Decorative Pillows in Your Home Decor From Mimou

Bedrooms offer the space for relaxation and coziness. Decorating bedrooms with attractive décor accessories and matching bed linen that gels up with the color scheme and theme of the room creates an aura of luxury and elegance. The new collection from Mimou comes with some beautiful pillows that are stuffed with extremely soft materials that render a soft and cozy feel.

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You can use these pillows to go one step further with the general theme is your house or bedroom, so it is a good idea to have the same pattern on the pillows and on the wall. Or if this turns out to be a difficult task, you can try and make them complete each other. For example if you have a floral design in the room, choose some funny pillows with vividly coloured butterflies on and they will look natural and real.

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Or maybe it would be a good idea to use pillows with messages: try a humorous saying or a philosophical one depending on your personality and use it as a statement. Portrait pillows are also very much appreciated and you can choose to have your own face printed on it or maybe a famous painting or simply use your imagination for the portrait chosen. So what is your favourite idea so far?