Trending Christmas Tree Decorations From Instagram

Curious what the trends this year are for Christmas trees? Doing some research online and searching for ideas is easier than ever.

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This way you can pick and choose the elements that you’d like to incorporate in your own Christmas tree design and you can come up with new and original concepts based on them. 

Christmas Tree Decorations – Decorate Like A Pro

Have you ever wondered how some people make their Christmas trees look so amazing and just perfect, no matter what angle to see them from? As it turns out, decorating a Christmas tree is not for everyone and it means more than just randomly throwing things on the branches.

Christmas Tree Decorations - Decorate Like A ProView in gallery

There’s an order of things you should follow for best results. Let’s see some tips from the professionals.

Pick a theme

For a Christmas tree to look good it needs to have a theme. Its ornaments need to somehow be tied together in order for everything to look like it actually belongs there. Otherwise you just end up with a mismatch of items that look out of place and kitschy. Pick the theme for your Christmas tree based on your own style, your interests or the current trends.

Have some primary ornaments

Nobody expects you to get brand new ornaments and decorations every year, even if the trends change or you decide to change the theme. That would simply be wasteful and bad for the environment. Create a base of classic and versatile ornaments that you can reuse year after year and that match well with others so you can create an original Christmas tree every year.

Fluff and shape an artificial tree

This step is very important if you have an artificial Christmas tree. Most likely, when you take the tree out of its storage space all the branches will be bunched up and flat along the trunk. It takes time and patience to carefully fluff and shape the tree by making each and every branch look great and natural. Wear gloves to make this process easier. Also, start with the inner branches at the bottom and work your way outward and toward the top.

Add the lights first

Always string the lights first, before you start adding all the other Christmas tree decorations. First though make sure to check all the lights to see if they’re working. Start to add the lights from the bottom of the tree and make your way to the top, trying to evenly distribute them. You can use multiple lights and have them overlapped.

Add the rest of the ornaments in layers

Be strategic when adding all the baubles and other ornaments. Put the biggest ones first and tuck them closer to the trunk to add depth. Then continue with the rest of them. Keep all the special ornaments for last and carefully choose where you put each one. Try to create a sort of layered look and to avoid making the tree look flat in the end.

Create clusters

To give your Christmas tree a balanced look hang the baubles in clusters. You can either group similar ones together for a seamless look or combine different styles to add more texture and depth to the tree. This strategy prevents the decor from looking very random and makes it easier for the eye to focus on certain details and to perceive the whole tree as a cohesive thing.

Don’t forget the tree topper

The tree topper for the Christmas tree is like the cherry on top of the cake. You have all sorts of Christmas tree toppers to chose from, from the classic star or angel to those that look bohemian and glamorous like bouquets of greenery and berries, flowers and so on. A custom tree topper is the way to do if you want your tree to stand out.

Give the tree a skirt

The Christmas tree skirt is also an important design element which ultimately helps to bring all the details together and to give the tree a cohesive, balanced and polished look. There’s a lot of different options to choose from based on style, like fabric skirts, repurposed woven baskets or metal collars.

Christmas Tree Decoration Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Everyone makes mistakes but it’s important to be aware of this and to try to improve so next year you can do better. When it comes to decorating the Christmas tree, a few common mistakes stand out:

Not having a suitable base or stand

If the tree doesn’t sit up right you’re basically set for failure. A base or a stand that’s not big or sturdy enough could cause the tree to just fall in the middle of the night and that will ruin all your hard work. Make you have a proper base, preferably an adjustable one.

Not checking the lights before hanging them up

Imagine hanging all the string lights, then adding all the baubles, decorations and garlands and finding out the lights don’t work in the end. It would be so frustrating, not to mention it could mean having to take down all the ornaments and replacing the lights, then having the redo the whole process once again. Always check the string lights before hanging them up.

Hanging fragile ornaments in precarious places

It would be a real shame to have your precious heirloom ornaments ruined one day because you didn’t hang them properly or you placed them too low on the tree where the pets or the kids could reach them. This is a common mistake which we keep doing despite the consequences. Perhaps this year it can be different.

