Chic Items Every Modern Bedroom Needs

Fine lines, classic color palettes and a fashion-forward flair, who doesn’t appreciate a chic bedroom? From crisp bedding to an organized closet, there’s something extra luxurious and elegant about a space that screams sophistication, class and slick style. But where do you start when planning out your modern bedroom? What items are essential to making it come full circle? Here are some of our favorites that will do just the trick!

1. Crisp Bedding.

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Stay away from frills and chaotic printed linens, instead go with something slick and crisp. As far of color is concerned, use your favorites. But, if you’re searching for a clean and sleek overall look, your bed needs to be a simple and fine-edged focal point.

2. Matching Nightstands.

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A matching nightstand for each side of the bed gives the space balance and a feeling of order. Make sure you pick a piece with an edgey, contemporary feel and not something that’s just plain boring. If you’re using two, they need to have a lot of fashion-forward appeal and personality.

3. Architectural Lamp.

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We all need a lamp in the bedroom. It could be a floor lamp in the corner or one that stays on the nightstand for your evening magazine read. Whatever the case, it needs to add a certain chicness to the room. A clean, architectural look is perfect when it comes to lamps. Stay away from the traditional or more homey of lamps and go for something with a slick line.

4. Headboard Art.

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You don’t need a collage or a cluster of different decor pieces hanging on the walls. Instead, find one great piece of art to display above the bed. Everything will look “in its place” and planned out with a precise detail-oriented design. And the art will just bring your eye to the focus of the room, the modern bed with its crisp bedding!

5. Slick Shelving.

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One of the major things that makes a modern bedroom work is organization. Everything needs to have a place to keep that slick, clean look. Make sure you have the right kind of shelving based on what you need. If you have a lot of books, make sure there’s a bookshelf in the room. If you have a lot of clothes, make sure your closet is up to date with all the organization and shelving one can have.