Designs That Emphasize The Prestigious Nature Of Black Furniture

Because black is such a strong color, we often feel intimidated by it and we hesitate to use it in interior design. Black furniture is not exactly common. It’s important however, to not judge something prematurely or to make correlations without solid justifications. So, while black can be associated with lots of negative things, that’s not always the case. Black has a different significance in each field. It’s the most commonly used color in typography and dark chocolate is awesome so there are plenty of reasons to also assume that black can be a positive color in other situations and contexts.

Vuue black desk furnitureView in gallery
Black can make a furniture look more slender and sleek
Large oval black dining tableView in gallery
It’s a conventional color which can balance out an odd or unusual shape
Black flower vases and accessoriesView in gallery
When combined with gold, black looks particularly sophisticated and glamorous
Black chair with a lucite frameView in gallery
This is a design that highlights the contrast between dark and transparent details

Black has an air of mystery and this often makes it feel drawn to it in an inexplicable way. This is also a color that creates a barrier between it and the outside world and this can be used to our advantage. For example, black is a really great color option for bedrooms. These are spaces that should make us feel comfortable, safe and peaceful and black and definitely can definitely help with that.

Luxury black vanityView in gallery
Certain styles suit black furniture better than others
Black armchair with wood frameView in gallery
Black is a color that provides comfort and this makes it great for seating pieces

We can also make the most of black furniture and black as a color for other interior design featured when decorating a small space. Instead of hiding the space and make it blend in, black lets us make it stand out by offering it a dramatic allure. Consider using black accents in spaces such as a small bathroom or a reading nook. Black is also a color that denotes seriousness and professionalism and this makes it perfect for offices. A black desk or meeting table and matching chairs are enough to create the desired ambiance and look.

La cornue double sinkView in gallery
Black kitchen furniture is quite unusual and a simple way of adding interesting to this space
Reflex tall dining armchairView in gallery
There’s also a certain amount of drama related to black in general
IMG_1559View in gallery
Use black furniture in combination with shiny finishes and silver and gold accents for added elegance
Black dining-living room designView in gallery
Black furniture tends to look formal and this makes it perfect for professional environments
Geometric black kitchen with a frindgeView in gallery
Black doesn’t look dark if mixed with mirrors, reflective surfaces and sufficient light
Dusk black seatingView in gallery
Sometimes furniture designers use black to highlight a unique and interesting shape
Black furniture for bathroomView in gallery
Areas such as the bathroom can use black furniture to stand out
Black bathroom sinkView in gallery
When used as an accent color and combined with white, black gains a graphical nature
black Kitchen design for a masculine vibeView in gallery
An entirely black kitchen island can easily become the focal point of this space
Black chairs like a chageView in gallery
One way to highlight the theatrical nature of this color is through strong contrasts
Low black coffee tablesView in gallery
Although often considered conservative, black furniture can also be really trendy
Black living room interior designView in gallery
Black is a suitable main color for bedrooms thanks to its restful and comforting nature

There are also lots of other unique aspects related to this color. For example, black is an untraditional choice of color for areas such as the kitchen or the dining room. But if there’s lots of natural light in the room and if used in combination with large mirrors, it can turn out to be an exquisite color. A black kitchen can look very distinguished and sophisticated and the same thing goes for the living room, dining area and just about any other room in the house.

Raw wood turned into beautiful black furnitureView in gallery
Compensate for the black furniture pieces with outstanding light fixtures
Stephanne black columnsView in gallery
The sculptural design of these units is highlighted by the color
Tom Dixon black armchairsView in gallery
Add an unexpected touch of glamour to the dining room with sleek black chairs
Vondom black chairsView in gallery
If a design is meant to be graphical, black will only enhance this characteristic
Ludwig larsen table lampView in gallery
There’s definitely something mystical about this play of light and darkness
Small couch in black with accents of yellowView in gallery
Complement a black sofa with brightly-colored accent pillows
Black leather daybedView in gallery
The color’s ability to hide things can be exploited when dealing with large furniture pieces
Low black furniture designView in gallery
Elegance also comes from the use of proportions, forms and patterns
Round black furnitureView in gallery
The sculptural design of the table is rendered less dramatic by the color choice
Large black dining roomView in gallery
Sometimes the best way to emphasize an interesting design is with a neutral color
Nolen niu furniture made in americaView in gallery
The black emphasizes the idea of comfort associated with the lounge chair

Use black to add an unpredictable touch of style to a space. For example, use black accents or black furniture to liven up the entryway. You can also experiment with various combinations of color that include black. Black and white, for example, is a highly graphical combination, often considered timeless and very elegant. Combine black with cheerful colors such as yellow, green or orange to lighten it up and to highlight the contrast between them.