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Cozy Up Next To A Roaring Fire In The Backyard – Best Outdoor Fireplaces

Are you someone that loves to entertain? Do you enjoy sitting out at the patio with your friends or cuddling under the stars? If so, you’re probably looking to add a gorgeous outdoor fireplace to your backyard or patio.

 Best Outdoor Fireplaces

Choosing an outdoor fireplace, however, can be a difficult decision as there’s much to consider from the type of fireplace you’d like to purchase to the materials your fireplace is made with. If you already have some outdoor furniture, you’d probably also like your fireplace to have a similar aesthetic. To help, we’ve curated a list of 8 of some of the best outdoor fireplaces. Before delving into the details however, we’ll talk a little bit about the different types of outdoor fireplaces and the materials that they can be made of.

A Look at Outdoor Fireplaces

First up is a wood-burning fireplace. These are essentially outdoor fireplaces where you’d use wood and coals. You can’t beat the ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace with the crackling logs. You can also choose the type of firewood you’d like to burn to make your fire quick or long-burning.

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There are also gas fireplaces that have controlled flames to provide warmth and comfort. You also won’t have to worry about the mess from charred wood remnants, and the emissions it produces are both clean and smoke-free – great for anyone concerned about their carbon footprint.

While not as common, the last type of outdoor fireplace is electric models. Not only do they light fast and are easy to clean, but they’re also simple to install. If you plan on using your electric outdoor fireplace fairly often, however, just note that you’re probably going to incur a relatively hefty electricity bill.

In terms of materials, most outdoor fireplaces are made with either steel, stone, or brick. Steel fireplaces usually have an elevated structure to prevent the heat from the fireplace from scorching the ground. Stone and brick fireplaces on the other hand can be built flat on the ground as the stone and brick help to insulate the surrounding structure. They also have a homely aesthetic and are usually the preferred choice for many.

Types of Outdoor Fireplaces

There are many different ways to classify outdoor fireplaces, with one of the most common classifications depending on the material they’re made of.

  • Steel outdoor fireplaces are generally lighter and less expensive, and they are designed with a see-through screen that allows you to look at the roaring fire whenever you feel like it. Some models come with grills so you may use them for cooking as well. They are prone to rust and not the most durable choice on the market. If possible, try to store them in the garage when not in use.
  • Clay outdoor fireplaces have that traditional vibe to them, and they are affordable options as well. They tend to be quite heavy and are not as resistant as other types.
  • Cast iron fireplaces are extremely durable and they’re the best solution for people who want a long-lasting product. However, they are particularly heavy, so they are better suited for those of you that can find a permanent outdoor place for them.
  • Cast aluminum fireplaces are very similar in terms of aesthetics compared to cast iron fireplaces, but are cheaper and lighter. They are pretty well-built and can be left outside for long periods of time, but their lightweight also makes them easy to store.
    Another common way to classify outdoor fireplaces is based on what types of fuel they use. That means you have your:
  • Natural gas fireplaces are usually installed by a professional because they need to be connected to your home’s gas pipe. You can get about 1,000 BTUs of heat output from one cubic foot of natural gas.
  • Liquid propane fireplaces are richer in carbon compared to natural gas, which technically means that you get more heat from it. It’s a clean-burning fuel source that doesn’t cost much, but these fireplaces will require filling up the propane tanks once they’re empty.
  • Wood-burning fireplaces use traditional wood to give out heat. If you’re into the scent of burning wood, this is surely the right option for you. However, wood can be a rather expensive fuel source. Another downside of a wood-burning fireplace is that it requires more frequent cleaning because of the ash build-up.
  • Gel/ethanol outdoor fireplaces use bio-ethanol fuel. They have a ventless design and they don’t give out ash or smoke, nor do they need connections to pipes or electricity. They are portable and lightweight too.


How much does it cost to build an outdoor fireplace?