Not seeing the big picture

It’s easy to become so focused on the individual ornaments and decorations and forgetting to every once in a while take a step back and see the big picture. This is a mistake which in the end can mean having a Christmas that doesn’t look balanced, doesn’t have a theme or looks bad altogether. Always have a vision in mind when decorating and regularly checking to make sure you’re still on the right track to achieving it.

Not choosing a topper that fits

The tree topper is one of the most important ornaments for the Christmas tree. It’s what brings everything together and helps the tree stand out. A tree topper that’s too big or too small for the tree will give a bad taste to the entire tree. The same goes for a topper that doesn’t fit the theme or the color scheme.

Holding on to old ornaments 

Decorating the Christmas tree with the same old ornaments every year can pretty quickly take the joy out of the whole thing. While it’s nice to have a few family heirlooms and decorations that you preserve over the years, you should also switch it up every year and try something new and different. Perhaps choosing a new theme would be nice.

Not customizing your tree enough

Everyone can make a Christmas tree look generic. Just take some ornaments and hang them on the branches randomly if you want that. However, if you want your Christmas tree to actually reflect you and your style and to be special, give it individuality. You can do this with handmade details and decorations, ornaments that you’ve collected over time or by repurposing certain things into decorations.

Instagram Inspired Christmas Tree Decorations

Keeping all these tips and ideas in mind, let’s now have a look at some trending Christmas tree decorations from Instagram.

A return to simplicity

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This year we’re seeing an increased desire to keep things simple in terms of Christmas decor in general. There’s a preference for basic and natural materials and farmhouse-inspired Christmas trees. You can have a taste of what this looks like in this post from @aventuremaisondecolasuite.

Family room focal point

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It’s not just how you decorate the Christmas tree that matters but also where you place it. The family room or living area are perfect and it could be even cooler to cluster together a few other focal points. In this post from @ondrostlane you can see the tree in the corner of the room right next to the fireplace, with plenty of natural light to showcase its beautiful decorations.

Surrounded by rustic accessories

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You don’t need a huge tree to make a statement. In fact, a smaller one could look better and leave some room for a few extra decorations. Let this post shared by @thebeagleandthenewbuild inspire you and add some rustic charm to your home this Christmas. Here you can see the tree sitting inside a woven basket which is such an easy thing to pull off. 

A glamorous Christmas

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Another idea is to go all out and to make this Christmas the most glamorous to date. After all, we’ve been lacking some glam in our lives lately. In case you’re wondering what a glamorous Christmas tree looks like, check out this design shared by @from_the_heart_decor. As you can see, metallic accents and gold are dominant. 

A Christmas tree in the bedroom

A Christmas tree in the bedroomView in gallery

If you have the space for it, consider putting a Christmas tree in your bedroom. It can be a small tree with light decorations like some simple string lights and a few unscented ornaments. It will make this room so much cozier and it will also look festive. This lovely idea comes from @rachelkathleenhome.

Silver and blue

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One of the most important decisions you have to make in regard to your Christmas tree is what color palette to use this year. How about a mix of silver and blue? This looks magnificent on white Christmas trees or the flocked kind. Check out this one shared by @our_wharncliffe_home to see for yourself.

Matching styles

Matching stylesView in gallery

A Christmas tree will stand out no matter what so instead of making super colorful you can just as well make it match your home’s decor. We find this post from @cellajaneblog to be super inspiring in this sense. It’s lovely how the tree blends in with the wall and the fireplace but at the same time stands out and makes a great focal point.

Go with red

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Unsure what your accent color this Christmas should be? How about the classic red? It’s perfect if you want some nostalgia or if you’re going for a traditional or rustic Christmas tree design. Check out this gorgeous Christmas tree design shared by @gordievents for more inspiration.

A bohemian Christmas

A bohemian ChristmasView in gallery

Light colors and simple decorations are just what you need if you’re planning a boho-chic Christmas. How about a textured Christmas tree skirt made from an upside down basket and some brown paper ornaments hanging from the branches? You can find more ideas in this post from @kotinikolmiossa.

