Creating A Comfy Pillow Palette: Ideas and Inspiration

A makeshift bed. A cozy corner. A reading nook. A place to sip your coffee and daydream. A comfortable pillow palette is a little, comfy dream and everyone should have one somewhere in their home. Sometimes, we all need an evening to be alone and relax a bit. All you need is a comfortable place in the corner of the living room, study or even in your own bedroom. Let us inspire you and help you create some fun, playful and, most importantly, snugly pillow palette … that’s stylish too of course!

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The first step in your pillow palette creation is placement. Where in your home will you be able relax and chill out when need be? You’ve got to find a good spot before you start designing. Is it in a small nook below the stairs? Will your bay window be turned into something wonderfully cuddly? Or will you turn a corner of the living room into a space to take midday naps? It doesn’t matter what the space is, as long as you find the right one to transform.

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Lighting is key. If you can snag a spot by the window you’ll have a great look at the stars at night and a beautiful stream of natural sunshine during the day. But, if you can’t find the perfect spot near a window … find the perfect lamp. Something small that doesn’t take up much space is ideal and nothing that’s too harsh or too bright.

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You may even want to keep some of your nook secluded and a little bit more private by creating canopy of fabric or even a makeshift tent. The more fabric the better too, because anything that flows and looks a bit airy with add an ethereal element to the space. And ethereal is just another way to say relaxing but with a lot more style.

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And of course, the more pillows the better. You can either create a whole new theme to your nook to personalize it or you can have it blend it with the rest of your home. The choice is yours. But you have got to create comfort. Pile on the pillows and throw in some blankets too. Use different textures for a more stylish look but try them out first so you know they’re comfy enough. Make sure you include a small basket to keep your books, magazines and reading glasses in too!