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Gorgeous Boho Throw Pillow Ideas to Decorate Your Home

Boho throw pillows and home decor is one of those trends that will never go out of style. The boho vagabond lifestyle influences, unlike other home design trends that are gone and passed, is obviously here to stay, because of its versatility and unlimited possibilities.

Boho Throw Pillow

Today, we’re going to take a deeper look at what boho is all about, how it first came to see the light of day and how it evolved since it first appeared, after which we’re going to focus on some of the best boho throw pillow ideas.

Top 3 Picks

Customer’s Choice: Interlude Luxurious Square Cotton Pillow Cover and Insert

“Love these pillows! They are so boho and cute. They look very high quality and they’re the perfect amount of thickness.” (Customer review)

Best Design: JWH 3D Sunflower Throw Pillow

We couldn’t help but fall in love with this 3D sunflower-shaped pillow available in a wide range of colors for your boho-inspired theme.

Best Floor Pillow Cover: Mandala Hippie Floor Pillow

“I filled this with about five pounds of shredded foam filling. I use it for meditation and love it!” (Customer review)

What Is Boho Style?

The term “Bohemian” was also used to refer to people who are usually artistic and unconventional. The original “Bohemians” were persons who fled central Europe for a better life in the West.

The Sunday Times noted that in the 21st century, girls who were fashionable wore floral skirts in the hopes of looking bohemian, nomadic, and non-bourgeois. Instead, they were simply sexy and delightful.

In the early 20th century, the Bohemian style represented a lifestyle full of flowing fabrics and feminine silhouettes. It is a style that is more influenced by the 1960s and 1970s. For instance, paisley or ikat blouses are often worn with cut-off jeans.

Journalist Bob Stanley noted that the late 1960s needed a fresh approach to make them look good. This, combined with the various features of hippie fashion, emerged during the ensuing decades. In the mid-1980s, un-Bohemian rah-ra skirt variants were combined with leather or denim to create a look that was both Bohemian and gothic.

The term “hippie chic” was applied to the collections of Tom Ford for Gucci during the 1990s. Its influence was traced to the late Talitha Getty, who was an actress and wife of John Paul Getty. In 1968, Richard Neville wrote that the hippie drifters in Marrakesh were so pleased with the bright satin underwear that they would wear them outside their denims.

Boho-chic was initially associated with Kate Moss and then, in 2004, with actress Sienna Miller. In Europe, similar styles were often referred to as “bobo” or “ashcan chic”. By the end of the 90s, strong pre-Raphaelite traits were prominent in a number of individuals.

In Germany, the terms Bionade-Biedermeier or Biohème refer to the former bohemians who gained cultural hegemony by their LOHA lifestyle. According to Michael Rutschky, the Bohème became the ruling class during the 20th century.

Tips for Decorating with Boho Throw Pillows and Decor

Tips for Decorating with Boho Throw Pillows and Decor

As long as you have an unconventional mind, you probably don’t even need these tips to teach you how to decorate in a Bohemian fashion and Boho throw pillows. In case you do want some tips, here are the things that might put you on the right path to having your house look less like a construction and more like a reflection of a rebellious spirit:

  • The boho chic style is characterized by bright colors and a variety of patterns, such as paisleys and florals, blended with ethnic motifs such as tribal designs and geometric patterns. If bright colors aren’t your thing, opt for a more muted palette of everything from rusty orange to sage green.
  • Boho rooms, like any eclectic, intriguing home, make imaginative use of unusual and distinctive vintage things. This style, however, is more focused on mid-century modern accessories and whatever items you can look at to remind you of the free spirit characteristic of the hippie trend.
  • A curated, creative combination of art and books is a must-have for any bohemian home. It just so happens that beatniks of the past were likely to own far more books than other types of material goods. If you like this decorating style, you presumably already appreciate the arts, so you’re halfway there. You can stack art books on the coffee table, frame record covers as wall art, or display an eclectic selection of art prints on a gallery wall that spans from floor to ceiling if your objective is to create a boho atmosphere.
  • If there’s one thing that stands out when it comes to these hippie decor trends it’s the influx of accessories made of natural or raw materials including rattan, wood, or hemp. Waxed wall decor, plant hangers made with macramé, and metal floor lamps are just a few item suggestions that would fit well with this decor.