A Christmas tree with flowers

A Christmas tree with flowersView in gallery

Floral Christmas tree ornaments became popular a few years ago and they’re still quite trendy. Big flowers, especially in light and subdued colors, look great in combination with white string lights. They give the tree a full and fluffy look. If you want to know more about this particular design, check out @christmastime50.

Go all out

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You may have seen these super full Christmas trees around and thought they look pretty nice. They’re filled with all sorts of details and decorations and you can barely even see the branches. This takes more than just throwing everything you have at the tree. The design needs to be balanced. You can elarn a thing or two from this tree design shared by @eleannalima.

A white Christmas

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Bold colors can be totally missing from your Christmas decor this year and you can still make the place look festive. In fact, white is one of the most popular Christmas colors. It’s the color of snow and a really cool choice for a Nordic-inspired Christmas tree, a bit like the one shared by @homeatthesmiths.

Creating context

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Spread the cheer around and add more Christmas decorations apart from just the tree itself. This way you create context and you actually make the Christmas tree look more natural instead of just a temporary and out of place addition to the room. A lovely example is the design shared by

Paper plate ornaments

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If you love crafting your own Christmas tree decorations, a super simple idea is to use paper plates for this. You can paint them and hang them in the tree and they’ll look like giant baubles. It’s a cool little trick we learned from @luckyspilledmilk.

A dining room Christmas tree

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Bring the Christmas cheer into the dining room by having a cute little tree here as well. It doesn’t have to be your primary tree, that can still sit in the living room. Get a smaller one and put it in a corner to make the Christmas family dinner special. You can find inspiration in this post from @wilsonresidence.

Christmas tree in a box

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One of the easiest and most effective ways to add a bit of rustic flair to your Christmas decor is by putting the tree in a wooden box. If the box is large you can also add a few other things in it besides just the tree, like some seasonal decorations or perhaps a few gifts. Check out @theedmundfarmhouse for details.

Snowy vibes

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Not everyone lives in areas where it snows around Christmas plus it’s not like you can actually use real snow in your Christmas decor. What you can do is get a cool effect by incorporating textured details into your decor, like a white fur rug or snowflake ornaments. You can find more similar ideas by checking out the design shared by @lorenaactive_.

A dark color palette

A dark color paletteView in gallery

Instead of a super light and bright Christmas decor, the opposite can also look really nice. Check out this beautiful farmhouse Christmas tree design shared by @farmhouselifestyles. The dark green branches and all the deep red decorations go really well together.

Put the tree in the middle

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Finding a good spot for the Christmas tree is pretty important. It can also be tricky in some cases. An open floor plan gives you the opportunity to have the tree sitting somewhere in the middle instead of in a corner or against a wall. That way you can admire it from all directions and angles. This is an idea inspired from a post by @home_m_.

A rainbow of colors

A rainbow of colorsView in gallery

Can’t settle on a single accent color for this year’s Christmas decor? Why not embrace all the beautiful colors instead and create a rainbow-inspired decor? The Christmas tree would be the perfect opportunity to put all the colors together and to come up with a fun design. Check out @colorful_kimmes for more details and ideas.

The perfect flocked Christmas tree

The perfect flocked Christmas treeView in gallery

A flocked Christmas tree, as you may already know, mimics that natural snow-covered look by having its branches or part of them covered in a powdery white mixture. These trees look magnificent even without a lot of decorations on them so stick with some simple, neutral-colored ornaments this year. Check out @outfit.aurelie for inspiration.

Start with the tree

Start with the treeView in gallery

Getting started is the hardest thing about everything, even if it’s something fun and exciting like decorating the house for Christmas. Start with the tree and the rest will come to you naturally after that. Get a tree that lasts and make sure to keep it fresh until Christmas is over. Check out @kianaelise_home if you like this design.

Hang some burlap ornaments

Hang some burlap ornamentsView in gallery

Burlap decorations are a favorite for farmhouse Christmas trees and cozy, Scandinavian-inspired decors in general. With that in mind, picture hanging some burlap bows in your tree this year. Check out this lovely post from @doceap_401 to get a better idea of what it would look like.