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12 High-design Buffet Lamps Light Up Your Space In Style

When choosing lighting for space, buffet lamps hold a lot of charm and take up little space. With a broad range of styles to fit any theme or decor, buffet lamps are a fabulous option for lighting on console tables or cadenzas, pedestals in foyers, dressers in the bedroom, or side tables near your sofa or loveseat. They work well in small and narrow spaces, including on hallway tables, to help illuminate otherwise darker areas of the home. But how can you choose the best buffet lamp for your space? Here are some guidelines to assist you in making your choice as well as some of the best buffet lamps available for purchase today.

What to Look for in a Buffet Table

The definition of a buffet lamp is fairly specific. These fixtures tend to be tall, usually standing at least 32 to 36 inches high from the base to the top of the shade, though many of these lamps are actually shorter, especially in modern designs. Also, the base tends to be narrow with a thin column that looks more like a candlestick. Shades are usually rather small, with a 12-inch diameter or less, and many of them are capable of 3-way operation for multiple lighting levels.

Typically, you want to choose a buffet lamp that will be no taller than 58 to 64 inches once placed on the surface in question. Of course, you can go taller if you prefer, but you want to be sure that, when you look up, you cannot see the exposed bulb beneath the shade, potentially blinding you with the brightness. Note that light-colored, and transparent shades will diffuse light throughout the space fairly evenly, while darker shades will likely only allow light through the top or bottom of the shade. Choose your design based on the purpose of the lighting as well as the location in which you intend to have the lamp.

1. Ehrhart 24″ Buffet Lamp Set (Set of 2)

Canvey 33Cream Buffet Lamp Set

The Earhart Buffet lamp set includes a pair of identical that are polished and frosted for a warm, artistic appeal. The Timeless design includes a stainless-steel base with a Sleek silver finish that shines like Chrome, wow the shallow bell-shaped shade on each lamp is designed with hammered frosted glass or a very chic appearance. The lamps are operated with a pull chain for convenience. They readily provide accent lighting in a space, especially for office decor, matching bedside tables, or a credenza in your foyer.

The lamps are both UL and ETL listed for product safety and are compatible with energy star bulbs. It is recommended to use no greater than 40-watt bulbs weir best performance. Each of these two lamps is 24 in tall, a bit shorter than average buffet lamp. They are easy to care for, needing only to be wiped with a dry cloth on occasion. Some assembly is required prior to use. These lamps come with a limited 6-month warranty on parts and against manufacturer defect.

2. Colten 31.5″ Buffet Lamp

Canvey 33Cream Buffet Lamp Set

The Colten Buffet lamp is crafted with the charm of an antique with the radiance and durability of a modern fixture. The faux wood resin base is finished with an antique blue hue reminiscent of country chic, with fluted accents that elevate the design for an elegant style. The slender silhouette is capped with a durable 100% cotton shade that is lightweight, soft in texture, and tightly woven for a modern feel. The brown hue of the bell-shaped shade creates the antique style of the classic piece.

Though this buffet lamp may look old, it is updated for modern energy savings and includes a 9-watt LED bulb to help conserve the cost of lighting. The overall effect is a soft diffused light with an amber hue that is easy on the eyes but bright enough to adequately illuminate your space. This lamp is 32 inches tall with a 10-inch shade, and the narrow base is a space saver with a diameter of just over 4 inches.

The lightweight fixture comes in at only 3.5 pounds, so it is easily mobile. Should you choose to use an incandescent bulb when replacing the existing one, opt for one with a maximum of 100 watts. The 60-inch cord makes it easy to plug and play for immediate use. The lamp is UL listed for safety, rated for commercial or residential use, is CSA certified, and California Title 20 compliant.

3. Jeann 31″ Buffet Lamp Set

Canvey 33Cream Buffet Lamp Set

The Jeanne Buffet lamp set includes an identical pair of lamps that bring to mind traditional candlesticks with the shimmering glow of a metallic finish. The brushed steel and espresso finish create an ultra-modern look that makes the piece transitional, working in either a contemporary or country chic application. The pair of lamps are capped with elegant wide bell-shaped empire shades made of crisp white fabric for an elegant design feature. The lamps come with a socket on-off switch and black cords for easy plug and play power and control features. The lamps stand 31 inches high, with a narrow base that is 8 inches in diameter.

