Clever Bike Storage Ideas From Instagram

The bike storage ideas that most of us are used to are actually quite outdated and we don’t even realize it. The topic is very vast with some concepts and ideas so simple and clever we just had to share them with you today.

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With such a wide range of solutions available on the market, you can definitely find a bike storage option that suits you.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Bike Rack

While it’s great to have so many different options to choose from when it comes to bike storage ideas, racks and everything else, this also makes the decision process more difficult and complex. Here’s a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing a bike rack:

The type

There’s actually quite a lot of types of bike storage racks and they each have pros and cons. The most common ones include wall-mounted racks which tend to be very compact, vertical hanging hooks, vertical wall-mounted hooks which are practical but can be difficult to use, horizontal wall-mounted hooks that are great for showing off the bike, standing racks that don’t damage the walls or the floor, ground storage racks that keep the bikes upright and also hoist systems that let you lift the bike off the floor and into the air. The last one is a great garage bike storage idea.

The location

The type of storage you choose for your bike is closely linked to the location where you plan on putting it. For example, if you have space in your garage for the bike, you don’t really need a rack that looks fancy or is super space-efficient. On the other hand, if you want to keep the bike in your living room either because you want to put it on display or because there’s no room anywhere else, look for a rack that looks good while also being practical. Perhaps one that also doubles as furniture could work.

The size

The size is important for any piece of furniture or accessory that you bring into your home and bike racks are no different. Luckily these days we have tons of compact bike storage options which allow us to worry less about size and to focus more on the aesthetics. A lot of them can even be crafted at home. We gathered some of our own favorite DIY bike racks and bike storage solutions below for you to take a look at.

Bike Storage Ideas for Living Room Or Garage

A bike rack disguised as a stylish piece of furniture

A bike rack disguised as a stylish piece of furnitureView in gallery

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to indoor bike racks is the fact that a lot of designs look out of place, especially in an apartment where space is very limited. This bike rack featured by @chol1_cl manages to eliminate this issue with style. It’s beautifully disguised as a modern piece of furniture designed to hold the bike on top and with storage space below for equipment and various other things. 

Wall-mounted bike pedal hooks

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This bike storage solution shared by @dahanger_usa really speaks to the minimalist types. It’s simple and practical and depending on how tall your wall is you can store multiple bikes on it at an angle. The pedal hooks and wheel ledges are very minimal which goes well with most modern and contemporary interiors. 

Minimal shelf-inspired bike rack

Minimal shelf-inspired bike rackView in gallery

To minimize the chance of the bike racks standing out and looking out of place a great idea is to opt for a material like wood which is more likely to blend in with the rest of your home’s decor. This one is a perfect example. It’s super simple and versatile and it can easily integrate in any room of the house. Check out @botlamsterdam to see the original post featuring this stylish bike rack. 

Space-efficient vertical bike rack 

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Another detail to keep in mind when choosing the ideal bike storage rack for you is whether or not you’ll need to lift the bike in order to put it on the rack. A lot of them make this a requirement but there’s ways o get around it as well. One option is a vertical bike rack like the one shared by @steadyrack. It’s both practical and space-efficient and it’s easier to use compared to other types. 

A dedicated bike storage shed

A dedicated bike storage shedView in gallery

If you have the space for it, it could be cool to have a dedicated shed in the backyard where you can store not just your bike but all the equipment and accessories as well. Keep everything in one place, safe and secure and easily accessible as well. Check out this shed design shared by @waltons_garden if you’re in need of some inspiration. 

Vertical bike storage for a clutter-free garage

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If you have multiple bikes that need storage this is a great way to do it. These vertical bike hooks are very versatile and the option to have them spaced out like this really suits the garage. It’s a great way to reduce the clutter in here and to have all the bikes neatly lined up on a single wall. This post by @steadyrack could be your source of inspiration. 

Entryway bike storage

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We love the modular and versatile nature of this entryway wall. It has a little bit of everything. There’s two bike storage racks on the right side that offset the bikes for better space optimization and the rest is basically just a big board with holes and dowels that can be easily moved around. This design was shared by @steadyrack. Check it out for yourself for more details. 

Dealing with a slanted wall

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There’s always all sorts of different ways in which a design strategy can be adapted to suit a particular space or to fulfill certain needs. For example, check out this bike storage wall shared by @steadyrack. The bikes follow the angle of the slanted wall which adds a dynamic look to the whole space. 

Multipurpose storage shed

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Storage sheds are real life-savers so if you have the space for one definitely consider putting something like this in your backyard. Here you can see a large shed divided into modules. One of these modules is meant to hold the bikes, featuring a rack hanging from the ceiling and additional space on the floor. It also has shelves for all the equipment and accessories. Check out @robertjacksongardens for more details. 

A covered bike storage nook

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You actually might not need to keep your bikes locked up in a shed. In that case, it could be easier and more practical to only built a frame and a roof to protect the bikes from the rain without worrying about security. This also makes it easier to store them and to take them out for a ride whenever you want. Check out this hardwood bike storage shared by @londonhardlandscapes if you want some inspiration. 

Wooden bike rack with cubbies

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Wall-mounted bike racks are usually quite small and easy to integrate into a room’s decor. Designs like this one shared by @themoderncarpenter make it even easier by disguising the rack as a sculptural and modern shelf. It’s easy to picture having like this in the entryway or even in a space like a casual living room, a balcony or a covered outdoor area. 

Simple bike rack with shelf

Simple bike rack with shelfView in gallery

It doesn’t really get simpler than this. This bike rack design shared by @smoke_and_sawdust is made from a combination of wood and metal which gives it a sleek, super durable and versatile look. Moreover, the wooden shelf is a subtle addition and a very practical detail because it gives you a place to keep your bike helmet too. 

A simple rack that gets the bike out of the way

A simple rack that gets the bike out of the wayView in gallery

It’s not just the actual bike rack that matters but where and how you decide to use it as well. For instance, here you can see the bike being stored up on the wall just below the ceiling. This meant it’s more difficult to put it on the rack and get it back down but at the same time it leaves the space below open so you can use it for something else. Check out the post by @littleflatbytheriver for more details.