Decorative vintage inspired wall plates

People discovered ceramic a long time ago and they first realized they can mold any kind of tableware from it: plates, cups, mugs and other larger barrels where to store oil, grain and so on. But in time their skills became so refined that they turned their products into real works of art, covering them with different patterns and drawing in different colours, then having a layer of lacquer applied for being shiny and a lot more resistant in time. But this is when they decided to use them as decorations and display them on the walls of their houses. Now, a lot of years later, ceramic plates are still used as home accessories in order to bring a special vintage look to a home or room. These Decorative vintage inspired wall plates are perfect for this purpose and they really look amazing.

Wall plates

These beautiful plates are made of porcelain and look really vintage. They can be used as you see fit or as your imagination tells you to, for example like coasters or maybe for being displayed on the bookshelves. That is if you decide to use them individually. But if you ever consider you like them in a set, then you should display them on the wall. They look great and they have a very nice design. The white porcelain is the perfect background for the black patterns and you can admire three different set with three different designs: the Compass rose, Up in the air and Du soleil, very suggestive for their picture. Each set can be ordered for $48 from Home Remedy NY.