DIY Embroidered Monogram Wall Art

Looking for a customizable piece for the wall? Use embroidery thread and fabric to create a fun monogram wall art piece. This vintage-inspired floral fabric gives this DIY a quaint feel and is perfect for a child’s room.

embroidered monogram wall art

Or pick a more modern fabric for the living room or studio. The perfect use for those small scraps of fabric and embroidery thread you have on hand! A simple canvas backdrop provides a simplistic overall look.


Supplies for DIY Monogram Wall Art:

  • fabric
  • embroidery thread
  • needle & thimble
  • fabric pins
  • canvas stretchers (2 11″ and 2 14″ stretchers were used here but make whatever size desired)
  • canvas (enough to cover your stretchers when assembled)
  • printed letter
  • scissors
  • staple gun
  • staples
embroidered monogram letter wall art supplies

DIY Embroidered Monogram Wall Art Instructions:

Step 1: Put together the canvas stretchers

Create your canvas background by putting together the stretchers. Hammer the stretchers together if needed to make a strong connection at the corners.

Step 2: Staple down the stretchers

Stretch a relative sized piece of canvas over the stretchers and staple down to the stretchers. Cut off any excess canvas if needed.

monogram embroidery DIY

Step 3: Cut out letter shape

Cut out your letter from your piece of fabric. To find a letter try a simple search on the web or print a bolded letter in a basic word processing program. Pick a fun font that goes well with your decor! Ensure that on printed paper it is an appropriate size for your canvas background that you created. Trace around the letter and carefully cut out of the fabric

Step 4: Pin down letter to monogram wall art

Once the letter is cut out from the fabric, figure out placement on the letter on your canvas and pin down in place for embroidering

Step 5: Stitch border of the letter

Use a fun colored embroidery thread (like this bright green) through a needle to stitch around the border of the letter. Use just a basic straight stitch evenly distributed around the edges of the letter. Once finished tie off at the end.

Once the embroidery is completed the monogram wall art project is finished. You may want to add extra (such as fabric florals if you are making this for a girl’s room) around the letter or go for a simplistic look like the piece shown here. Hang on the wall with a picture framing kit, basic nail, or lean on a shelf to display!

embroidered wall art
embroidered M wall art
monogram wall art