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What Are Citronella Candles And Where Can I Get Them?

Citronella candles can be exactly what you need to repel pesky bugs. Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal and are a cause for concern in every single country aside from Iceland and the continent of Antarctica. 

Citronella Candles

Since they are so deadly and dangerous, trying to repel them if you can’t get rid of them is a good idea. One way people like to do that is with a citronella candle. But what do you need to know about these mosquito-repelling wax burners? 

What Are Citronella Candles?

Citronella candles are candles made from citronella oil. Citronella oil is derived from a type of lemongrass plant. It is a natural insect repellant that was registered for this particular use in 1948 to help repel mosquitoes in the United States. 

Since then, they have only soared in popularity, with most homes having owned one in the last ten years. They were indeed made to repel mosquitoes and most countries have seen their fair share of these pests

Types Of Citronella Candle

Types Of Citronella Candle

There are many types of citronella candles. While they are very similar to other types of candles, they don’t have as wide of a variety as candles that you would use in your house. These are outdoor candles with different rules. 

Because when you are outdoors, the fire hazards are different. You also need to ensure the candle can properly defend against the elements and the animals that may wander into the camping area. 

Bucket Candles

Bucket citronella candles are very common because the bucket is made of metal. Since metal is fire-resistant, it’s a great choice for candles. Since it is weather-resistant, it’s a great choice for outdoor use.

Because citronella candles are common camping items, the metal is a good choice because it won’t break whenever placed in a camping bag. It also is perfect when it comes when a lid which can make it safer to transport.


Tealights are small candles that can be placed in almost any container. You can use them if you want to clutter your area with candles and pick them back up when you’re done. They are easy to take along too.

Because they are small and don’t come in a container, they are also cheaper than other candles. So you can toss them when you are done using them if you prefer to always have the most citronella output. 

Lantern Candles

Lantern candles are inspired by the citronella oil lanterns that can be quite popular. The difference is that the citronella lantern candles have wax inside. The outside is usually made of metal and has a handle.

Though they seem different, they can much like the bucket candles only they are safe to carry around to go to the restroom when camping, and so on. They are made to carry with you to protect you when you’re not by the fire.

Standard Candles

Citronella candles can come in little glass cups and just about anything else that a standard candle comes in. The standard brands of candles often sell citronella candles that look like their other candles.

These candles are often scented to smell like lavender, tea tree, and other things that go well with the natural smell of citronella. Though some of them are unscented and not dyed, as they are for practical purposes only. 

Do Citronella Candles Work?

citronella candles

The age-old question that has been around since the 1940s is “do citronella candles work?” It can be easy to either say that of course they work, that is their purpose. But it is also easy to say that you’ve gotten bites even near them.

The truth is that citronella candles do work, but only to an extent. They are much better than not doing anything to repel bugs, but they should be paired with something like OFF! for best results. Though candles are the safest alternative. 

In general, citronella works to repel bugs for about two hours. So you may need to relight the candle or find an alternative every couple of hours or whenever you notice bugs starting to bother you again.

Best Citronella Candles To Buy Online

If you want to find protection against mosquitoes without ever leaving your house, then you’re in luck. You can buy great citronella candles online. The best place to do that? Probably the most popular online store: Amazon. 

Here we have some of the best citronella candles that you can buy online. 

Repel 10-Ounce Candle

Repel 10-Ounce Candle

This candle from Repel comes in a 10-ounce metal container. This is a sort of “bucket” candle only it is just more than a cup. If you buy these candles as a set, you can save a good amount of money as opposed to buying only one at a time.

Each of these candles will burn for almost an entire 24-hour period. Most of them end up burning out at the 20-hour mark. So one set of six will get you through just about any camping trip that you can imagine. 

OFF! Citronella Center Piece

OFF! Citronella Center Piece

There’s hardly a better option for your outdoor cookout than these attractive citronella centerpiece candles. Each box comes with two candles that are 8-inches wide and 4-inches tall. That’s one for each table or two for one.

Since these are made by OFF! the leading mosquito repellant, they likely work well since OFF! is a trusted brand. Pair the candles with OFF! spray to ensure mosquitoes leave you alone. Don’t forget to offer some to the guests!

Tiki Bucket Candle

Tiki Bucket Candle

This Tiki bucket candle is absolutely adorable. It is five inches by five inches which is a comfortable size for the center of the table or side tables. You can even set it on a railing as long as it is watched closely. 

For a limited time, you can also get a red, white, and blue bucket to celebrate your freedom. This is perfect for any time of year, but there’s no better time than the summer to celebrate your independence. 

Votive Citronella Candles

Votive Citronella Candles

If you want to control exactly where the candles are and what area they protect, then this set of seventy-two candles will do the job perfectly. Yes, that’s right, that is 72 candles to burn in your outdoor space.

You probably assume that the price for these is outrageous but it really isn’t. These candles are fairly priced at less than 40 cents a candle! That is very affordable and is too great of an opportunity to miss.

Stonebriar Tealights

Stonebriar Tealights

If you like the idea of votive candles but want to keep the protective cup on them, then this is a better option. They are also white which is a more forgiving color than yellow to use in your decorative space.

You can get this set in two options. You can get it in a 20-pack or a 50-pack. But, you can also get it in tin cups or clear cups, so you can have whichever look your want. The cheapest combo is about twenty cents a candle.

Cutter Copper Candle

Cutter Copper Candle

If you’re looking for something high-end, this is a fantastic option. It is a large, triple-wick candle in an attractive copper base. The candle burns for 40-hours, far long enough to take to the wildest of parties.

You will never guess the price though. Despite being such a great and good-looking candle, it is less than $8! Yes, that’s a steal. Especially since the copper container is reusable after the candle has lived its life. 

La Bellefee Cup Candles

La Bellefee Cup Candles

This set of citronella candles isn’t just great for camping but also perfect for an outdoor wedding. The twelve glass cups that hold the votive candles look very nice and can fit into any theme for a wedding. 

That said, they aren’t made specifically for weddings, but for anyone who wants to use citronella candles without anyone knowing they are using citronella. Not everyone wants a camping tin for their candle! 

Are Citronella Candles Dangerous?

Are Citronella Candles Dangerous

This question is very legit because we should always be concerned as to whether or not something can harm us. In general, the health concerns connected to citronella are few and far between. They are generally not a concern. 

Citronella oil is safe to use on the skin unless you are allergic. So it’s a good idea to test it out before using it for a candle. Apply a small amount to your hand and make sure you are near an emergency room. 

Before doing this, call your doctor to ask if it is a good idea and if there is another way to test it out. Other than that concern, it is primarily a concern for pets around citronella. But primarily for one reason.

Pets like to eat things. If a pet consumes a citronella candle, it can cause serious problems. So keep them out of reach and store them away when not in use. The rest of the safety concerns are just like any other candle!