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Sleeping On a Cloud With These Durable and Long-Lasting Feather Pillows

Finding the right elements to create a proper sleep environment is crucial to getting ample and restful sleep. Without proper rest, you can’t function well, and that leads to extreme fatigue, which in turn creates a lower quality of life. Part of having the right sleep situation is acquiring a mattress and bedding that meets your personal needs for comfort and quality.

Long-Lasting Feather Pillows

For many, a feather pillow can make a huge difference in the way they sleep, including both the number of hours attained and the restfulness of that sleep. Feather pillows provide comfort and softness but can also be configured to offer extra support when needed. The problem is finding the best feather pillow for the way that you sleep and the needs you have as an individual.

Benefits of a Feather Pillow

In general, the quality of feather pillows is greater than many synthetic alternatives. They tend to last longer and maintain form and comfort without wear and tear for ten years or more, making them a great value. They’re also great for conforming to your shape, regardless of the position you like most while you sleep, without becoming flat and losing that loft you love. They are typically lightweight, so they travel well and are easy to reset should you move and need to adjust them during the night. They’re also reasonably easy to care for under most circumstances, making them more convenient than some types of pillows.

What to Look for in a Feather Pillow

When shopping for the best feather pillow, consider the quality of the content. Feathers themselves tend to be tougher and have the sharp quills that attach the feather to the bird, whereas the down is the fluff of the bird that is softer and keeps them warm beneath the feathers. What is often referred to as a feather pillow actually should include mostly, if not all, down for the most comfort and highest quality. Down is also more resilient than the actual feathers so you get a longer-lasting pillow.

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You should also consider the fill power, which is the amount of space an ounce of feathers or down will fill. A higher fill power typically uses down from a more mature bird that is larger, which gives more loft and traps more air inside, giving you a more supportive sensation. Another factor to consider is the material and thread count of the cover. For example, a cotton cover allows for the most reliable breathability among pillows and creates a smooth surface at a thread count between 300 and 500, which is high enough quality to last longer without pilling while also letting heat escape.

You may also want to think about your preferred firmness, mostly based on your sleep position. Those who sleep on their sides need a firmer pillow to elevate their head and neck more fully for alignment of the spine, while stomach sleepers fare better with softer pillows so they aren’t arching their necks during the night. A final consideration is the cost of the feather pillow, as there is a wide range of pricing. You don’t want to overextend your budget when you buy a feather pillow. Take a look at some suggestions for what we consider to be some of the best feather pillows money can buy.


  • Longer lasting and very durable for longevity of use
  • Easy care in most circumstances
  • Resilient and fluffy, with great support
  • Often treated to be completely hypoallergenic


  • If feathers are more prominent than down, quills may poke and prod
  • Some feather pillows require special care
  • Lower quality down may compress or hold greater moisture
  • Feathers and down can be pricey at times

1. Landen Down Blend Firm Support Pillow

Long-Lasting Feather Pillows

If you’re looking for a firm pillow but prefer the sensation of down, try the Alwyn Home Landen Down Blend Firm Support Pillow. It’s a blend of goose down and feathers that gives you excellent loft while remaining soft enough to contour to your head and neck. The firmness is best for those who prefer to sleep on their backs or sides. While feathers are used in the fill, you’ll find that you aren’t plagued by poking from the quills due to the crafting of the cover, which is woven from dual layer 100% 233 thread count cotton and quilted with double diamond lattice for absolute softness and performance.

It’s still lightweight and sleeps cool, and the added cored brown piping made of polyester around the edges adds to the aesthetic appeal. This pillow comes with several ISO certifications, attesting to its quality and performance, and you get a set of two with your order, so you have a beautiful match on both sides of your bed. The cover is not removable, but the entire pillow can be machine washed. Air drying is recommended, with some fluffing to help it retain its form as it dries. This pillow is offered in your choice of standard or king size so you can accommodate any bedding space in your home.

2. Fayetteville Vienna Down Plush Support Pillow

Long-Lasting Feather Pillows

Not everyone likes the sensation of a firm pillow, feeling as though they are floating on top of the material rather than sleeping in it. For those who prefer a plush feel and want to sink into their pillow at night, or who are light back sleepers or stomach sleepers, the Eider Ivory Fayetteville Vienna Down Plush Support Pillow may be the ideal choice. The 600-fill power is still supportive with great air entrapment and breathability, while offering a hugging sensation around your head and shoulders. The fill includes 75 percent white down with feathers making up the rest for a great blend of softness and comfort. The cover of the pillow is crafted from 100% 233 thread count white cotton, giving it softness and sturdiness that will last for years, while also maintaining heat dispersal and moisture wicking properties for a beautiful, restful sleep environment.

The 300-thread count cover or pillowcase that is included is removable, allowing for spot cleaning, while dry cleaning is recommended for this particular pillow and its cover when it needs full care. With each order, you get a matching set for continuity in your sleep environment across the bed. Choose standard/queen size or king size to fit your space and take advantage of the three-year warranty that comes with the purchase of this fine down pillow set.

3. downluxe Goose Feather Down Pillow

Long-Lasting Feather Pillows

Luxury meets convenience and functionality with the Downluxe Goose Feather Down Pillow. Here, you get a high loft with quality goose down and feathers that are guaranteed to be odorless and comfortable with the right amount of support for back and side sleepers, creating a firm feel with some properties of a plush design that allow just a little sinking in for ultimate contouring and spinal alignment. The pillow itself is shelled with a double layer of 100% cotton that creates a smooth, soft surface while also assuring that the feathers in the fill cannot poke you or crunch during the night, allowing you to sleep soundly with the firm support you need to rest without concern of aches and pains in the morning.