The Best Boho Throw Pillow Ideas

Lassen Geometric Throw Pillow

Lassen Geometric Throw PillowView in gallery

The Lassen geometric throw pillow comes with a gorgeous shade of gray and offers a global-inspired design that would please different room aesthetics. It measures 18” H x 18” W x 4” D and is made from a combination of cotton and polyester fabric. It has a removable cover with a zipper enclosure. You can select between down or polyester fill.

Interlude Luxurious Square Cotton Pillow

Interlude Luxurious Square Cotton PillowView in gallery

This throw pillow features a thick tassel fringe that’s bound in cotton for a bit of boho appeal. This square accent pillow is secured with a plump polyester insert. Its zipper closure is removable. The insert is made from polyester fill and covered by cotton fabric which is available in multiple color options. Also, the tassels are just adorable!

Jordy Rectangular Cotton Pillow Cover & Insert

Jordy Rectangular Cotton Pillow Cover & InsertView in gallery

Block printing, which was inspired by centuries-old craftsmen, generates designs from carved woodblocks, giving a touch of uniqueness to every throw pillow. This colorful geometric stripe is printed on a foundation made of 100 percent cotton. It comes with four turquoise tassels to adorn the corners, knife edge seam, recyclable polyester fiber fill insert, and a zipper closing mechanism.

Lenore Square Pillow Cover & Insert

Lenore Square Pillow Cover & InsertView in gallery

This floor cushion is a great addition to any home! This piece, which measures 20″ square and is packed with polyester fiber to give 5″ of cushioning, offers a soft sheen that looks amazing in just about any home. For a bit of texture, this design has tufted accents. Though its plain color may appear unassuming at first glance, this cushion has a slight shine. For simple care, simply spot clean as needed.

Gilmore Rectangular Cotton Pillow Cover & Insert

Gilmore Rectangular Cotton Pillow Cover & InsertView in gallery

When your boho-inspired home is lacking a little bit of shine, there’s nothing like the Gilmore throw pillow to balance the room from an aesthetic point of view. This throw pillow is decorative and made entirely out of cotton, featuring metallic gold embroidery for a gorgeous boho-chic vibe.

Millry Damask Lumbar Pillow

Millry Damask Lumbar PillowView in gallery

This pair of two rectangle accent pillows will provide a trendy boho touch to your outdoor furniture. Each cushion is filled with a soft polyester fill manufactured from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles for enhanced comfort, strength, and longevity. The outside shell is a UV-resistant outdoor fabric made entirely of polyester. Oh, and they can be used indoors as well!

Myrna Chevron Striped Cotton Throw Pillow

Myrna Chevron Striped Cotton Throw PillowView in gallery

Whenever you want to create an inspirational Bohemian-themed room, throw pillows are a great way to make a statement. Such is the case of Myrna, a product that you’re going to love. It is made entirely with a cotton cover and uses a polyester fill to create a plushy and adorable pillow. It features a zipper enclosure and the cover can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine.

Heckson Cotton Lumbar Pillow

Heckson Cotton Lumbar PillowView in gallery

One of our favorite boho throw pillows is the Heckson, a product that combines colors and delicateness up to a point where you have to own it.  It provides just the right amount of color while being unobtrusive and reading as a complete neutral in any setting. The silky ornamentation makes this a fully useful style item. Much like the other pillow, this one also has a polyester insert surrounded by a cotton cover.

Akiva Square Pillow Cover & Insert

Akiva Square Pillow Cover & InsertView in gallery

Here is a throw pillow that helps you add a spark of international flare to any sitting area.  Its square cover, made of a 50/50 polyester/rayon blend, has a patchwork of acanthus, ikat, Damask, and scrollwork designs in dramatic colors that inspire boho all around. A polyester-filled insert lies inside for added comfort, and it can be simply removed via the zipper clasp anytime the cover requires cleaning.

Lacrescenta & Chambray with Pom Poms Throw Pillow

Lacrescenta & Chambray with Pom Poms Throw PillowView in gallery

Whenever you’re looking for that certain something to complete your boho-themed room, the Lacrescenta & Chambray with Pom Poms Throw Pillow is a fantastic and simple way to update the look of any armchair, sofa, or other piece of furniture in your home or business. It’s a terrific way to give your living room some character and depth. The cover is made from a cotton blend and comes with a polyester insert.