As you can imagine, it depends on what type of fireplace you’re looking to build. For instance, if you purchase a pre-made kit, you can end up spending anything between $1,500 to $9,000, while making the fireplace from scratch can cost you at least $1,500 and $20,000 at most. Most people that decide to build their own outdoor fireplace end up spending around $3,000.

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What is the best outdoor fireplace?

Again, this is a question with a variable answer. If your home uses natural gas for heating, then a fireplace that uses the same fuel source is more efficient in your case. You might have a large supply of wood on your hands, which makes a wood-burning fireplace more suitable. If you want a lot of heat and don’t mind filling up a propane tank every now and then, choose a propane outdoor fireplace.

Is an outdoor fireplace worth it?

In general, people that decide they want an outdoor fireplace will consider the expense worth it. If you like to spend a lot of time outside and want to feel warm when doing so even in the winter, then it’s absolutely worth it.

What is an outside fireplace called?

Another common term for an outdoor fireplace is derived from the Spanish word for chimney, which is “chiminea”. 

Top 8 Best Outdoor Fireplaces

1. Empire Comfort Systems Carol Rose Outdoor SS See-through 48″ Linear Fireplace

Dothan Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Crafted with stainless steel, this outdoor fireplace comes with everything you need. First off, it’s got multicolored LED lighting to add a touch of color among the dancing flames. You can choose from a total of seven colors ranging from deep blue to tranquil blue and more. The fireplace also consists of a powerful 55,000 BTU natural gas burner that’ll produce a sufficient amount of heat to warm up any outdoor space.

To protect against the outdoor elements, the controls have been intentionally crafted to be concealed under a tilt-up cover. There’s also a glass deflector shield installed within the fireplace to help with protecting the flames from any wind. For ease of use, the outdoor fireplace comes with a push-button ignition along with a flame control knob.


  •  Multi-colored LED lighting
  • Powerful 55,000 BTU natural gas burner
  • Controls are concealed under a tilt-up cover
  • Glass deflector shield to protect the flames


  •   Doesn’t come with clear glass and tall deflectors

2. Dewolf Fire Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Dothan Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

This gorgeous handcrafted steel wood burning outdoor fireplace is sure to light up any outdoor space. It’s got a lovely European-inspired design and is made from sturdy high-quality heavy-duty 12-gauge steel. What’s great about this outdoor fireplace is that it’s weather-resistant and meant to be able to last for several years without any maintenance.

It comes with a steel finish and can be placed directly on a wooden deck. No assembly is required so once it arrives you can go ahead and start burning some wood. This particular outdoor fireplace is also a statement-making staple that’s sure to fit in seamlessly with any outdoor aesthetic.


  • Gorgeous hand-crafted design
  • Made from sturdy 12-gauge steel
  • Weather-resistant
  • Can be placed directly on a wooden deck


  •   Doesn’t come with a cover

3. Falmer Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Dothan Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Another gorgeous outdoor fireplace on the list, this steel wood fireplace doesn’t look like an ordinary fireplace that one might usually have. It’s made with hand worked steel and has a chic slanted design. It’s a wood-burning fireplace that comes with a little storage space at the bottom to place your chopped firewood.

Made from heavy-duty 12-gauge steel, it’s durable and will last for many years to come without any maintenance. With its European style, it’s truly one of a kind and will go well with any outdoor decor. Your purchase also comes with a filler to spruce up the space when the fireplace is not in use.


  • Chic slanted design
  • Made from sturdy 12-gauge steel
  • Weather-resistant
  • Comes with a storage space at the bottom for your wood


  •   Can tip backward fairly easily with strong winds

4. Stone Veneer Propane-Natural Gas Outdoor Fireplace

Dothan Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

This outdoor fireplace will have you covered on those colder evenings and create both a warm and inviting ambiance. It’s beautifully crafted from stone and comes with a 55,000 BTUs burner, fire log set, lava rocks, and more. It’s a gas-powered fireplace so liquid propane fuel is recommended to power it up. You can, however, also choose to power it with natural gas.

