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Useful Deck Storage Boxes For Clutter-Free Outdoor Areas

An outdoor deck box, if you’re not familiar with the term, is a storage trunk which you can keep on your deck, porch or patio. It can be used as a storage container for things like gardening supplies, pillows, blankets and various other things and it can also double as a bench or as a table in some cases.

 Deck Storage Boxes

There are many different styles and designs to pick from so choose wisely based on your needs, the space available and type of decor and ambiance that you wish to create on your deck or patio.

Java Herringbone Outdoor 124 Gallon Resin Deck Box

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The Java deck box is designed to suit both indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s waterproof, UV resistant and has a simple and versatile design. The total storage capacity of this extra large deck box is 124 gallons (469 liters) which should be enough to hold garden tools, furniture cushions, accessories and more. The box is made of durable multi-wall resin and is able to withstand harsh weather conditions in case you wish to keep it outdoors indefinitely. It’s also lockable and keeps all the contents secure at all times.

Outdoor 50 Gallon Resin Deck Box

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The Suncast deck box is perfectly suited for a variety of outdoor spaces including gardens, decks and outdoor living areas. It has a simple and classic design and is highly versatile, great for a variety of different environments whether you prefer a retro or a modern style. The box has a 50 gallon storage capacity (189 liters) and has a flat base and a slightly curved lid. It’s made of resin which makes it highly durable and able to withstand typical outdoor conditions. The mocha finish is beautiful, giving it a contemporary look.

55 Gallon Resin Deck Box

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A really great feature of this particular deck box is the flat top which allows it to also be used as an accent table. The box is quite small and only has a storage capacity of 55 gallons (208 liters) which makes it easy to blend in and to serve as an accessory for decks and patios of all shapes and sizes. The design is simple and both practical and attractive and thanks to the overall proportions and shape the box can also be used as extra seating or as a table.

Coldfield 135 Gallon Resin Deck Box

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A lot of deck boxes are designed to be multifunctional, meaning they can double as benches or as tables if necessary. This allows them to suit a variety of different spaces and to be incorporated into many different furniture configurations. The Coldfield box is a perfect example. It’s crafted from resin plastic and has a wicker-like pattern which gives it a very breezy and casual look. The lid doubles as a flat top/ seat and can be locked.  The deck box has a storage capacity of 135 gallons (511 liters) and is water, weather and leak-resistant so you can rest easy leaving it outside at any given time.

120 Gallon Cedar Deck Box

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In case you’re not a fan of all-plastic deck boxes, there are also other options. This for example is a Wood and Resin deck box. It has style and character and it’s able to withstand typical weather conditions when left outdoors in exposed areas. The base and the lid are made of durable resin with a dark brown finish and the body is made of wood panels which are decay-resistant as well as waterproof. Two built-in handles made it easy to move the box anywhere it’s needed and the lid can be locked for extra security. This deck box has a storage capacity of 120 gallons (454 liters).

Lawson Wicker Deck Box

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There are also great options if you’re looking for a deck box suited for a more rustic or farmhouse-inspired patio. The Lawson wicker deck box is absolutely gorgeous. It has a heavy-duty steel frame which makes it very durable and sturdy and it’s all wrapped in resin wicker. It’s waterproof and UV resistant and it looks beautiful as well. Keep this on your porch to store all the chair cushions inside or on the poolside deck so you can have a handy place to store all your pool toys, some extra towels and other such things.

Abri Eucalyptus Wood Deck Box

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Of course, if you want to stay away completely from plastic and resin deck boxes, there are options such as which are made from other materials. It’s made from eucalyptus wood which gives it an elegant look and a more natural feel which allows it to more easily blend in and to look at home on any wooden deck or out in the garden. It’s strong and durable and weather-resistant. It also has galvanized steel hardware which adds even more strength and character to the otherwise simple design.

Brisbane Wooden Storage Bench

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On a similar note, the Brisbane storage bench is a lovely piece of furniture for outdoor areas or for entryways. It’s made of solid acacia wood and has a natural finish. It’s weather-resistant and has a weight capacity of 600 lbs. The slatted seat can be easily lifted up to reveal a hidden storage area where you can keep pillows, blankets and anything of use depending on your needs. This is a great way to disguise a deck box and to emphasize its versatility.

Quinto Wing Wicker Storage Bench

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Similarly, the Quinto storage bench can easily pass as an elegant piece of furniture for a patio or a poolside deck. It’s a basic deck box with a twist and a sleek and contemporary design. It has these elegant elongated side panels with built-in handles which frame the top and draw the attention away from the very simple, box-like shape. The lid is flat and doubles as a sitting surface. Simply lift it to reveal the storage compartment.

Lancaster Eucalyptus Deck Box

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Simple designs like that of the Lancaster deck box have their charm too. This exquisite storage box made from eucalyptus wood can easily pass as an outdoor bench thanks to its flat top and sturdy and durable construction. The lid opens up easily revealing to ample storage space inside and has cutouts for easy access. Given the simple and versatile design, you can position this storage box in a variety of different outdoor areas and even use it indoors as well.

Garden Manufactured Wood Deck Box

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This wood deck box has wheels which is very helpful if you ever want to move it somewhere else or to bring it inside from time to time. It’s made entirely of wood and has a water-resistant oil finish plus its interior storage compartment featured a water-resistant bag designed to protect the items from moisture. It has two wheels and a handle on one side for easy transport and carrying which add a subtle vintage vibe to its otherwise beautiful and highly versatile design. You can use it both in indoor and outdoor spaces.

172.5 Gallon Fir Deck Box

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With a total storage capacity of 172.5 gallons (652 liters), this deck box is a beast and more than enough for all your extra cushions, blankets, books and anything else you might want to keep on your patio. It’s also a really great piece for garden areas where it can serve as a tool storage box and can hold all your gardening supplies for easy access. It’s made of fit wood and has a waterproof polyester lid in a contrasting color.

Rothstein 3 Drawer Wood Storage Bench

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If you want something special, different from every other basic deck box or bench but still based on the same principle, check out the Rothsetein storage bench. It’s made from solid wood and has a simple and elegant design, with a tall backrest, armrests and three storage drawers incorporated into the seat. It doesn’t offer the same large storage area as a typical deck box, as it’s meant to serve first of all as a bench. The drawers are however very useful.

130 Gallon Plastic Storage Bench

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If you prefer a lighter color, check out the Lifetime deck box which comes in this beautiful desert sand color. It’s a plastic storage container with a capacity of 130 gallons (492 liters) and a simple and modern design. Keep it on your deck or in the garden or by the pool, depending on how you plan to use it. The lid opens easily and features a locking mechanism that keeps the stored contents secure. The deck box also has a weather-resistant finish and is mildew and fade resistant, being able to keep its fresh and beautiful color intact even when exposed to the sun.