Chaotic Xuan lamp

China based design studio INNOVO has come up with a fun but unusual lamp design. They’ve created what seems to be a hairy lamp, with a chaotic look. The lamp doesn’t actually have hair, it’s an illusion that makes it look that way. Anyway, it has a funny look that makes this lamp an unconventional piece, fit for any modern home.

Xuan 130711 01 630x420

The Xuan lamp is actually made of bamboo. At the top you can see the original piece of bamboo that then splits into a lot of smaller pieces. The fine and smooth slices of bamboo resemble human hair. Because they are so thin and smooth, the lamp doesn’t have a standard shape. It’s look can be easily changed by hand or by letting the window open. The breeze will do all the work. It’s a very interesting approach that offers you the chance to interact with the lamp and change its design in nay way you want. Just like you change your hairstyle, you can do the same with the lamp. It a fun and modular piece that makes it considerably harder to get bored with it.

The soft light provided by this lamp creates a nice intimate and romantic atmosphere. Even though I totally like this lamp, I’m still a little concerned about the fact that it’s not that safe to have a lamp made of thin slices of bamboo in your home.