Clever DIY Lantern Projects That Are Perfect For The Outdoors

Lanterns are beautiful decorations and accessories that can be added to any space to brighten up the decor, both literally and figuratively. There are lots of different types of lanterns and plenty of ways to interpret this term based on a variety of different factors. That, of course, means there are plenty of DIY lantern projects and ideas that we can’t wait to share with you so let’s get started.

Outdoor Cube LanternsView in gallery

The light source for your DIY lanterns can be a lot of different things. This design uses candles. To make this trio of outdoor cube lanterns you’re going to need the following supplies: square dowel rods, a handsaw, spray paint in your favorite color(s), 3 large washers, 3 candles and some glue. You can add these to your patio or your deck and you can make them in different sizes and colors.

Simple Paper Lantern ArtView in gallery

This is a cover that you can make for a lantern using paper, sort of like a shade that you could even add to a small lamp. You can use the design featured on diys as a reference but you can also come up with your own in case you have a particular theme or idea in mind. This project only requires a few simple supplies such as black paper, a white pencil, white vellum, small scissors and a glue stick. this may vary based on the design that you choose.

Wooden lantern piramid styleView in gallery

Wooden lanterns are not that difficult to build either. They can look lovely, especially in rustic or traditional decor. You can have two lanterns displayed on the fireplace mantel or you take them outside on the porch. You can install a metal towel ring on top of each lantern to give a decorative handle. This really brings the entire piece together. You can find more details along with the instructions on charlestoncrafted.

DIY Fairy Light LanternView in gallery

You can also use fairy lights as a light source for your DIY lantern. Also, you can repurpose a terrarium that has the right shape and size and turn it into the actual lantern. You can hide the battery pack underneath some decorative rocks inside the lantern but in case you need it to turn the light on and off you can attach to the outside of the lantern using some tape. Check out keystoinspiration for more details.

Lanterns made from framesView in gallery

Another great idea is to make a lantern out of repurposed picture frames. You may already have some frames that you can use for that but if not you can always get some cheap ones at your local stores. Glue the frames together and you can optionally also add the glass inserts that came with the frames. You can then place a candle inside and this can be your new table centerpiece. This project is described in more detail on lanternlanedesigns.

Tin cans lampsView in gallery

As you probably know already, you can turn tin cans into lanterns and the transformation is really simple. The first step is to wash the empty can and to remove all the labels. Then fill it with water and put it in the freezer. Once frozen, punch some holes into the can using a hammer and a large nail. You can draw a pattern or a design onto the can and follow the outline or make some random holes. You can then remove the ice and put a candle inside. Optionally, you can also add a wire handle. Check out cappersfarmer for more details.

String lights lamp diyView in gallery

For this next DIY lantern project you only need string lights and paper. Some origami skills would also come in handy. Using the paper you need to make some cubes or other shapes which you can cover each LED light with. Some simple paper cubes would do quite nicely. You can then hang these lights above your bed or somewhere else just to add some subtle ambient lighting to the room. This idea comes from witandwhistle.

Simple Garden LightsView in gallery

These hanging lanterns look absolutely amazing. They’re perfect for gardens, patios and porches and they’re really easy to make too. All you need is some muslin fabric, glass jars, string, double-sided tape and battery-powered tea lights. You can hang as many of these as you want and even use different types of jars for a bit of diversity. To find out the details and instructions for this project you can head over to blahblahmagazine.

DIY Halloween Jack O LanternView in gallery

It could be fun to make some special lanterns for various occasions such as Halloween for example. We suggest checking out these jack-o-lantern and cauldron designs which are fairly easy to make and look lovely as well. The cauldron would also make a really nice candy basket in case you want to repurpose it at one point.

Spooky Halloween LanternsView in gallery

On the same note, check out these spooky Halloween lanterns. Out favorite is the ghostly lantern which you can make using some spooky pictures or figures printed on transparent sticker paper. Of course, in order to make this you should already have a lantern as this is merely a custom decor idea. You can have some of these lanterns displayed around the house or out in the yard to create a spooky vibe.

DIY Wooden Lantern For IndoorsView in gallery

If you’re looking for a type of DIY lantern that can also serve as a stylish and sophisticated focal point or centerpiece, this could be it. Although the design is quite simple at the core, this lantern looks sophisticated and stands out in any decor. To make something like this you’re going to need wood basket reed, plywood, wood stain, a staple gun and a few other supplies. Be sure to check out h2obungalow for more details.

Porch lantern diyView in gallery

A single wooden board is enough to make two beautiful lanterns which you can display outside, on either side of your front door, on the porch or even inside the house. You can paint them and add all sorts of details such as handles at the top and you can put pillar candles inside. The entire project is described in detail on prodigalpieces.

DIY Barnwood LanternView in gallery

If you plan on crafting a rustic lantern you’re looking at a fairly simple task. You don’t need to really worry about any details or making perfect cuts because imperfections are part of the charm in this case. This can also be a good opportunity to use some leftover wood pieces from previous projects. Check out the complete tutorial for this on thediyvillage.

Wood working lampsView in gallery

On the same note, DIY lanterns made from scrap wood can look quite lovely and if you have the supplies and the time you should definitely consider crafting one or two for your own backyard or porch. Apart from the wood, you’re going to need a few more supplies such as some wire, wood glue, a nail gun, wood screws, a drill, and some stain or paint. Check out divaofdiy for more info.

Mason jar lamps for outdoorView in gallery

Mason jars and DIY lanterns go hand in hand and the transformations can sometimes be very interesting. For example, you could make a Mason jar solar lantern hanging from a wooden post, similar to the one featured on northcountrynest. This can an accent piece for your backyard or your garden or you can have several of these spread around the house.

Tiky torches from mason jarsView in gallery

There’s also one more idea that we want to share with you today and it also has to do with Mason jars. This time the jars are turned into tiki torches which are actually a really easy thing to do. This is not exactly the typical DIY lantern project that you might be looking for but it’s definitely worth mentioning. If you’re interested in it you can find out more details on thefrugalhomemaker.