Davon Lined Square Cotton Pillow Cover and Insert

Davon Lined Square Cotton Pillow Cover and InsertView in gallery

Straight from the heart of India comes the Davon throw pillow. It’s made of 100 percent cotton and features multi-colored patterns on the front side to create a strong visual impact when you walk into the room. It has a convenient zipper closure that unzips to reveal a replaceable insert filled with polyester material, as well as a removable cover for easy cleaning.

Kieran Square Pillow Cover and Insert

Kieran Square Pillow Cover and InsertView in gallery

A beautiful throw pillow can enliven a tired living room or boost your bedroom. This throw cushion is constructed of woven cotton and has a neutral backdrop with contrasting woven cotton stripes. The delightfully uneven pattern exudes a rustic charm that is hard to resist. Jute rope braids provide a lush texture while framing the various hues. It also includes a polyfill insert that can be readily replaced with the zipper closure.

Huntsville Damask Throw Pillow

Huntsville Damask Throw PillowView in gallery

This pillow will provide a fashionable and modern touch to your outdoor furniture. For enhanced comfort, strength, and longevity, each pillow is overstuffed with 100 percent soft polyester fill manufactured from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. Its outside shell is constructed of a UV-resistant outdoor fabric made entirely of polyester. The Huntsville pillow has a knife-edge pattern and a stitched closure.

Wells Cotton Floral Throw Pillow

Wells Cotton Floral Throw PillowView in gallery

This tastefully embroidered throw cushion will liven up a neutral sofa or a simple bedscape. It has a striking appearance that immediately catches the eye, offering a sunburst design in the middle and a floral motif around the corners. The cover of this cushion is constructed of 100 percent cotton and is easily removed when a stain needs to be removed. This 18″ square pattern is filled with a polyester insert that is provided. It’s also available in a neutral or bright shade, allowing you to customize the level of color in your area.

Rhys Square Cotton Pillow Cover & Insert

Rhys Square Cotton Pillow Cover & InsertView in gallery

With a rather simple design, the Rhys pillow might not be the most eye-catching boho-inspired pillow for today, but it is certainly one that does an excellent job of matching the theme. It comes with a cotton cover and a polyester fill, offering great value for the money. You can opt between a green and a blue cover, depending on the chromatic scheme of the room in question.

Mcenroe Cotton Throw Pillow

Mcenroe Cotton Throw PillowView in gallery

This hand-woven throw pillow will add a sleek, trendy touch to your decor. It’s made by using a blend of 100 percent natural eco-friendly yarns and created with soft cotton fabric, aiming to provide your home with that boho-inspired color palette that’s so essential to this type of décor.

Phantoscope Handmade Crochet Woven Boho

Phantoscope Handmade Crochet Woven BohoView in gallery

The Phantoscope throw pillow features a gorgeous black cover with a macramé pattern that makes it an astounding choice for boho-inspired rooms. The crochet-woven boho design brings forth a gorgeous cover made from cotton that can be removed thanks to the integrated zipper and can be cleaned with ease at home.

JWH 3D Sunflower Throw Pillow Hand Craft

JWH 3D Sunflower Throw Pillow Hand CraftView in gallery

Flowers and their colors often play an important role when it comes to decorating a room in boho style, so take a look at this gorgeous sunflower throw pillow. You have more than 40 colors and color combinations to choose from, offering a 3D design and creating a beautiful focal point in any room.

Phantoscope Handmade Symmetry 3D Crochet Woven Boho Throw Pillow

Phantoscope Handmade Symmetry 3D Crochet Woven Boho Throw PillowView in gallery

This second gorgeous Phantoscope pillow is made of 100% cotton and features a concealed zipper. It brings forth a crochet weaved boho design that adds a natural touch and feel to create a cozy ambiance in a room with such a specific theme.