The fireplace has a striking design thanks to its Nantucket Stacked stone and Tropical Cream bedrock design panels. Feel free to place it against any wall or fence as it adds a warm glow to your patio or backyard. While the fireplace is weather-resistant, your purchase does come with a cover for additional protection. It also has an adjustable flame setting so you can adjust it in accordance with your desired preference.


  •   Beautifully crafted from stone
  • Has a striking design
  • Weather-resistant
  • Comes with a cover and has an adjustable flame setting


  •   It’s a relatively heavy piece so you’ll need some help if you want to move it around

5. Steel Gas Outdoor Fireplace

Dothan Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

This steel gas outdoor fireplace is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. It comes with a stony creek Ameristone stucco and cream bedrock finish. Since it’s specially crafted, no two fireplaces look alike. The tiles itself are powder-coated, and you’re welcome to paint over them if you’d like.

On its own, the fireplace creates a warm and inviting ambiance, and the fireplace features a large 55,000 BTU burner, fire logs as well as lava rocks. To operate this fireplace, you can use liquid propane fuel. It’s also weather-resistant and comes with an adjustable flame. For your convenience, your purchase also comes with a log grate and cover – so you can protect your outdoor fireplace on days that you’re not using it.


  •   Specially crafted so no two looks alike
  • Evokes a warm and inviting ambiance
  • Weather-resistance and comes with an adjustable flame
  • Comes with a large 55,000 BTU burner


  •   It’s incredibly heavy so you’ll need a decent number of individuals to help you with unloading

6. Propane Gas Outdoor Fireplace

Dothan Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Spend a chilly evening sitting by this toasty fireplace. It comes with a lovely two-toned porcelain tile design and will complement any backyard or patio landscape. Internally, it comes with a 55,000 BTU burner and has both a fire log set along with lava rocks. It’s a gas-operated fireplace so liquid propane fuel is recommended.

This fireplace has a unique fiberglass igloo firebox design with an arch. It also produces a significant radius of heat that’s great for keeping any patio or outdoor seating area warm. Other features of this fireplace include an on/off value control along with a piezo ignition that starts both easily and safely.


  •  Lovely two-toned porcelain tile design
  • Unique fiberglass igloo firebox design
  • Produces a significant radius of heat
  • Piezo ignition that starts easily and safely


  •   It’s pricier than some of the other outdoor fireplaces

7. Donellan Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Dothan Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

This uniquely designed handmade steel outdoor fireplace comes with a pyramid-like aesthetic that’s sure to be the statement piece of any outdoor space. It’s a wood-burning fireplace so all you have to do is add some firewood at the bottom, and you’re all good to go. It’s weather-resistant and is specially constructed to develop a rust patina that will ensure both durability and longevity of the fireplace.

The fireplace comes with a chic black finish and doesn’t require any assembly – just place it at your desired location and you’re all good to go. With its clean-lined accents and sleek aesthetic, it’s sure to attract the attention of many.


  • Pyramid-like unique aesthetic
  • Handmade
  • Weather-resistant
  • Specially constructed to develop a rust patina


  •   Doesn’t come with a cover

8. Dothan Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Dothan Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

This adorable handmade fireplace is made with heavy 12-gauge steel. The fireplace looks like a mini house and even has its own little chimney. Its striking design is sure to make it the center of attention in any outdoor space. The fireplace is also wood burning, so you’ll be able to hear the crackling of the firewood on a chilly winter’s night.

The fireplace is also weather-resistant and will develop a rust patina, so it’s built to last for several years with no maintenance required. As the weight of the fireplace is 80 pounds, it’s much more portable than some of the other larger fireplaces and you can move it around your outdoor space.


  • Adorable design
  • Handmade
  • Weighs 80 pounds so it’s more portable than some other fireplaces
  • Specially constructed to develop a rust patina


  •   Doesn’t come with a storage cover or log grate

The Bottom Line

There you have it, some of the best outdoor fireplaces that we’ve found. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you’re sure to find an outdoor fireplace that meets your needs. The great thing about these options is that they come with various designs so you’re sure to find something from the list above to suit your outdoor aesthetic.