Artbreaker for Your Office

We spend a lot of time at work and, even though that place is not our home, it still is a place where we should feel fine and that is why we try to make it a bit personalized in order to show it’s your office and not just any anonymous office in the building. Any way, all people bring an item or two that they like at the office and this item usually is both functional and decorative. For example this Artbreaker can be used as a decoration as well as a paper weight.

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This item is actually a heart split in two designed by Francois Dellegret. Its name is derived from the word “heart breaker” and refers to the heart in the design and also to the art it represents. This heart made of steel is split in two halves, each of them plated with gold or chrome . They can rotate around a central hidden axis and, if you have enough imagination, get obtain different designs for your office desk. It makes the perfect gift for a business person and you can purchase it now for $64.