Comfortable and elegant banquettes and ways of including them in your home

Banquettes are an interesting alternative for armchairs and chairs. They are not as common as other pieces of furniture but they present a series of unique characteristics that give them the possibility to stand out. For example, a banquette is visibly more comfortable and cozy than a regular chair. However, it’s also a different seating solution that doesn’t allow individual use. So the fact that it needs to be shared by several people might not make it so great after all in some cases.

Leather soft for benchView in gallery
Traditional kitchen with a cozy dining corner featuring a chic banquette

Another thing that distinguishes banquettes from everything else is the fact that they sometimes fill a space in a way that nothing else can. There are some spaces where a banquette proves to be a much more efficient and suitable choice. For example, banquettes are very commonly used in kitchens and dining rooms.

Wolf banquete for kitchenView in gallery
A more formal dining space, also integrated into the kitchen’s design
Blue banquete for kitchenView in gallery
Cozy, traditional banquette with matching armchairs placed around a wooden dining table
Green banquete for dining roomView in gallery
An eclectic dining corner with an L-shaped banquette and lots of color

These are spaces where interaction is not optional, where socialization is always present so the fact that it invites you to sit next to other persons sharing the seat is something that makes the atmosphere more intimate, casual and pleasant.

Vintage dining room banqueteView in gallery
Modern kitchen with a long banquette, large windows and exposed brick walls
Big banquete for dining roomView in gallery
Bright and sunny dining space with a cozy banquette wrapped around a small white table
Wood table with banqueteView in gallery
Fresh and colorful dining area with a semi-circular banquette and rich colors
Classic banquete dining roomView in gallery
A very small and intimate apartment dining spot with a tiny banquette
White dining room banquete with orange pillowsView in gallery
Built-in dining booth with a white background and orange accent pieces

There are many different types of banquettes. But even though they each have a different type of design, a unique look and all sorts of characteristics that distinguish them from all the other ones, they all share something in common and that’s the fact that they can make a space feel inviting and cozy in no time and this is something that is more difficult to achieve with other types of furniture. Now let’s take a look at a few interiors that feature banquettes and see how they managed to integrate them in the design.

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