The fixtures are LED compatible for lower wattage, allowing you to conserve energy and save money, but they are rated for standard incandescent bulbs of up to 150 watts. They are not dimmable, but the shades diffuse light appropriately for an ambient illumination of the space. These buffet lamps come with a limited 6-month warranty on parts to ease your mind and are UL and ETL listed for safety.

4. Bladon 26″ Buffet Lamp Set (Set of 2)

Canvey 33Cream Buffet Lamp Set


The Bladon Buffet lamp set includes 2 identical buffet lamps with a neo-classic design and sleek, minimalist, modern appeal. The lamp bases are fashioned from turned resin and upgraded with distressed paint coat that makes their dark design pop with a faux antique style. The hard backed empire shades match the design perfectly for a cohesive feel that resonates with both the owner and visitors to the space. Flank a mantle or a bed with this pair of lamps to elevate your design, regardless of your style.

The power cords are 60 inches long, so you don’t have to worry about use of an extension cord to reach an outlet. Each lamp is 26 inches tall, with a 6-inch shade for universal style that can be added even to higher surfaces. The fixtures are rated for use with LED bulbs, which are your best bet, since it’s recommended that you use bulbs with a maximum power consumption of 25 watts. There is no assembly required, so these buffet lamps are ready to go upon arrival, and they are UL listed for safety compliance.

5. Telscombe 37″ Buffet Lamp

Canvey 33Cream Buffet Lamp Set

The Telscombe Buffet lamp is a taller, elegant option by designer David Frisch that utilizes traditional glass and fabric with metal accents to provide a unique design that appeals to the masses. The narrow, elongated glass base is fluted and rounded for a very specific style, atop a clear glass square for balance and contrast. The classic drum shade has a shimmer to it that again creates a luxurious appeal to make your space more Hollywood Regency era reminiscent. The nickel finish is appealing for the masses, regardless of taste or the theme of the space being designed.

A 3-way 150-watt bulb is included and is recommended for use when replacing the existing one. A 3-way switch is also included in the packaging for ease of control over the amount of ambient light available, with low, medium, and high settings so you can always feel comfortable with the mood and illumination. The lamp stands 37 inches tall for a slender, wispy style and is rated for residential use only.

6. Farner Marble 29″ Table Lamp Set

Canvey 33Cream Buffet Lamp Set

The Farner Marble Table Lamp Set includes 2 lamps with a very basic design that is inspired by contemporary minimalism and its cool, crisp lines, as well as the midcentury modern style with its hint of glamor. Crafted from metal and marble, you couldn’t ask for a more elegant material source for such a simple design. The hexagonal base is carved from marble, with the narrow tubular stem made of iron, coated in a fabulous gold foil finish. The off-white drum shade is fashioned from cotton for a soft, smooth textured appearance and sturdiness.

The lamp comes with a standard bulb, and the recommendation for replacement is a 9-watt LED bulb that is both bright and energy efficient. A 60-inch cord means easy reach to a power source, and the light gray color of the cord makes it easily blend into its surroundings. Some assembly is required prior to finding the location for the 29-inch-tall lamp, and it is California Title 20 compliant.

7. Branden 14″ Table Lamp

Canvey 33Cream Buffet Lamp Set

The Branden Table lamp is like a miniature version of a buffet lamp, with modern charm that utilizes the height of glamor and minimalism to accomplish its design. The understated shape and coloration of the fixture makes it ideal to blend in or stand out in any space, depending on your surrounding décor. The base is a metal cylinder, complete with a brilliant gold finish for opulence in its appearance.

On top of that, the exposed bulb stands up, emitting 40 watts of light into your space for ambient flair and a grandiose atmosphere. The Edison bulb is included in the purchase of the lamp. The overall effect is clean and sophisticated, working for any space, whether modern or traditional. This particular lamp is small in staying with the understated design element, and stands only 12 inches, including the height of the bulb.

The base is 3 inches in diameter, so it easily illuminates the smallest of spaces without getting in the way. Other than placing the bulb in the socket, there is no assembly required in order to operate the fixture. You simply plug in the lamp and switch it on with the included switch.

8. Romsey 27″ Buffet Lamp Set

Canvey 33Cream Buffet Lamp Set

The Romsey Buffet lamp set includes twin lamps with a simple silhouette that are big on design. A round crystal pedestal provides a balance for the clear glass cylinder of the base, which surrounds the visible inner rod, made of metal with a lovely brass finish. The dark blue fabric shades lend a darker tone to the overall style, the drum shape simple and elegant and keeping the light strong but dimmed for a nice ambiance.