The seams are reinforced with quality stitching, so you don’t have to worry about the pillow bursting and looking like you had a pillow fight at any point. The side piping is additionally attractive and provides accented quality. These pillows are also incredibly easy to care for. They are rated as machine washable in cold water and can be tumbled dry or left to dry in the sun for the ultimate freshness and fluffing. The pillows come in a set of 2 so you can outfit both sides of your bed identically, and you have a choice of queen or king sizes to fit any bed in any room of your home.

4. East Coast Bedding Set of Two Luxury Goose Feather & Down Filled Pillows

Long-Lasting Feather Pillows

If you’re looking for a firm feather pillow on a budget that still offers high quality and performance, check out the East Coast Bedding Luxury Goose Feather & Down Bed Pillow. While this feather pillow truly is mainly feathers, it incorporates 15% down, as opposed to the typical 5% down you’ll often find in feather pillows across the market, making it softer and more luxurious, even in a firm setting. The shell is a gorgeous 100% cotton that is striped for aesthetics and durability, with 300 thread count and extra reinforcement on the stitching so that there’s no chance of leaking feathers, no matter how roughly you sleep.

The pillow easily conforms to your shape and your preferred sleep position and works well for combination sleepers, with a high firmness that is still capable of being contoured as needed with plenty of give to the design. The European goose feathers provide a cozy, odorless sleep environment that adds loft and extra breathability to your environment, allowing for healthier, more restful sleep. It’s hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly, as well as humanely made. With the formation of this particular pillow, you’ll find you wake up with less aches and pains, especially in the neck and shoulders. You can choose standard, queen, or king size options to your liking and particular needs, and you get a set of two with each order, so you don’t have to worry about matching lofts on either side of your bed.

5. Logan Medium Down and Feathers Body Pillow

Long-Lasting Feather Pillows

Sometimes, pillows aren’t just about resting your head and supporting your head and shoulders. The Pom Pom at Home Logan Medium Down and Feathers Body Pillow is a great piece to help you find that comfort you need, whether you need to support the entire length of your body from the back or to curl around something for comfort purposes while you sleep. Unlike many pillows, the beauty is in the details of the construction of this one, which has a luxurious 100% linen cover that is perfectly frayed around the edges for an extra design element that makes it stand out. It also utilizes a variety of yarn colors to give it a heathered appearance that softens its look and makes it suitably contemporary.

The cover is removable and closes with buttons so that it doesn’t slide off, no matter how rough you are on the pillow as you sleep. The blend of down and feathers inside create a medium firm feel that keeps the loft thick and resilient while allowing you to contour the pillow to your liking, whether you’re leaning back on it, using it to elevate your knees, or cuddling it like a warm body. The body pillow measures 18 inches wide, 60 inches long, and 7 inches thick for a great loft, and it weighs 9 pounds, enough to be substantial while also light enough to easily adjust to your needs.

6. Casper Down Pillow

Long-Lasting Feather Pillows

The Casper Sleep Casper Down Pillow incorporates the traditionally loved elements of down, blended with modern technology for additional performance and comfort to give you the ultimate plush feeling while maintaining the needed support for your overall health. A unique 5 chamber design offers both luxury and functionality, with an outer chamber that is airy and light for a soft, sinking feel that has a 650 fill power and an inner chamber that is firmer with the necessary support to assure you maintain good spinal alignment and avoid more aches and pains with a 450 fill power. The overall design conforms to any sleep position so that even the most rigorous combination sleeper is satisfied and sleeps well.

The cover material is 100% cotton for added breathability and moisture wicking properties that keep you from the discomfort of sweating or overheating during the night, which can interrupt sleep or create a restless slumber. While the cover is not removable, the pillow is machine washable for convenience, so you never have to worry about going to the dry cleaner or the added expense of special care materials. While this is a down and feather blend, 80% of fill is white duck down on the outer chamber and 60% down on the inner chamber, assuring you aren’t poked or prodded by feathers during the night. This pillow is offered with a 1-year warranty.

7. puredown Natural Goose Down Feather White Pillow Inserts

Long-Lasting Feather Pillows

For those seeking plush comfort on a budget, the Puredown Natural Goose Down Feather White Pillow Inserts are a perfect solution. Coming in a set of two, these pillows offer comfort and support without the added cost of a 100% down pillow. Featuring 15% goose down with feather filling, you get enough support to help maintain your comfort and health without worry of what your neck will feel like in the morning while also having that soft, sinking hug that comes from a plush design.

To help combat the effect sometimes suffered by pillows filled with feathers, the pillows use 100% Egyptian quality cotton in a dual layer that is woven over polyester peach skin internally to keep the surface both smooth and breathable while avoiding the detriments most concerning in feather pillows. All feathers and down are disinfected for antimicrobial and hypoallergenic ratings and are odorless for added comfort and ease. Choose the standard, queen, or king-sized options, and you even have a choice of standard white, white gusseted, or gray cover. While the cover is not removable, you can machine wash the pillow and let it air or sun dry for the best results.


Some may be wary of feather pillows because they have a bad reputation for being lower quality than actual down or could be prickly or crunchy. With modern technology and proper construction, you can get the same quality and feel as a 100% down pillow without the added cost or special care and consideration that some require. You’ll have to consider the amount and type of feathers included, and you’ll want to make sure that the cover material is sturdy enough, as well as smooth to the touch and just as breathable.

However, with the best feather pillow, you get better support, longer lasting material that doesn’t succumb to wear and tear easily, and better air flow than with most synthetic materials. They are resilient and maintain shape and fluff while also rendering themselves incredibly useful by conforming and contouring to your body for proper support and spinal alignment. Check out the numerous features available in feather pillows, determine what aspects you like most, and set a budget in your mind so you can start out on the path to finding the best feather pillow to complete the most comfortable sleep environment you can imagine.