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Warm And Cozy This Winter With Down Comforters

Your bed is your safe space, and your bedroom should be your oasis. While you want every room in your home to radiate comfort and security, this is especially important in your sleep space so you can get ample and restful sleep every night. Part of that is having the right bedding to keep you warm enough in the winter without retaining too much heat and causing you to sweat and overheat.

A down comforter is always a great choice, giving you that plush feeling of being hugged with softness and delightful fluff while not being too heavy and making you feel trapped or uncomfortable in bed. Of course, not all down comforters are made the same or with the same quality, and fielding through the options to weed out the ones you don’t want can be a daunting task. How do you find the best down comforter on the market?

What to Look for in a Down Comforter

When it comes to down comforters, you don’t always get the same material and quality. One thing you want to consider is the type of down used. Goose down without feathers is going to be premium quality, but it may also come with a high price tag. You may also want to consider the difficulty of caring for the down comforter. If you can find one that is machine washable, you’ll have an easier time cleaning and caring for it.

Take a look at the fill count to determine thickness and plushness. Also, know if you need more or less warmth. If you’re in a cooler climate and need something with added warmth to get through the nights, you’ll want a warmer comforter.

Finally, look at the price. The best down comforters are often higher priced but that doesn’t mean you have to drain your savings account to get a good quality comforter. Make sure to set a budget that is reasonable for your particular situation and find the best bang for your buck. To help you narrow down your options, so you aren’t researching hundreds of different materials, take a look at the selections below for great values.

Benefits of a Down Comforter

One of the great things about down comforters is their ability to create a warm, cozy environment without overwhelming you with heat. While some are created specifically for winter use, the idea of using down is that, especially the highest quality, traps air within the feather material, which helps regulate the temperature so that it provides just the right amount of plush and warmth for whatever season you’re in.

Another great benefit of a down comforter is that few people are allergic, so it’s ideal for those who suffer from asthma, allergies, and other breathing complications. When quality down is used, it is resistant to clumping, which can be problematic with cotton fill or batting that is typical of comforters. Also, when coupled with the right cover material, down has moisture wicking properties so that, should you get hot during the night, air flow and moisture wicking will keep you dry and help with evaporation of any perspiration. Also, down comforters lend themselves perfectly to being used for inserts in duvet covers.

Pros of a Down Comforter:

  • Thick and plush for comfort
  • Great for those who have allergic reactions to many materials
  • Soft and luxurious for a sounder sleep
  • Functional in all climates
  • Available alternatives are advanced to truly mimic real down
  • Unmatched warmth and comfort
  • Lightweight so you don’t feel heavy in bed

Cons of a Down Comforter:

  • Some are allergic to goose and duck feathers
  • Down shifts a lot within a cover for unevenness
  • Down can be extremely costly
  • Not all down comforters are machine washable
  • Some down includes full feathers, which are less comfortable

Top 5 Best Down Comforters

Winter Down Comforter

Savannah Lightweight Summer Down Alternative Comforter

With the Eddie Bauer Winter Down Comforter, you get the quality and aesthetics you have come to expect from this popular name brand in both clothes and home décor and furnishings. This down comforter uses high quality 370 thread count cotton for the comforter, which makes it breathable, so you don’t feel hot boxed or end up sweating through the night. It’s also a smooth, crisp material that feels just right as you relax and rest.

Baffle box stitching is used to look great while also assuring that the goose down inside stays in place rather than shifting to one corner of the comforter. The stitching creates compartments so your goose down stays even throughout the comforter. The fill power is 700 cubic inches per ounce, creating a very warm down comforter that is perfect for winter nights, cold environments, and those who prefer a warmer sleep environment. This creates a fill weight of 28 ounces in the queen size comforter and 34 ounces in the king size.

You can order your down comforter in queen or king, and it comes in white for a clean, bright look in your bedroom, matching any sheets or other décor you may have. The comforter is 0.25 inches thick and weighs 5 to 7 pounds, depending on the size you choose. It comes with a 1-year warranty so you can rest assured you’ve made a good purchase.

All Season Microfiber Down Alternative Comforter

Savannah Lightweight Summer Down Alternative Comforter

For those who adore the comfort and feel of a down comforter but can’t justify the higher price tag, you can get a similar atmosphere with the Alwyn Home All Season Microfiber Down Alternative Comforter. Made with the idea of mimicking all the properties of a down comforter, this choice opts to replace the down with microfiber, which emulates the fluff and warmth of down without the higher price tag, the weight, or the use of any animal parts. The cover material is also microfiber, which is smooth and enjoyable to the touch with high breathability, so you don’t end up soaking the sheets.

The baffle box stitching compartmentalizes the internal fill evenly into sections so that you don’t have the material shifting unevenly with heavy use. The 85-thread count of the microfiber cover assures that you don’t have a comforter so thick that air ceases to flow while maintaining a luxurious sensory appeal. Piped edging adds style to the piece, which is also hypoallergenic and fire resistant for safety. You can machine wash and tumble dry for convenience of care.

