Creating A Mason Jar Ceiling Light Adds Shine To Your Home

There are so many great examples online of ceiling lights made from mason jars that you might want to try creating one of your own. But the idea of working with electricity and glass could make some people feel like the project is too complicated to do. I decided to take on this project and I was pleasantly surprised by how simple creating a mason jar light is.

Simple mason jar ceiling lighting fixture
Prepare the mason jar kits

I discovered that you can buy kits to turn your mason jars into ceiling lights. For this project, I purchased two kits, and two mason jars.

Choose the light size for the jar

Whether you use a kit or not, you have to use the correct size light bulb. With this kit, you just have to screw the proper bulb into the light kit.

Install the kit

Next, just take off the top off of the mason jar and then screw on the light kit. It is as simple as opening a jar!

Prepare the cords

This particular kit is very simple because all you need is a standard outlet to plug in the cord that comes with the kit.

Corner seating area that need light

I have a seating corner in my home that gets dark in the evening. The room also has a vaulted ceiling, and the angle makes it challenging for me to install a lighting fixture. These mason jar lights are perfect for this space.

Hooks for ceiling
Hooks for ceiling hanging

Once I determined where on the ceiling I wanted to locate the light, I screwed in the hook that was included with the light kit.

Plastic hook

The kit came with a small piece of plastic that holds the cord in place for hanging. I looped the cord through the plastic piece at the length I wanted.

Hang the mason jars

Next, I hung the cord onto the hook by the plastic piece. Because I used two lights, I staggered their height, which allows for more visual interest.

Pulling ceiling light cord tight

I then installed a second a hook on the wall so I could pull the cords tight down the corner, helping them blend into the background.

Plug the lights

After they were hung, I simply had to plug the lights in and turn them on!

Mason jar ceiling glow

I am in love with the glow that these mason jar lights emit. Perfection!

Creative mason jar lighting
How to create a mason jar chandelier

These lights add such a fun and whimsical feel to the corner space. The mason jar lights also become a focal point, bringing a creative look to the room.

Ceiling lighting kits
Recycle mason jars and turn them into lighting fixtures

Finding a way to reuse pieces like these mason jars, and finding a way to do it simply is a great project. There are so many ceiling light kits available that it should be easy to find one that works for you and your needs.