can even mix them up and give your driveway a sculptural look.

Driveway pavers in diff shapes

Also, driveway pavers come in various different shapes and sizes. The square ones give the driveway a symmetrical and organized look but they’re not the most modern option. They’re more suitable for rustic and traditional designs.

pavers for a rustic design

There are also lots of different colors and styles to choose from. The final look also depends on the choice of materials. For example, brick pavers are best for rustic driveways. The design can also be customized by combining different colors and shapes or by giving the driveway a distinct form.

Front yard design and pavers driveway

It’s possible to use two of more different types of pavers when installing a driveway. They can have different dimensions, shapes or colors. This way you can customize the design and even create an interesting pattern.

Two different colors for pavers and gravel

Use two different colors or paint some of the pavers to create a line around the driveway. You can create an edge to better define the shape. Also, if you have a garden with pathways, those can be of a different color as well.

Two rows of pavers and lawn around

Not all driveways look alike. This one, for example, has two rows of pavers with grass in between. It’s an interesting way of maximizing the green surface of a garden or yard.

Large concrete pavers for a contemporary look

A paved driveway doesn’t necessarily have to e fully covered. If you use large pavers or tiles you can install them like this, allowing grass to grow in between them. It’s a nice way to letting nature become a part of the design.

Pavers used in combination with river rocks

It’s possible to combine different materials and styles when putting together a driveway. For example, driveway pavers can be used in combination with stones and crushed stone or gravel.

Paved driveway with grass border

Paved driveways can be designed with an inclination towards organic forms such as in this case. It’s a look that can be adapted to suit a variety of styles. A lot of modern and contemporary residences emphasize similar design features.

Modern residence driveway design

A characteristic of modern residences is simplicity and the abundance of clean lines and angles. These characteristics can be seen here. The driveway has a very clean and eve symmetrical look which complements the residence.

Minimalist driveway pavers

Minimalism takes a different form in the case of certain contemporary residences. This is a striped driveway with an abstract pattern and a design dominated by simplicity and minimalist geometry.