Bunk Bed Bedroom Furniture for kids

When you have more than one child it’s not always easy to decide how to design their rooms. They almost never agree to share the room, not to mention the bed. So probably the best solution would be to have two superposed beds. This way they will both have their own bed and they don’t have to see each other. Plus bunk beds are always fun.

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Parents are not always opened to this option because of the safety issue. But this structure is very safe and resilient belonging the cheap beds category at only 99£. Guard rails are double-bolted for extra strength and the beds are secured together using heavy-duty steel connectors. It also features an easy-to-climb ladder, also child-safe. The entire piece has an ultra-durable, hand-applied finish that protects the wood and, in the same time, brings out the natural beauty and color of the wood.

And if, for whatever reason, you don’t like to have the beds one on top of the other, you can always use them as two separate beds.When the right time comes or you just need some extra space, you can just assemble them and the problem is solved.The American Spirit Kids Furniture Set can be purchased for 1620$.