DIY Typographic Frosted Glass Jars

Keeping a home organized can be tough. Finding containers and labels for everything doesn’t always lend itself to the most attractive home decor. But there are ways to stylize your organization. Here’s a simple tutorial for labeling glass jars or containers that you can use to store a variety of different items.

art jar

DIY Typographic Frosted Glass Jars Supplies:

  • mason jars or similar glass containers
  • adhesive-back letter stencils
  • design stencils (optional)
  • paint (optional)
  • etching cream
  • paintbrush
  • soap and water
  • cloth

Step 1: Prepare jars.

mason jar

The first step of this project is to clean both the inside and outside of your jars to get them ready for the stencils and etching cream. You’ll also need to remove the top part of the lid if you plan to store large items like pencils or paintbrushes that will stick out the top. If you need the lid completely sealed, then leave it as is.

Step 2: Customize.

mason jar stencil

You also have the opportunity to get a little creative with this project if you choose. You can add a few drops of colorful paint to the etching cream if you want the frosted glass effect to appear in a particular color. You can also add a background or design to your jar with etching cream before applying the letters.

Step 3: Add stencils.

type stencils

Once your customizations are completed and dry, it’s time to apply your typographic stencils. Choose a word or letters that properly label the supplies in your jar and stick the stencils directly onto the outside of the jar. Make sure they are spaced evenly and appear in the correct location.

Step 4: Apply Etching Cream.

typographic glass etching

Then it’s time to apply the etching cream. You can use a paintbrush or small sponge brush to add a small amount to the stenciled area. Spread the etching cream evenly among each of the letters and let it sit for just a minute or two.

Step 5: Wash and remove stencil.

typographic jar

Before the etching cream dries completely, carefully remove your stencils and wash off the etching cream lightly with soap and water. Use a q-tip to touch up any areas with excess etching cream and then allow the jar to dry.

Step 6: Add supplies.

glass etched typographic jar

Your jar is now complete! Simply add your supplies to the inside of the jar and store it or just put it on display in your home – it’s good looking enough that you don’t have to keep it hidden!