The lamps have 60-inch clear cords that disappear easily so as not to detract from the beauty of the design elements in the room, and they are operated with a simple rotary switch for convenience. They stand just over 27 inches tall, and the shades are 10 inches high for a very proportionate feel. These are LED compatible, so you can get a brilliant shine and not have to worry about energy efficiency or radiant heat. They’re rated for residential use only and come with a 30-day limited warranty. These buffet lamps are UL and ETL listed for safety, and they are California Title 20 compliant.

9. Zawacki Metal 30″ Buffet Lamp

Canvey 33Cream Buffet Lamp Set

The Zawaki Buffet lamp combines a futuristic simplicity with modern elements for a unique but subtle appearance that works well in living rooms, foyer credenzas, nightstands, and more. Constructed from metal, the base rod is thin but sturdy, balanced by a round disc bottom for stability. The metal drum shade and base are both finished with a shining gold color that gives it a contiguous, rich look and feel, adding elegance in a sleek manner.

The lamp is operated by a rocker switch and has a clear 72 inch cord that blends in easily so you’re not distracted from the elevated design of the buffet lamp and is long enough to reach an outlet from practically any location. The 30-inch lamp is LED compatible so you can save on the cost of operation as well. While the lamp isn’t rated for commercial use, it is California Title 20 compliant.

10. Sansone 28.5″ Buffet Lamp

Canvey 33Cream Buffet Lamp Set

The Sansone Buffet lamp and its crystalline design make it very Hollywood Regency era in style to elevate even the quaintest of spaces without looking out of place. The clear glass base is formed as a stacked ball design, with a silhouette that alternates between prismatic shapes and multifaceted orbs so that it glistens and shimmers as light shines on it. A white fabric empire shade with a bowed design caps it off for elegance and a soft, tranquil feel.

Metal accents with chrome finish wrap the design together and make it viable for any theme in any room of the home. A 72-inch cord allows you to power the lamp from an outlet at almost any location, and a simple on-off switch makes operating the lamp easy. You can use the lamp with a bulb that requires up to 60 watts of power for best results. Some assembly is required, but it is rated for residential or commercial use, comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects, and is UL listed for safety assurance.

11. Duluth Orb 30.75″ Buffet Lamp

Canvey 33Cream Buffet Lamp Set

The Duluth Buffet lamp is where fashion meets science with an orb design that becomes a beautiful and unique conversation piece in your foyer, living room, or hallway. The steel body makes the lamp extremely sturdy for long lasting durability and appeal, while the distressed black and copper finish are juxtaposed to the contemporary design, bringing in a classic, antique element to the mix. A circular base beneath the rod body gives the lamp stability so that you can focus on the open shade, which is fashioned in an atomic orb, as if the elements of the atom orbit the bulb, which is essentially the nucleus.

An included LED water droplet Edison bulb adds to the science fiction appearance while only consuming 4 watts of power and remaining extremely energy efficient. You can also use a 60-watt incandescent bulb or a 13-watt CFL bulb. The lamp stands almost 31 inches tall, comes with a 60-inch cord and in line switch, and has a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects.

12. Canvey 33″ Cream Buffet Lamp Set

Canvey 33Cream Buffet Lamp Set

The Canvey Buffet lamp set includes two beautiful matching lamps that are masterfully crafted with resin to make them both extremely durable for longevity and reliability as well as lightweight for ease of handling. The lamps are very farmhouse and country chic in style, making them transitional pieces that work in contemporary, antique, and mid-century modern design themes.

They have a great deal of character, beginning with the turned accent design of the tall bases, which are finely details like handcrafted table legs from early in the 20th century. The cream colored drum shade adds another highlight to this design, made of a lovely cotton and polyester blend that is tightly woven for a smooth, soft look and feel that is still as lightweight and durable as the rest of the lamp. Two 60-watt incandescent bulbs are included with the purchase so you can instantly plug in the 60-inch cords to the nearest outlet and begin operation with a simple rocker switch.

This matched set of lamps is just over 32 inches tall, with the shade measuring 10 inches high. Some assembly is required upon receipt, but there is nothing strenuous involved. These buffet lamps are rated for residential or commercial use, are UL listed for safety, and are rated as California Title 20 compliant.