This down comforter alternative comes in 12 different colors, including black, camel, aster blue, chocolate, dusty orange, navy blue, ivory, silver, white, coral, terrace green, and turquoise. Size options include twin, full-queen, and king. The comforter weighs between 4 and 6 pounds based on size, and it’s great in all seasons due to breathability making it versatile in both cooler and warmer conditions.

All Season Down Comforter

Savannah Lightweight Summer Down Alternative Comforter

As stated before, the name brand says a lot about quality and reputation, and the Eddie Bauer All Season Down Comforter doesn’t disappoint in these areas, keeping with the strength in quality and aesthetics. As opposed to some down comforters, this particular comforter uses white duck down, which is a bit heavier than goose down but offers the same comfort and plushness. The cover of this white comforter is Damask stripe woven 100% cotton, which keeps it high end and breathable, as well as soft and crisp to the touch.

With a 300-thread count, you get the ideal smoothness and lack of peeling. Fill power is 600 cubic inches per ounce, making it warm enough for a cold night but not so hot you can’t stay cozy during warm summer nights. This makes the fill weight 35 ounces for the queen size and 40 ounces for the king size, which are the two sizes available for this particular down comforter. The baffle box stitching keeps the internal down in place rather than packing into a corner. This is especially helpful with care, since it improves the results when you machine wash and tumble dry the comforter.

For those who don’t want a lot of material hanging off the sides of the bed, these are a bit smaller than the average queen and king comforters. These all season down comforters weigh 6.8 to 8 pounds based on the size you choose, and they come with a 1-year warranty that covers material and workmanship to assure they are crafted with quality.

600 All Season Goose Down Comforter

Savannah Lightweight Summer Down Alternative Comforter

If you’re looking for the highest quality down that assures performance as well as appearance, you’ll want to take a look at the Charlton Home 600 All Season Goose Down Comforter, which comes with high ratings and quality assurance from the Canadian Down Association. Start with the finest, lightest weight white goose down you can find, which traps air appropriately to create the ideal amount of fluff and warmth all season long, and you’ve got the basis for an ideal comforter.

The fill count is 600 cubic inches per ounce, making it thick and cozy but highly breathable, perfect for any climate. Cover this with a 100% Sateen weave cotton with 400 thread count, and you have a crisp, smooth surface that is also great for dispersing excess heat. Piped edging creates a gorgeous aesthetic, and corner loops on the comforter assure that you can the comforter won’t shift inside a duvet cover with the design of your choice. The comforter is hypoallergenic, treated with an anti-allergen to remove any possible irritant to allergies and asthma. This down comforter also incorporates baffle box stitching to keep down evenly distributed. Note that this particular product requires dry cleaning.

You can purchase the down comforter in twin, double, queen, and king sizes. However, based on appropriate care and use, the product has a 10-year warranty, which is largely unmatched in the industry, telling you just how much faith the company puts in its craftsmanship. It has also been tested and certified by one of the most stringent agencies in the world to provide proof of lack of harmful materials in the construction of the comforter.

Savannah Lightweight Summer Down Alternative Comforter

Savannah Lightweight Summer Down Alternative Comforter

Maybe you have a down comforter for winter but can’t handle so much heat in the summer, and you’re looking for something that will give you a similar sensation without the extra warmth. Take into consideration the Down Inc Savannah Lightweight Summer Down Alternative Comforter. In order to keep the feel and overall sensation of true down but keep the comforter breathable and light, this product relies on PrimaSera™ fill, which is made of polyester.

This material is highly breathable and much lighter weight. The cover material is 100% cotton with a perfect 360 thread count to keep it sturdy while also providing an extremely smooth, crisp surface. This means it’s great for use alone or as a duvet cover insert. The piped edging, which is also detailed with double needle stitching, is a nice aesthetic, elevating the appearance of the overall comforter. The comforter is offered in twin, queen, king, and oversized king for complete coverage and comfort.

The overall weight of the comforter ranges from 5.4 pounds to 9.7 pounds, depending on the size you choose. This down alternative comforter can be machine washed and tumbled dry for ease of care, saving you on cost of specialty cleaners as well as dry cleaning efforts. The polyester filling recovers quickly from wash and dry, so you get the same great fluff and comfort with every use for years.


When it comes to creating the ideal sleep environment, you need to assure that all the parts and pieces of your bed are comfortable and supportive. While a mattress that meets your needs is vital, having the right bedding is just as important. Investing in a down comforter, whether for a particular season or for year-round use, can really improve the quality of your sleep and relaxation. You have options as well to choose a down alternative, so you can adjust to needs and budgets without compromising the sensational appeal and performance of down. With a little time and effort, and the information provided here, you can get a better idea of where you stand and what you need, allowing you to make an informed decision in purchasing the best down comforter.