15 Beautiful Picture Frame Ideas For Every Space And Style

Even though we live in a digitalized world these, picture frames never really became outdated. We still enjoy using them as decorations around our homes and with that in mind we though it would be interesting to look at some DIY picture frame projects. They show how you can decorate and customize these things using simple everyday items as well as a few more unusual supplies.

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This funky picture frame is made out of popsicle sticks. It’s really easy to make and you can even turn this into a little project for the kids. The supplies needed include popsicle sticks, glue, paint, a paintbrush, a clip and a photo. Check out diys to find out all the details and some useful tips.

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You can make a picture frame out of pretty much anything, including cardboard. Of course, you’ll want to make it look nice and pretty too and you can make use of yarn to achieve that. Pick any color you want and have fun with the design to make it more personal. In this particular design from diys the corners of the frame are left exposed.

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You could also make some rustic scrap wood frames which could look really nice when displayed on walls. They’re very easy to put together and the best part about them is the fact that they show the beautiful grain of the wood. Make sure the proportions are right for your pictures before you make any cuts.

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Another idea is to decorate an existing picture frame and to personalize it using quirky and unusual items. For example, this frame is decorated with a bunch of tiny toy cars. It’s very colorful and it looks really fun. If you want to make something similar all you need to do is find a picture frame with a thick border and then glue the cars onto it. More details can be found on hollymariesosa.

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You can also turn a book into a picture frame by cutting out a hole into its front cover. As you can easily guess, this works for hardback books. You’re going to need a very sharp x-acto knife in order to get that straight and clean cut as well as a metal edge ruler. Make sure you don’t cut through the pages of the book. Any details that you might need about this project can be found on kitchentableclassroom.

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You can even make a picture frame out of paper. It won’t be as durable as the others but it would look interesting. It could also be a nice little detail that you add to a gift, instead of a tag. You can use any type of paper you want as long as it bends properly so you can get that 3D effect. It could be fun to draw something on plain paper and use that instead of patterned cardstock. Check out kitchentableclassroom for more info.

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Here’s something cute that you can do with colored pencils. To make this you need a plain picture frame, glue, a set of coloring pencils, a sharpener and a small handsaw to cut the pencils with. After you cut them into small pieces, each one needs to be sharpened and that’s the most time-consuming part of this entire project. You can find a tutorial for this on lilycupcake.

Wine Cork Picture FrameView in gallery

Wine corks could also be incorporated into the design of a picture frame and that could actually look quite interesting. If you plan on crafting this you’re also going to need an actual frame because the idea is to glue the corks onto it, not to completely replace it. It’s a very simple thing to do really and all you need is a hot glue gun. Check out the project on weddingbee.

Old window turned into a picture frameView in gallery

If you’re planning to display more than just one picture and to create a sort of gallery wall, you could repurpose an old window frame. It’s an idea that we got from a project featured on iammommahearmeroar. You can have this unusual piece then displayed up on a wall or you can place it on a table or a desk and just lean it against the wall for a more casual look.

Wood bark frameView in gallery

Another unusual resource that you can make use of is birch bark. It has a very interesting texture and it looks like wood. The style is definitely interesting, a bit rustic but not in the traditional sense. All you need to do is cut the bark sheets into pieces and then glue them onto a picture frame so the entire surface is covered. Check out gardenmama.typepad for additional details.

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You can use all sorts of things to cover up a simple picture frame and that includes pennies. To get the full effect you should use a thick frame and apply the pennies in layers so that the entire surface is completely covered. You can mix in old and new pennies or use different types of coins depending on your location or personal preference. The idea comes from ohsolovelyblog.

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On a similar note, check out this lovely picture frame from morenascorner, all covered in little rocks and pebbles. You could use some of the things you’ve collected on your trips to the beach if you have any or you could buy some decorative pebbles. In any case, we think this looks amazing and it really helps that it’s also a super simple project that anyone could do.

Seashell frame DIYView in gallery

You might also have a bunch of seashells just lying around and this could be an excellent opportunity to actually use them in a project. The idea is to glue them onto a picture frame which we think looks lovely. This would be the perfect frame for your favorite picture taken at the beach. Check out everythingetsy to see how it’s made.

DIY Easy Farmhouse Style FrameView in gallery

As you’re probably aware by now, there’s an infinity of designs to choose from when it comes to DIY picture frames. You can pick any style you want and you’ll find a ton of cool ideas to pick from. For example, here’s a lovely farmhouse style frame design that we found on hertoolbelt. Like all the other projects on this list, this one is quite simple.

Wood Picture frame from scrapView in gallery

This DIY picture frame holds not one picture but three. It’s made out of barn wood and has a nice texture which adds a lot to its otherwise simple design. The clips make it super easy to replace the photos whenever you want to do so. You can also add a layer of paint to the frame or give it a distressed finish. You can find more details about this project on theshabbycreekcottage.