Phantoscope Handmade Crochet Woven Boho Throw Pillow with Tassel Cute

Phantoscope Handmade Crochet Woven Boho Throw Pillow with Tassel CuteView in gallery

I’m sorry, but we just couldn’t leave this third Phantoscope pillow out of the equation. It has a gorgeous round shape and comes with a cotton cover and a crochet-woven design to inspire just about anyone. It also features a concealed zipper so that you can remove the cover and clean it with ease.

Boho Living Jada Decorative Pillow

Boho Living Jada Decorative PillowView in gallery

The Jada Decorative Pillow Collection by Boho Living is the perfect blend of rustic style, with 100 percent braided natural jute fiber and 100 percent wooden cotton. It animates the room and adds that boho flair that you’re looking for, without making the space feel too crowded.

Mandala Hippie Floor Pillows

Mandala Hippie Floor PillowsView in gallery

This lovely pom pom floor cushion cover is manufactured by hand using an ethnic screen printing technique. That means that you get more than just a throw pillow; you get a piece of art (and one that’s available in a plethora of colors and patterns). It’s the ideal present for all events and age groups, and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Note that this is just the cover and you’ll have to purchase the insert or fill separately.

Unibedding Tufted Boho Lumbar Throw Pillow Covers

Unibedding Tufted Boho Lumbar Throw Pillow CoversView in gallery

These luxurious boho woven throw pillow covers are composed of 45 percent cotton, 45 percent polyester, and ten percent viscose. It comes with a pattern on one side, while the back side is made with soft 100 percent cotton. The corner tassels add a delicate touch, just take note that they might be too tempting for cats not to play with.

Flber Lumbar Throw Pillow Decorative Pillows Tassel Textured Woven Sham

Flber Lumbar Throw Pillow Decorative Pillows Tassel Textured Woven ShamView in gallery

When you want gorgeous boho covers for your throw pillow, here is a suggestion that might rock your boat. It’s a handmade cover that features a full cotton construction, with side and corner tassels for a complete boho-inspired vibe. The pillow inserts are not included.

Main + Mesa Embroidered Cotton Geometric Lumbar Decorative Throw Pillow

Main + Mesa Embroidered Cotton Geometric Lumbar Decorative Throw PillowView in gallery

Our last suggestion is a delicate decorative throw pillow that offers that gentle boho-inspired theme you’d expect to see in a decorative pillow that follows the trends. There are four color options to choose from and you’ll be getting a delicate cotton pillow with an embroidered design every time you buy it.

How to Wash a Boho Throw Pillow

Proper maintenance of a throw pillow will significantly increase its lifespan, so here are the steps to follow when you want to take good care of your pillows:

  • It’s important to first figure out how to clean your pillows properly. Your throw pillow should come with a label where the manufacturer printed the cleaning instruction. Some may recommend that the pillows be dry cleaned exclusively, while others may recommend that they be hand washed with a light detergent. Others will advise you to merely clean specific areas.
  • If your pillow doesn’t have a cleaning label, the next step is to identify the fabric used in its construction. Dry cleaning fluid is usually required for velvet and silk. Other materials, such as polyester and cotton, can be washed gently with water.
  • Use a white cloth and the appropriate cleaning substance to perform a spot test on the fabric. Using your hands, blot the surface of the throw pillow for half a minute. Then check for any color transfer on the towel, let it dry, and check again to make sure the color hasn’t faded.
  • Some throw pillows can be cleaned with a sponge. When you use a quality sponge, begin by working in circles, making sure the foam is scrubbed against the surface of the pillow, paying careful attention to crevices and piping. Using clean white towels, blot the pillow once again to remove shampoo and excess moisture.
  • For throw pillows that require dry cleaning, you need a dry sponge and a special dry cleaning solution. You can clean the pillow’s fabric by scrubbing in circular motion, making sure you’ve covered all folds and creases. Use a white dry towel to pat it afterwards.


One of the best things about choosing to decorate according to boho rules is that there are no exact rules to follow and the ones that do exist offer a lot of room to play around. 

Instead of buying the same furniture set, opt for a mix-and-match approach. Whether you’re looking for a bohemian-chic look or simply want to add a bit of color, you can do it with natural textiles and colorful carpets. Woven accents are a great way to add texture and interest to a room. Mix vintage pieces with modern lighting elements to create a bohemian look. The possibilities are endless.