Basement Designs and Decor that POP!

Instead of using your basement for storage, laundry or keeping it barren, cold and, let’s face it,  a bit scary, why not transform it into something fun and functional! Whether it’s a bar area for entertaining or a giant play room for the kiddos to enjoy, there are plenty of ways to utilize this area of the house. Let’s have a peek at some basement designs and decor that POP and make it a more friendly, welcoming space.

Bright & Lively.

Yellow basement walls for basement playroomView in gallery

Your basement will most certainly pop when it colored in primary shades and fun nooks and crannies for the kids to play in. They’ll love every inch of this design and they’ll be able to enjoy it for plenty of years to come.

Movies for Everyone.

Home cinema basementView in gallery

You could also use this space to create your very own cozy, comfy and bold movie theatre. Mix deep reds and blacks, add some twinkling lighting above and install a screen the size of the wall.

Colorful Lounging.

Colorful LoungingView in gallery

Resting, relaxing and watching a movie with friends and family never looked more alive or comfy than in this vivacious and homey design. A mixture of colors adds a personal touch to a usual barren space and makes it so muc more welcoming.

Modern Moves.

Basement full living room with kitchenView in gallery

Of course, you can always transform the basement into something powerful and modern to go along with the rest of your home. Use it as a place of solace and a place that’s meant for you and the family only.{found on hgtv}.

Girlish Crafts. 

Craft room for girls basementView in gallery

This subdued design pops with girlish charm and inviting spirits. It’s a combination of a play area for the little girls and a craft room for you to enjoy too!{found on hgtv}.

Workout Down Under. 

Basement home gym and bar floor ceiling stripedView in gallery

Of course you can also create a home gym out of this extra room. Make it slick, modern and clean with all the open spacing and get to work!

Open Areas.

Open basement design areaView in gallery

There’s a place to relax and watch television and there’s a place to sit with your friends and enjoy a snack. We love how open this basement has been kept and how every inch was utilized.

Stunning Screens.

Stunning home basesment screensView in gallery

Here’s another gorgeous example of a home movie theatre that will wow and be so easy to enjoy on a daily basis. We are loving the singly-lit posts lining the walls and the large, red chairs waiting for people to cuddle up on them.

A Sports Bar.

Sport bar basement designView in gallery

Get really creative and build yourself your very own chic and slick sports bar! It’s the ultimate “man cave” addition and you’ll get to enjoy it when friends are over or during every big game that comes along.{found on site}.

Dream Escape.

Colorful playroom basement decorView in gallery

Create a dreamy escape for your little girls. Get all of the chaos and clutter out of their bedrooms and living room and organize it and make it more accessible to them down below.{found on decorpad}.