The Incredible Beauty And Versatility Of Marble Stairs

Marble is such a noble material, very elegant and also timeless. It’s used in a lot of different forms and for a variety of different purposes, most notably on walls, floors and countertops. Marble stairs may be less common but that only makes them stand out more. To show exactly what we mean by that we’ve put together a bunch of cool images from gorgeous interiors all around the world.

Black marble dream house stairsView in gallery

Architecture and design studio SAOTA created a stunning modern house in Saint Tropez, France. On the outside it welcomes visitors with a set of concrete stairs and inside it dazzles the eye with this beautiful marble staircase. The wall attached to the staircase is covered in marble as well.

Golf House white marble staircase steps by Seinfeld ArquitectosView in gallery

Black marble has a very elegant and sophisticated look and it definitely looks exquisite. White marble is a bit more easy on the eyes and also tends to be more versatile. Here for example the marble stairs blend in beautifully. This is a design by Seinfeld Arquitectos and the house is located in Peru.

Black and white pattern stairs from marbleView in gallery

Marble stairs were also chosen by studio Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel for the amazing structure which they built in Taiwan. The black and white pattern look gorgeous and continues down the stairs but is also replicated on the walls using different materials, colors and proportions.

Floating marble steps stairsView in gallery

This beautiful marble staircase was designed by CVDB arquitectos for the Tapestry Museum which they designed in Alentejo, Portugal. It looks stunning  in combination with the perfectly white walls and the minimalistic handrail design

Industrial with marble stairsView in gallery

Here’s another example of a set of black marble stairs and once again they look beautiful. The dark color palette give this stairway a sophisticated and modern vibe and the marble ensures a timeless look. This is a design created by Studio Saheb for an apartment building located in Tehran.

Grey marble walls and stairsView in gallery

The Kunstmuseum Basel museum from Switzerland makes extensive use of marble in its design. This entire staircase area relies of this gorgeous material and its unique patterns and it looks great. This was a project by studio Christ & Gantenbein and they chose a very simplistic design approach which perfectly suits the selection of materials and finishes used throughout.

Beautiful modern stairs from marbleView in gallery

As you can tell by now, marble stairs look absolutely beautiful but in order to achieve the perfect balance a simple or even minimalistic style is to be applied. It’s ok to add some details as long as they don’t steal the attention away from the beautiful patterns and colors. This right here is a great example: a design by MSSM Associates for a residence located in Indonesia.

The beautify of marble stairsView in gallery

Simply using marble in a design is obviously not enough in order to create something truly beautiful. The little details are just as important as the big picture. In this example, a design created by Vincent Van Duysen, you can see how clean and simple all the lines are and how they’re softened by the marble veins and the subdued lighting.

Cream marble stairs and floor with curved industrial handrailView in gallery

One of the focal points inside the plant-covered hotel designed by Philippe Starck in Sao Paulo is this staircase. It’s made using a combination of marble stairs and corten steel twisting panels and it sweeps down onto the equally beautiful marble floor which makes the transition feel seamless.

Marble steps with black accentsView in gallery

We mentioned several times already that marble is a timeless material and on that same note there’s a particular color combination that’s equally versatile: black and white. When these elements are put together the result is absolutely stunning, as you can see in this design created by Katon Redgen Mathieson. The marble stairs and vertical black panels complement each other perfectly.

Glass and marble a cool combination for stairsView in gallery

A marble staircase can add style and flair to any space and that applies to stores and offices and as well. This is Balmain’s flagship in Paris, designed by Studio AMV and as you can see the glass and marble staircase perfectly fits into its glamorous decor.

Luxury marble stairs and entrywayView in gallery

You can always rely on marble stairs to make your entryway look stunning. They fit every space and style and there are a lot of ways to put an emphasis on this [articular detail. This for example is a grand-looking space not just in size but also in style.

Symmetry on these stairs is amazing marble touchView in gallery

White marble staircases can look stunning when they have simple designs and reduced proportions, they can also look quite dramatic in contexts such as this one. We can’t think of a batter material suited for a design like this.Marble stairs with glass balustradeView in gallery

A simple trick was used here to allow the focus to remain on the marble stairs. The walls in this space are all white and lack any accent colors or decorations and the guardrails are made of transparent glass.

Marble stairs with huge chandelier for staircaseView in gallery

It has become clear by now that it’s practically impossible to go wrong with marble stairs. They’re simply so versatile and so elegant that they fit any scenario and any style. Even adding lots of details, patterns and different colors around them can’t steal the attention away from their beauty.